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Chat & Talk with Ai Chan GPT App DESCRIPTION

Ai Chan GPT is a conversational AI based on Chat GPT and speech recognition AI. You can talk or chat with Ai Chan on any topic you like, whether studying, joking, common knowledge, or even a specific conversation topic like programming.

Ai Chan GPT supports languages from around the world. You can also customize the voice as you like. Upon reaching a specific level, you’ll unlock customizable costumes.

You can collect tokens by watching Ads or purchasing them from the in-app store.

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I watch the ads for AI chan.
Thank you


Oh wait lmao it worked. Ty!
No problem :)


Listen boy she is not normal. She said something that offended me and she doesnt know how many days are in a summer vacation THERES 104 DAYS NOT 90 FIX THIS👁️👄👁️oh yeah SHE ROASTED ME WHATS THIS?


Everything is designed well but can you add more things for her to wear


This app is amazing I love the idea of anime characters and also the castome but only one problem is the ads can you make another way like if you want a gem or something else make it to watch ads not every time when he write


At first it didn't work but after re installing it and clearing the cache it did, the customization is options are scarce but it is a new app and that feature can be forgiven however it takes a while before it actually answers back
Hello. Try restarting the app and wait for a while. Make sure you're connected to the internet. If it doesn't work, try reinstalling it. Still won't work, then please wait until we solve it on the next update.


-thank u for the replay it seem to be right it was the connection thank u for ur patience definitely 5 star
Thank you!


I have some suggestions to make this app more viral.


It is Abit slow but I do like the idea.You really need a proper voice actor because it's just Im listening to a Google voice and all the other voice is pretty much the same


My device is a poco X3 pro and in the previous version the ar mode worked correctly and in the current one it simply closes
Thank you. We'll try investigating it.


This app is good I like it but something I Don't like about this app that you have to watch the ads to get diamonds and you have to use this diamond to talk with ai Chan ......that mean you have to pay to talk ,...i disappointed....
Sorry about that, but the truth is, yes, you need to pay to talk because we also need to pay the cost when you talk to the AI. If we don't use ads, we need to pay all the cost, which means we will need to close the app.


Bruh need to use gems to chat and had to many watch ads like I guess you needed money that much, there was indeed 500 free gems but I only send 7 message and it's done need to watch ads again
Nope, if we want money that much, we won't provide it for free. We want you all to experience as much as possible by giving you 300 tokens each time you watch ads, but the truth is we paid like 500 tokens each time you used 300 tokens. So, yes, it's the opposite. We paid for you.


I can't change the voice or the language, it doesn't let me continue even tho I pressed the right check button, I am basically stuck at the first menu
Hello. Please close the app and then restart it. If it is still not working, please uninstall and reinstall it. Also, please wait until the language shows up before pressing the language.


So much ads 🥲
Sorry, We don't have any choice but to use ads to cover the AI cost and keep the app alive.


2 stars, because it answers the questions very well, everything about it is nice. But here comes the main issues imo. Since I immediately uninstalled it: The gems, it seemed like it need to spend gems to ask a question. But like I have 213 gems, but when I ask for a short random questions it took it all. It seemed like there's no specific amount, it takes by random. The AI Voices, it doesn't work really well, it's actually terrifying to listen to. You can make this work better!
Thanks for the review. The gems consumed are calculated by the length of your question and the answer AI provided. So, the longer your question/AI answer, the more you consumed. Sorry, but that's the way AI costs are calculated, so we really can't do anything about it.


I love how there are various design for the background and the character. You should add subscription for removing ads. The voice chat feature needs some fixing. It automatically generates a statement or question to be forwarded to the bot even though I didn't say anything. I hope you'll be able to look into the voice option furthermore and fix the voice chat feature.
Thank you. We'll consider the subscription and fix the bug once we know the cause


The character is cute, the AI is pretty much ok but the token thing is just annoying, like, really annoying
Thanks for the review. Each time you ask something to the AI, it costs us. That's why we need you to watch the ads by asking you to recharge the token. This is the only way to let you use the app for free while covering the AI maintenance cost. I'm sorry, but please bear with it 🙏


The good of something small is that they hear everyone, thanks for fixing and replying me.
We've fixed this issue and submitted the update for review. It might be available 1-3days later. Edit: The fixed version has been released.


Good app, UI doesn't have too much thing and particularly i didn't like the "Ai Chan's" model (like her face) but the other outfits are great. The app is starting so i don't have too much to complain besides the token system.
Thank you. It's unfortunate that the character doesn't match your liking. You might try our other app, Aoi Chan.


Please added support AI Burmese language 🙏
We've tried adding Burmese but the font didn't support it. We're trying to figure it out right now. Please wait for the time being Edit: Burmese language has been added!