Developer: Game SCREENSHOT

【图】截图 0)【图】截图 1)【图】截图 2) Game DESCRIPTION is a Magic multiplayer Arrow. io survival fest! Using your bow and Arrow. io to shoot bears and opposing Stickman players. The more diamonds you collect, the sooner you will upgrade! is one of io Battle Royale games, which keeps you fest entertained and addicted when playing and provides you a chance to prove your archery skills. Once joining Archero, you will be taken to a playfield Arrow. io filled with various skilled archers from around the globe, which makes the game more thrilling and amazing!

Battle Royale is the place to play as a Magic archer armed with a strong Arrow. io bow and infinite number of arrows for doing your task. Roam around the map carefully and always pay attention to your back. Once you bump into a certain opponent, you must shoot him fest instantly with your weapons before he kills you. is a suit Magic game to kill boring time, and it also gives you an opportunity to make friends with lots of flying Arrow friends throughout the world. You can share your experience or skills with each other.

Features and How to play:
1. Abundant choices of pixel-man Stickman. Instant multi-player Battle Royale. You can’t stop playing it
2. Control the motion by virtual control lever. Defeat your opponents with your flying arrows in Battle Royale.
3. Every update will enable random skill upgrade. A combination of hundreds of skills makes the game unpredictable.

Please enjoy playing, and do not hesitate to contact us for recomendations, Thank you!



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I can't even get gold anymore this game used to be fun in 2019 when I was younger and it just died out


I use to play this back in the day and it was so fun! This game is good to play right now because it help me feel not bored when internet is out and i dont xare if the enemies are bots, it is still fun to slay all the enemies.


Game is literally unplayable, a lot of the features don't work, you don't get money when you play, online mode literally doesn't exist and just takes you to offline mode


So many features are not working i remember when this had a squad or multiplayer squad where u invite ur friend and play the game and now its gone i really hope they can fix it back And pls fix the op bots when they respawn they have more than me than my highest points and fix the open eggs feature It does not give me any hero now or any cards its suppose to give me card collection and get the hero but now it doesnt do any thing and please read this creator of this game to improve our experience


thank you for bring it back, this is so fun to play. i hope it can be online soon.


I give one star game is hard to, understand how to buy new hero and there's no way I can get a gold or diamond, I'm playing it for no purpose.


This game just feels really forgotten about. You can't get coins, purchase ad free, or kill/get killed on the master mode arena. It used to work though.

Shyrin used to be my favorite game....So many had changed, I can't earn coins, can't watch ad to earn free diamonds, can't buy characters without coins and etc.... It's not the same anymore huhu


This game awesome with easy mechanics fun gameplay easy controls and a very nice time killer I recommend giving it a try


I bought diamonds and I couldn't use them app is buggy and I swear if I don't get a refund there will be future issues


Trash game, definitely bots that are very op and level very fast and can't even earn gold after each game, useless trash.


I'm not able to get coins. Although the gameplay is great the bugs really make it hard to do stuff🤌


I remember playing this game alot as a kid, things actually worked,were simple, and you get to play with other people. But now, you only play with robots. the game itself is still enjoyable, but it can't be an .Io game without actual multiplayer.


It's a nice game, but there was an error on gaining gold. No matter how many score I got I don't even get a gold.


Lousy offline reboot of the real by Cheetah. Multiplayer is off, the big maps aren't present, overall a disappointment. It is still addicting and fun like the original, but lacks purchasing new characters, Multiplayer, events and many other great features.


Fun but too many adds and how do U get coins cos U should get them for getting a kill


man, what happened to this game? i don't know if it's just me but now its a buggy mess, so many missing features, I'm not getting any coins, some buttons don't even work and online mode doesn't even exist.


This game is.. fine. Sometimes it is fun, but other time it is fine. As always I'd wish for less ads in the game but it is fine.


You can't even buy any new characters and there aren't even players you're just playing against bots even though it's supposed to be online.I don't recommend this game.


What the hell is this? Idk is this bug or not, i've been playing for 30 minute, no gold, no one die during game?