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I like reading your books. What i dont like it your authors asking for money in every chapter. If they are going to do that. They should ask for it at the end of the book instead of cutting the chapters short by asking for support ...instead of writting more in the chapter. We as the reader get short changed. Just my opinion but please let them know we would be more inclined to help if they did ask at the end and begining not at every turn of the page


I enjoy the books. My only problem is that there are so many word errors its almost annoying. I would submit error messages but i would never finish the book.


App runs slow and kicks you out in the middle of the chapter you read. Have to watch an Ad at the end of every chapter to get three mesily coins to read the next chapter. If it's free I want to be able to read the entire book for free with out having to get coins just to read the book.


I love that everything is free the ads are not to long and your back to reading. If you don't like watching ads each chapter though I suggest not getting this app and paying for the others. This is by far the best free app I have found.


I get they have to have commercials but some of them cannot be dismissed. You have to completely exit the app clear all your pages and then you can go and reopen the app and start kind of where you left off. Or it sends you back into another commercial


It's good I like how u don't have to pay or use coins to open each chapter. You only have a to watch an add. Some of the grammar on the books isn't the best. It is sometimes hard to read and understand but most of the booms are good.


This app is the worst. Being marketed to teens when clearly for adults. The grammar is beyond atrocious. So much incorrect phrasing. Very little variety and no way to select genres that will interest you. There are several great reading apps available. This one isn't one of them. I highly recommend selecting another app that gives more features. Several seem to be written in a foreign language and then translated to English by someone who doesn't understand the nuances of the language.


I like this app but it missing one needs a bookmarking feature. It is frustrating to have to have to pause in the middle of a chapter and then search for your spot again.


I enjoy the app a lot except for 1 issue that I can't seem to resolve and found another comment here with the same issue! I have gotten to the bottom of the reading page but cannot move forward in the book because of where the stupid ad is placed!!! I've read other stories without that issue on here, but the one I'm currently trying to read is completely stuck and it's VERY frustrating. I even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalled it. It did NOT fix the issue 😤


It's not a bad app I can handle to add for the next chapter. What I'm having a problem with the story starts out great and then suddenly it seems like the author changed and it's being taken over by a high schooler or middler schooler and it changes they dynamics of the story. They tend to miss alot of words or are constantly misspelling or write a sentence that makes no sense cuz suddenly it bounces. With the changes it makes it hard to finish a story cuz I lost interest.


From what I can see they have a good variety to choose from. There are some grammar errors and extra words in sentences that don't belong. But for being able to find different books to read for free this is awesome.


The chapters are short, and the ads are unbelievably long. Not only that, sometimes the ad that is supposed to take you to a new chapter kicks you back to the beginning of the old chapter and you have to watch a second ad. Further, some of those ads freeze your phone so then you have to close out the entire app and watch yet another ad to get to the new chapter. The current chapter I'm trying to get out of so far has had six ads. Try Readict instead.


I had been reading "Alpha Raven" of the True Blood series. It is an engaging & entertaining read. However, it has not been updated past chapter 103. The novella is tagged as "on going" but as far as I can tell it's stalled. There is no notation about any additional chapters or when to expect them. This is highly frustrating. Considering uninstalling this app if this is what I should expect.


So far the stories I have read have been enjoyable. I don't mind the ads, because let's face it... I like free. However, I do at times wish I could be hired to do basic proof reading. Switched genders in the middle of a sentence or wrong usage or misspelling of a word is rough sometimes. Overall... I like it!!!


This is a great app if you don't mind watching 30sec ads in-between chapters. The ad that says its free reading is correct. It gives you the option to skip the ads for 12 coins and coins are super easy to get. The short stories have great story lines but sometimes the words are a little messed up. And things are spelled wrong. Definitely one of my favorite reading apps.


This app is great. There are a few bugs usually in the morning when i am reading ill have to watch 2 adds to get to the next chapter. However i love that this app lets me read all these books just for a few minutes of time to watch an add. If i could give more stars i would.


Honestly I just started using this app but so far I am really interested in the book I'm reading... Although it has a lot of sentences that don't make sense due to spelling errors or what seems like autocorrect piping in. This factor is quite annoying as I have to pause my reading to translate the sentence. This problem might just be the one book but either way it's the only reason I removed the two stars. Thanks for reading this comment.😁 Keep up the good work!💕


The apps feature is nice and I really like it coz you don't need coins to open chapters just run an ad. It's just that it doesn't have a search feature where it will allow you to search for books that caught your attention. Might add a search feature? It will be the best. Might also let the readers access the books per authors.


I like this app because off the free reading concept, the only thing I can complain about is the ads to unlock every chapter. It wouldn't bug me if they didn't constantly freeze up, then when you close the app and reopen it you have to watch an ad and then sometimes they sneak in another so your watching 3 ads to get to the next chapter. I also wish they skipped a chapter or to before having you watch an ad would probably make the reading more interesting


I really like the app because you can read for free and only have to watch ads to get to the next chapter. However, I do not like that some stories are not finished and never see any new chapters being added on. You get into a book but then it ends abruptly in the middle. Also these stories that are not finished are on other reading apps completely finished but you have to pay to read it. It's kinda ridiculous.