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Color Time – Paint by Number Game DESCRIPTION

Dive into coloring, relax, paint the stress away, and get HD wallpapers!

Color Time is a free color-by-number game that helps you relax when you are tired, bored, or want to kill time. Paint by number and make pictures colorful with your own hands! Or if you are looking for fancy wallpapers for the lock screen or home screen, our quality paintings of all types will be your perfect go-to. Hop on board and embark on an aesthetic journey with us!

We are one of the most recognized color-by-number games, with the most collection of authorized paintings. Our paintings are created by indie illustrators from all around the world. Here you can find the most IN and classy illustrations, designs, paintings, original creations, picture books, or fan art.


🌹 Authorized pictures curated for you: Dive into thousands of daily-updated, quality coloring pages and enjoy a visual feast! Find your favorite anime or game illustrations, color your fandom paintings, and explore various categories, the likes of animals, flowers, sceneries, cartoon picture books, patterns, etc.
🖼️ Various themes: Get premium packs of trending anime & games or original illustrations, and find peace in the beautiful picture books.
👩🎨 Meet artists around the world: Discover variously-styled artist collections and meet your favorite one! You can always find your loved artistic style.
📸 Set as wallpaper and share videos: All pics are designed according to the wallpaper size or squared as the social media post size. With only one click, you can set your favorite picture as wallpaper, download your painting progress as a video, or share it with your family and friends!
⏺️ Live Wallpaper: We support live wallpapers now! Go to the Live section and get your cool, new, animated wallpaper.
🎶 Paint with music: Try the special music pictures, immerse yourself in peace, and relax from head to toe.
🌎 Events: Here you can also join our fun events like coloring contests, puzzles, stamp collecting, color journey, and many more! Here you can compete with others and see who colors the fastest, color to complete puzzles or collect stamps, or team up with others & learn something through a coloring journey.
💬 Join our community: Join our community events, share thoughts with others, and grab some extra pictures to color!


– Anime and games: Anime illustrations that you will endorse
– Animals: cute drawings of cats, dogs, parrots, and other wild animals
– Sceneries: Original ambiance and scenery drawings, both anime and realistically styled
– Lifestyle: Food from all over the world, sports, cars, and other trivial beautiful things in life
– Flowers: Various styles and postures of flowers
– Picture books: Find peace in the cute and warm stories in the cartoon picture books!
– Patterns: Cute stickers, quotes, lettering, mandala… perfect wallpaper choices for you!
– Others: Explore many other picture categories you can ever think of!

To bring you an uninterrupted coloring game experience, we need to access Photos, Media, and Files on your device. To permanently save all your painting progresses, we recommend you log in and bind your account.

Everyone can be an artist, and Color Time wants to accompany you on your way to art. It’s our pleasure to present this meticulously made paint-by-number game to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via [email protected]

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Color Time – Paint by Number Game DOWNLOAD

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Amazing experience coloring your favorite anime and game characters is surely feels great but only reason for 3 stars is the Ads. It's understandable ads are meant for revenue but they are just too annoying then before like every pics u click inside or get out of play with a Ads keep every single item is hiding behind a ads its kinda ruins the fun. Plz optimize ur frequent ads it's ruining the game, keep it Simple


Holy damn. First time opening the app in awhile to let preferred images build up. And you straight up force an ad at launch. Nope. Time to delete this app.


way too many bloody adverts, before, during and after and after and after the game has been completed, there really is no need for that, just one before and after will be OK, none would be best though.


I can't play because of all the adds that keep popping up every two seconds. there are too many adds on this app.


I have been loving this app but for some reason after August 9 2023 I'm not getting new daily pictures. I went onto the app yesterday to get my daily reward & color my daily picture to get the reward before coloring other stuff which I do this everytime I get into the app & it just keeps showing August 9th claimed. I see you did an update August 9 so maybe that's y. But I'd really like to know what the issue is. Please answer my rating if not I guess I'll email u.


It has beautiful images. However, it is not an enjoyable experience for me. The coloring number sections are split into way more sections than they should be and it's a struggle to color any image. There's tiny sections that you have to randomly tap and hope that they get colored in. It's super annoying to play and not relaxing at all.


The pictures have a nice variety, and you can mute the game, so it's pretty good. I really like the penguin mini game - only issue is how difficult it is to win. Other than that the ads are a bit annoying, but not overly intrusive. I recommend it over some of the other color by number games. Also having all the different fandom categories is super nice.


I really like this game. But sometimes it has ads that I can't skip even though the picture is not necessary to watch the ads.sometimes there are ads that I can't skip ( except for ads that really have to be watched before playing ) and after the end of the ad, it doesn't have an 'x' to return to the picture I've chosen.This has happened many times and I hope your side can change it.But this game can show very satisfactory results every time I finish coloring a picture.Download this game. Best.


This has good art and nice features but everything is too simple to complete. I dislike when I fill something in and it completes an entire section of a complex outfit with one touch. Edit: The replays are entirely inaccurate. I recorded one and slowed it down (they are super fast replays) and noticed it was not at all accurate to how I colored it. Half the fun for me is getting a very satisfying result to watch.
Hi there! Recently we're adding more pictures that have more areas and are harder to color, if you are just interested in the hard ones, please try the [Challenger] category and let us know how you feel. And also thank you for letting us know about the replaying issue, our devs will check where the issue is. Have a great one :]


Simple, relaxing, and lots of fun! Really love and appreciate them linking the various artists and the huge range of pictures to choose from! My two wishes are for a search feature to help finding ones for a certain mood like "red hair", "astronaut", or "blue eyes", and the ability to put ones' own pictures into the app to color. Ads aren't bad, and not constantly asking to upgrade. Best color by number I've found yet.


Mostly pretty good. Only issue is the frequency of the ads. I understand the ads need to be there, but they pop up before and after every. Single. Picture. It's more of a deterent for long time users, like I was. If it was an ad every 5 pictures or so, I wouldn't have an issue, but you also have images locked behind ads. It doesn't cater to the app users, just your ad revenue. Again, I understand the need for them, but this much is over kill.


I really don't really like this app. They just put anime characters and nothing else. Another thing that when you tap, it is not only one color, and I know it looks cool, but I don't like it. A lot of coloring apps have this though. My last concern with this app is that they give anime characters totally "sexy" looks and I don't think it fits for young children looking to color. Don't get me wrong I like this app and not TO many ads. I only listed the bad stuff. I think it's ok just not for me.


Ok so the game wasn't a problem at first, though the ads were quite bombarding.. Even if you had hints, it would still make you watch an ad to use them. But after I continued to play about 2 days after, that's when it started to malfunction- I'm not sure if this is just me and my phone, but it would lag a whole lot and say ”Color time isn't responding" though, the artwork on the app is pretty decent and if you could fix this problem somehow I would be very grateful


One of the best colouring apps with a vast collection of arts to colour, which is surprisingly satisfying.. But the lags and freezes are horrible.. Its more frustrating when you colour smaller spots which aren't visible unless you zoom it extremely... Otherwise great app, would rate 5 stars after the lags are fixed.... Edit : Giving 5 stars because the lags have been fixed....
Hi! For the lagging issue, we'll release an update later this week, please try by then and see if the issue gets fixed! Sorry for any unpleasant experience Color Time caused you!


On your first download the app is really nice. But I downloaded this app last February, and now its extremely laggy. Everytime I open it if freezes for up until 10 seconds before the pictures start appearing. Everytime I open and close a finished picture, an at least 25 second non skippable ad appears. I'm not saying that this app is bad in fact its really good. But we need updates. The laggy opening when you apen the app is really annoying.


Pictures are very wonderful and beautiful but recently, this app has so much ads than 8 months ago. I thought that I just watch ad if I choose the picture have the title ad under it but now, I choose the picture doesn't have the ad title, I still must watch an ad to color them. I don't understand. The ad is not short, it too long, the ad has 1 minute and it doesn't have the skip button so I waste my 1 minute just watch the ad.


At first this was amazing, not to much ad and working smoothly. But this past few days the for some reason the screen will randomly turn blank and so many adds when you press an art to paint, and almost every art is needed to play an ad before you can paint. This used to be my favorite app but nowadays if im about to click it it makes me think of all the ads and sudden blank screen, making me feel bitter and ended up playing another game. I hope this would be fixed because im rlr going to delete


The lag is absolutely atrocious, which it wasn't a problem when I first got the app. But the more pics I color, the worse it gets. I am talking anywhere from 2 to 15 seconds per tap. But the ads load just fine! As does every graphics heavy and/or online game I have on my phone. The art is nice, but there is next no to artist credit. It was fun while it lasted.
Hi there! Our devs are aware of this issue and we've already scheduled an update later this week which will resolve this issue. Feel free to update and try by then and see if the issue's fixed! We are truly sorry for causing you any unpleasant experience in Color Time, have a nice day!


Bumped from a 3☆ review to 4☆. I still receive several ads when beginning an image but I appreciated the response of the developer to my previous review. Since then I'm able to get the daily rewards again which is, well, rewarding. The images are very high quality and often times the end result is more than I envisioned from the initial outlines in the beginning. I'm really enjoying Color Time.
Hi, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience. As a startup app, advertising revenue mainly helps our R&D team to constantly improve our product, but we value your user experience more. We've passed your message on to the concerned team and will try to reduce ads in the app in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience! [Email: [email protected]]


I have been using colouring apps for 7 years now because it is the only thing that helps me with my anxiety. This is the BEST app I have ever used. No advertisements, ever. No annoying popups. They credit the artists. The art is gorgeous and fun. Pictures updated daily. Large hitboxes for seamless colouring. It really is such a wonderful little app. Thank you for creating it.