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The Complete Franz Kafka App DESCRIPTION

This ongoing project attempts to present the full body of works written by the 20th-century novelist and short story writer, Franz Kafka, in one application.

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An offline collection of all the works of Franz Kafka - Novels, stories, letters
This ongoing project attempts to present the full body of works written by the 20th-century novelist and short story writer, Franz Kafka, in one application.

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App design is not good but stories are lit.




I've had a wonderful experience with this app, huge thank you to the developer. Nevertheless, it would be ever better if you could add an option to change themes, as well as an option to switch into a dark mood .


Translation is bad


Through A Glass, Darkly, Myths Of Truth.


Thank you.i get it.


Thank you so much for this great work.


The letters, diaries and essays were missing when I first installed the app but the stories were all present. The author has since updated it several times to add missing content, and has even updated the interface.
Thanks for the review!


This app is awesome, everyone deserves to read Kafka. Thank you!
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it. Enjoy reading!


all the essays and letters are not there in the app. It just the titles but no content is available.


No metamorphosis? OMG!
Hi Mahesh. Please use the navigation bar to find all contents. THANKS.