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- You can now use the app without an internet connection.
- minor bug fixes


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My Olive is your essential Olive device companion. Control your Olive and take hearing health into your own hands.

Easy to Use
Control your Olive with a simple, intuitive interface.

Real-time Noise Monitoring
Monitor your surrounding noise in real-time and avoid noisy environments to help prevent further hearing loss.

Hearing Health Management
Track your hearing habits and patterns to stay on top of your hearing.

Personalized Hearing Profiles
Create an optimized hearing experience with the My Olive Hearing Test, frequency equalizer, and other customizable settings.

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Most recent update (01/2023) doesn't allow olive device to use audio Bluetooth. Resetting device does nothing.
If there is an Olive device already registered to Bluetooth, delete it and connect it again. (After inserting the earbuds into the cradle, press the button inside the cradle for 3-4 seconds to change to standby for connection.) If you are still unable to connect, please contact us at for further assistance.


After updating my device wont connect anymore Could it be the new update is meamt for the latest model and made the old model obsolete?
The Olive SmartEar Plus and Olive Pro are still compatible with the My Olive app! Please delete the Olive Device in your phone’s Bluetooth settings and try reconnecting again. If you are still unable to connect, please contact us at for further assistance.


Used to work but now not connecting to the buds on Bluetooth


New phone pixel 6a. Didn't retain eq settings, that's okay I'll take the test again. But the App doesn't recognize finger tap on the start button. -_- lmk when addressed.? Not helpful otherwise.


20220809 Sony XM4s I ordered came today. Olives sat for 6 days - TODAY THEY WORK. It's a life. 20220803 Bricked. After the update to sign in a new account, they are USELESS. My Olives can't pair with anything; not old phone, not new phone, not speakers, USELESS. I have emptied the cache; I have reinstalled many times in different configurations. NO PAIRING. NO RECOGNIZING. Now I DO hope I drop them by mistake and run my car over them, so I have a BETTER excuse to TOSS THEM IN THE TRASH...TOSS TH


Easy enough to use and sound quality is good on all 3 modes. I've used it for 3 weeks now since my hearing has deceased in sensitivity. State of the art app works well, battery life has been up to 4hours. I feel that, price is right and the ear plugs are small enough not to be obvious. Just about Everyone on my job wears some kind phone/audio add on. These are right for me!


Garbage. This app works as good as the way overpriced Olive hearing enhancers. The product is terrible and they should be ashamed of themselves selling it at any price. Batteries last about 45 minutes if you turn them on and then it sounds like you are listening inside of a trashcan. Customer service never answered the phone and no reply to email. Had to argue with Amazon for refund. They don't accept returns or exchange even though it says they do in the description. Steer Clear of these!


Liked the hardware. This app actually seemed to be working, then a disconnect, and nothing I tried for hours would get things right again. I even studied the mostly useless manual.


It might be good for moderate hearing loss but definitely NOT for severe hearing loss, which I have and made the device useless for me. What a petty. The add was very misleading.


Olive Union, please make something with the hearing test so the different frequencies can be more accurately detected by my ears and sound can be calibrated to fit my specific needs. It's a pitty that you made such a good product and this important detail is left to such a rudimentary stage. Thank you.


I'm a little confused as to how the hearing test works since it's not connected to be EQ. Furthermore, I spent a week struggling to connect the Olive to my phone because the APP NEEDED TO BE UPDATED. After struggling for the week, the app finally pushed an in-app update, but this app screen still shows the app could be updated.


Is noise reduction displayed correctly? Battery appears too small for any comfortable period of use, as Airpod style unit lacks space for necklace loop style units. I have hearing loss mainly in one ear and finds my Galaxy phone individual volume control just as good for boost to one ear. Battery performance needs to improve. Test volumes need better adjustment options.


App needs work. The hearing test does not work well for me and the resulting amplification is neither clear nor sufficiently loud. The eq settings are not linked to the results of the hearing test and I am unable to program them to improve the sound. Olive Union promises several OTA updates by the end of 2021 to improve the app.


I got my Olive Pro device via their Indiegogo campaign. Wow, I am impressed. Works as well as devices that cost multiple times more. The app is great for feature adjustments. I can't say enough about the Olive Pro and the app. If you have a moderate hearing loss and don't want to spend thousands, this is the best option out there. Kudos to this company. Anyone can design an expensive piece of electronics. It takes a genius to design an affordable one! This is the Model T of hearing aides. Finally, a hearing aide for the rest of us!!!


Having issues with the battery life on the hearing aids. Do like them though. I just can not wear them all day as they loose their charge too quickly. The app seems to work well.


Very pleased with the hear through functionality of my Olive Pro, but very disappointed to find that i can't adjust the volume separately for music playback. (I have hearing loss in one ear).


I had difficulty connecting Olive to my Samsung S7 Edge. App and connection are now working great! Initially was very discouraged, but Olive Union was there to help. Their team responded with an excellent video that helped get me connected.


To bad I can not get my new pro's to do the hearing test. I emailed and did what I was told. Asked for a support contact number and was not given it. I found it online, but the recording says Pacific time and I think they meant eastern time because they where closed. I left a VM, lets see if I get a support call back.
Oh no! We sincerely apologize for the troubles you've had with the app. We'd be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at Thank you.


Application is good but every time ear buds are kept in the box and re used, hear through is switched off. Than we have to go into app and re start hear through
The state of Hear-Thru mode (ON or OFF) when you take out of the box is always the same state as you put into the box. If it's off when you re-use, then you previously put it into the charger as off. While you're wearing or taking off the earbud from your ear, please make sure you don't mistakenly touch the earbud as it might trigger ON/OFF


Mistakenly used the wrong app to start. Customer services were BRILLIANT both for advice and speed of response. If you have problems, uninstall and reinstall this app and open the case and press the button at the front for 10 seconds to reset. Setting up the earpieces is simple. Reminds me of an eye test where you say when you see a bright dot. In this case it is when you hear a tone for each frequency band. Initial impression is that these seem BETTER than my NHS (UK) hearing aids.