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Car Parking Multiplayer Game DESCRIPTION

More than just parking: open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!
Thousands of players are waiting for you.
Join us!

Multiplayer open world mode
• Free walking.
• Free open world with real gas stations and car services.
• Compete against real players in the multiplayer racing.
• Exchange cars with real players.
• Thousands of real players every day.
• Friend list.
• Voice Chat.
• Police mode

Car customization
• Adjustable suspension, wheel angle and more.
• Engine tuning: swap engine, turbo, gearbox and exhaust.
• Visual auto tungs: Dynamic vynils, car body parts.

High-quality open world
• Highly-detailed environments
• 100 cars with the real interior.
• 16 player skins
• Buildings with interior

Interesting gameplay
•82 real-life parking and driving challenges.
•Different vehicles: Tow truck, pickup, trucks, sport and classic cars.


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The game is great and all but the new update messed up my rank and I'm a "beginner" instead of my professional rank. Also I can't save my game and everytime I try to save it says "can't save progress, please, download game from the Google play" even though I verified my email.


Awesome game, here are some of my suggestions after this new update: Tire width, make it where I can set the width of the wheels/tires to fit cars with wide rear tires IRL. Tire width settings can contain sliders for practicality. 2nd: Wheel depth, another feature for wheels that are too deep for my taste, same thing for the other one, for practicality, these 2 can help me for my clean builds because slim tires/wheels look off for my cars with wide tires IRL. Anyways, nice game never the less


Hey, basically, for the last few month I've had an issue where the cars gravity is backwards, ironically, it's only in the cars I like, my r35, r32, challenger, 69(70) charger, and many more, is there a way to fix this in my end? Or is it an issue you guys haven't been able to fix for the past 5 updates?


I absolutely love this game but, I am now blacklisted...please fix! UNBAN ME!! I don't want to be there. I did nothing wrong! Also, there is a hack if you send exchange request, the person declines and leaves and this steals your car. The scammers are mostly in Racing Map.


This game is the best game to ever exist. I love everything about it and I love all of the cars and everything. Although there is a lot of hacking for example specifically in the racing world servers there are so many hackers and we get mad when we trade cars with someone but we lose our car and we don't get the car. But overall the game is perfect.


Very fun game and I enjoy playing as much as I can. I also found a bug where the drivers arms are crossed when driving and sometimes the steering wheel is backwards as well. Please look into this.


I love this game, but there is a couple problems. First, my car keeps getting sold, even if exchange and I didn't even sell it. I lost my 1695 hp car because of this glitch. Secondly, I don't understand why if another car spawns on top of you, you go flying under the map? Please fix these problems as this game is one of the best games. Also ban one of the car scammers called NASIRFRM19. Thank you for your service.
Thank you very much, we will carry your message to our developers!


I rate this 4 stars, because there is still some issues about the body of some cars. For example, the Subaru BRZ has a bug when putting vinyl near the side of the hood, it connects through the window of the car even though it is really far. Still lacking some designs too, yeah we have motorsport body kits but there is still no window vinyls to complete it and mirror mode for the vinyl.


Its very good.. u can communicate with other players. Graphics is well improved then before. Although when going to one map to another map.. its cause a massive lag which hangs my phone .. and please add the model logo on the car .it will look like a real model then .. hopefully u guyz solve the problem i mentioned ..and a big thanks to the one who made this beautiful game.❤️


It's a good game. One of the best car games on mobile in my opinion. I am mostly dissatisfied with the interior of most cars. The speedometers have no display. Referring to the Lamborghini hurricane, p1, and other cars. Adding superchargers in performance customization would be great. Although most cars have been in the game for years, going back and adding more customs would make the game more interesting, referring to the Aventador, dodge charger..e.g


It's a very good game. Top tier graphics but I've had some issues. After doing alot of tasks and saving up gold and finally buying a car, I take it online and my game glitches. After a couple of mins the game restarts and the car is gone. Happened with the maclaren, happened with the supra, happened with the gtr and some more. Its so annoying. Honestly speaking


It the game that you have made for my fun.But some cars do not have the look of the car in the interior. Even you can't customize in the interior, and make more cars but not with coins and less expensive. Like a Toyota Hilux or nissan bluebird. But the game is good and it's realistic. I played this game from 2015 to 2023. It's better than the other games trying to copping your games. But make another game on android. Like bus,truck and airplane ✈️. But this game is improved.l love this game.


This is quite an amazing game. I love it all the way around but i have 1 request and i dont know how easy it would be but i would love to see a lightbar selection. The old classic cars that would have been known to have rotating lightbars and single gumball style lights would look so much better and would bring so much more to the game as it is. Please consider this because that would be incredibly awesome


Fantastic game worldwide I give car parking multi-player 10 outta 10. Please on the nxt upgrade put a garage with more than 10 P-lots at city main so that we can all fit our cars on that garage, so that when you want to change your car you just drive to your garage and change rather than hitting the menu button. A garage for cars somewhere in one of the cities. That's what I highly recommend. Thank you.


Amazing game overall, with 3 graphics settings and different UI controls and the free choice of automatic or manual in any car. Unfurtunately, just recent the game doesn't allow me to use the control my vehicle. The controls freeze, except for the gear selector, I can't use the gas pedal, map, brakes, clutch, basically anything on screen. I have tried clearing cache, unistalling and reinstalling, and still.


Everything is awesome and running pretty great, but I only have this one concern about every cars center of gravity including my car #133's cog that is already placed at the top which is inconvenient, because I can't lower my car's handling plus everytime i steer the car it turns like an airplane which feels unrealistic. if it is possible to be requested, can the developers put every cars cog(center of gravity) to the middle so that we can change the handling of our cars the way we like. Thank u


I love this game, I think it's the best car game for mobile devices, although there is alot of glitches that can we worked out of, for example: every time you go to another area (for example highway to city2) it lags A TON and sometimes even crashes, and the game always run good(40-65Fps) but at random times it lags spikes for no reason, but if the bugs are fixed, I'll give it a 5 star rating.
We are working on this issue, it will be fixed soon. Thank you for your patience!


While driving at 300km/h, it feels like it's going with 150-160. In addition, the rear view mirrors lower the fps, and the mirrors show at a low frame rate. Vehicle sounds are not very good, customization should be made for the steering wheel, exhaust customization should be possible. Suspensions must become realistic.
Thank you very much for your comment. We are always working to make the game better. Thank you for your patience and support!


Pretty good game with some free roam However , I do wish you could change the brake caliper color. Also certain cars which have built in spoilers do not go up, such as the aventador and veyron . Then 720s has active aero so it's possible but the fact that it's not on some cars is slightly disappointing, other than that the game is perfect.
Thank you for your comment. Our team of developers will definitely take it into account in further updates. Stay tuned and thank you for being with us.


Now theres some problems, one problem is the houses, there's some shadows and things on the walls and some rooms are completely empty. Could u please improve the building and houses in the next update and also pls add more phisics like the car would wobble when driving over a bump. Could u also pls improve the steering wheel so it matches the control steering wheel onscreen and it would be great if you added some LEDs for to put on the bottom of cars. Thank you
Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.