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Car Parking Multiplayer Game DESCRIPTION

More than just parking: open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!
Thousands of players are waiting for you.
Join us!

Multiplayer open world mode
• Free walking.
• Free open world with real gas stations and car services.
• Compete against real players in the multiplayer racing.
• Exchange cars with real players.
• Thousands of real players every day.
• Friend list.
• Voice Chat.
• Police mode

Car customization
• Adjustable suspension, wheel angle and more.
• Engine tuning: swap engine, turbo, gearbox and exhaust.
• Visual auto tungs: Dynamic vynils, car body parts.

High-quality open world
• Highly-detailed environments
• 100 cars with the real interior.
• 16 player skins
• Buildings with interior

Interesting gameplay
•82 real-life parking and driving challenges.
•Different vehicles: Tow truck, pickup, trucks, sport and classic cars.

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More than just parking: open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!Thousands of players are waiting for you.Join us! Multiplayer open world mode• Free walking.• Free open world with real gas stations and car services.• Compete against real players in the multiplayer racing.• Exchange cars with real players.• Thousands of real players every day.• Friend list.• Voice Chat.• Police modeCar customization • Adjustable suspension, wheel angle and more.• Engine tuning: swap engine, turbo, gearbox and exhaust.• Visual auto tungs: Dynamic vynils, car body parts.High-quality open world• Highly-detailed environments• 100 cars with the real interior.• 16 player skins • Buildings with interior Interesting gameplay •82 real-life parking and driving challenges.•Different vehicles: Tow truck, pickup, trucks, sport and classic cars.

Car Parking Multiplayer Game DOWNLOAD

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I love this game . One of the favorite games. Best car game ever I have seen. Suggestion:You can improve the car handling with steering wheel by lowering the sensitivity of steering wheel. And also in inside view in the car you can add more animation like the rotation of steering wheel inside the car can be go upto 360 degree with the animation of the hands. This will so cool and realistic.


I love this game, great graphics, sounds, Cool cars, and more. There is a few problems tho, one being the way cars are damaged, it should have less of a plasticity effect and more realistic body damage. I would love this game even more if yall added handcuffs for role plays where they have to follow you. Also I would like for yall to add the mystical pagani utopia, ( a good price would be 3k gold coins) please add these.


Cool game but few nerve crunching problems I encountered. The game suddenly freezed when I'm customizing my car, please fix it. I CANNOT DRIFT!!!!!!!!!>:( my car suddenly hits the wall when I drift. I prefer car simulator 2. Because it's easy to drift there.the tirs is slippery. Like it's made of ice and butter. Please fix these monkeys crashing the game. Thx


of the best games out there for mobile. I love how there are plenty of cars and tuning options for them aswell as large maps that are very fun to explore. Graphics are good but it could be optimised. I was playing this game offline for a while and I made a lot of progress throughout the game and bought many cars. I went online once to play multiplayer but was horrified to see all my progress wiped. There are many games that don't have this problem so please fix 🙏


This is AWESOME! it has all of my favorite cars, you can tune the cars literally however you want to, you can buy, sell, and trade cars with other players, AND it's easy to make money! The only complaint I have is that the most powerful engine costs real life money to unlock it and then you STILL have to pay the in game $400,000. Overall, 1,000/10


Tbh, this is one of my favorite games I ever played 2 years ago, until now. But there's one thing in this new update that y'all need to fix, is the optimization of the game, I'm currently running this game in my budget phone that has 3GB ram, and what I faced is the fps. In offline, I got 20 fps🥹, but the worst of all is the online, I got 2.3 to 7.0 fps😭, even the network connection is strong. Even though "I low all the settings both online and offline". Hope y'all fix this


The game is fun and well built, BUT I have a problem which annoys me and makes me want to delete this game. Most of the times(95%) when I try to type something in chat or a price in my car, the keyboard just disappears and I have to try again, I can't even type 3 letters before it disappears again. And fix the vehicle sale area in public, many times the menu where I set my price disappears and I have to drive off and back on. PLS FIX THESE PROBLEMS!


Your Game Has One Big Issue. The car position Judgment from let and front are okay, but the right side judgment is incorrect according to the steering wheel from inside of the car. Only fix this one issue & the ability to customize steering rotation count along with manual transmission customization to make this game almost real. Some car has only four gear, by default we have 6 gear.


I usually don't play any game on my phone but this game is an exception, truly enjoy playing this on my free time. Suggestions: 1. car sounds can be more enhanced to give more realistic feeling. 2. Some maps has to be long so that car's full speed can be experienced. 3. Car steering /handling can be improved. I have experienced best handling on dr. Parking Full control of the car.


The game effort is nice, there's plenty of cars, but when my graphic is high, it keep on lagging, also my gear keeps on changing, please remove that type of gear, because it can't move the car, handling is best but we cannot download the vinyl. Hope you remember to read this information to make your game effort better and better, make sure to follow the instructions. I'm on Realme 7i because me phone is Realme 7i, don't forget to follow the instructions. -From Danish


I love the game. I wish there was radio . You could pick music of your choice, have it like bass like a real car, and for the Lamborghini's to come back and under glow for all vehicles that you do not have to pay real money for. And trucks that you can Jack up more. And more trucks, and I wish that you could still have the straight pipe muffler while you upgrade your engine. But other than that I love the game And it's fun


This game is very good all the car lovers will love it and the graphic is very good too, there are so many cars too, I have played this game for years and i really love it, this is the best car game i have ever played,I love the interior is good and exterior also is very good, and please add Lamborghini cars again , and i hope that you will add more updates that will make this game like Forza horizon, bring more body kits, the map also is very good it's a very big map . Thank you


I really like this game! I've had this game for a long time(few years) because I can play it offline. But, the biggest downside is you now have to use coins instead of the money you earn in the game for some things, and u can't earn any coins offline. I just wish coins were easier to get. That's the only thing I dislike about it. I love to explore new map add-ons. Thanks for a good game!


The game should be upgraded to the point where either exiting/entering, all the car's doors should be opened by the driver not just specific cars where you'll see the the driver outside without opening the door like the other cars. That should be rectified and also, when a pedestrian is hit by a car a certain amount should be deducted so it'll make the game look more realistic 100%. Then, the taxi mode all the passengers should be standing at the various bus stop that's been added to the game


The game is absolutely amazing the graphics are very realistic and cars are also very real it feels like we are driving in real life just one thing that is creating issue is the world sale when I'm trying to sell my car at world sale it's showing car list is full but when I check any car for purchase it is showing that no cars are available so plz solve the issue as soon as possible. Rest all is very good and keep improving the same.


I Like the game it is very fun, graphics are very good, but the whole glitching of the game needs to be fixed, also the glitch cars needs to go, it makes the game not fun. There is no way you're having a car with 300 to 500 horsepower out running cars with 900 to 1000 horsepower. And not just that. Take it from someone that used to be about racing. It doesn't matter who gets off the line the fastest, what matters is who comes across the finish line first. The hacking of the game also needs to 🛑


Been playing for almost 5 years now, and nearly 2 since my last review. All in all, brilliant game. Well put together, massive map, great vinyl editor, etc. However there could be some improvements: Optmisation isn't particularly great for any devices older than a year, and the power/racing system could do with a revamp (especially with the amount of hacks about). The introduction of a EULA is a good step forward, but a better anti-cheat could be implemented to help matters. Great job, cheers!


It is overall a great and lovely game. Probably all the car people will love it. Mostly I don't have any complaints even though it would be great if you guys added a garage in the game where the players could go and change the car in the game instead of leaving a room in online , because of the time gap after leaving the room and joining it. I just gave an opinion of my thought and if you guys are adding it to the game there is no need to add it in every maps... just add it in one or two map


Yes this is the best car game ever, but you should add supercharger upgrade. I want to hear the hellcat weeeeeeeee. After all the game is great and realistic. You added door animation, but not all cars only the new cars. Some cars sound are real and thats good. If you want a realistic car game this is best for you. Great choice for a realistic car game and openworld game.


I must say I must say you guys have out done yourselves, especially with the controls for the vehicle now amazing I love the new parking break style and the fact you can have the police lights on but not the siren that is an awesome option. The money system has been fixed im able to send money again. I thank you for the amazing updates you have have done for the game and I would still recommend this game to anyone it will not disappoint you. Thank you for an amazing game add the school bus lol.