We've worked hard to bring you version 0.7.0:
- More new skins character
- Best UI experience
- Fix some minor bugs
- More levels
Thanks for playing the game


【图】Ball Hero: Zombie city(截图1)【图】Ball Hero: Zombie city(截图2)【图】Ball Hero: Zombie city(截图3)


Ball Hero: zombie city – a lively and beautiful platform game.
In the game Ball Puzzle superheroes.
Transform into colorful balls. Your mission is to control ball hero
move around the city looking to destroy the monsters, zombie
Control ball hero easily with 3 basic keys, there are many monsters along the way you need a little more quick wit
skillfully bring the ball over the obstacles to find the door at the end of the screen

How to play:
– use left and right keys to move Ball
– use the up key to make the Ball jump high
– jump on top of the enemy to destroy them
– find the last door to go to a new land with a new challenge

– Move, jump, and puzzle
– physics control, on a familiar 2D platform
– beautiful graphics familiar to children
– more than 20 superhero skin samples
– Vivid sound effects
– Challenging levels suitable for everyone
– join the game for free

Survive to the last door… Ball Hero: zombie city free game beautiful pictures
Full of fun challenges are waiting for young people

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☠️ Do you know all games in Survival Game 2? ☠️ No more Red, green light or Dalgona candy. It is new challenge, new chance to get all the money with you 💰You've been invited to the Survival Battle in Craft world where you immerse yourself in a series of chaotic death games and master your survival skills to become the last man standing. Try your best to win all the levels and be Craft Master.Survival challenges are fun, craft mode is even more fun. Be alert and fight for your survival in this chaos of this battle!🎮 🎮Nine rounds, Nine trials to survive!Challenging Games:Fill in BlankChicken ChaseTurbo Lawn MowerDeadly JawsHot Lava FloorGlass BridgeWhac-a-moleRun or FallMatch the TileGAME 1Fill in BlankRules of this game are quite simple. Run and stay still! Watch out for the big piece full of sharp rivets. Find and run to the blank before it falls to attack you.GAME 2Chicken chase Try your best to bring as much chicken as possible to your coop. Little secret is that you can steal 🐥 from your enemies.GAME 3Turbo..
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