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Crazy Kick! Fun Football game Game SCREENSHOT

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Crazy Kick! Fun Football game Game DESCRIPTION

Crazy kick is the first football game where you control the ball and not the players! Overtake your opponents, move swiftly and shoot goals! Dribble, pass and kick.

Have fun and show your football skills
Forget about traditional football games where you control 11 football players or play the soccer team manager. Here it’s easy, you control the ball and can do crazy things to score!

Can you score goals and reach the football World Cup Final?
Competition is fierce and the top eleven football players want to kick you! BUT you won’t let them: dribble, tackle, make fun of them and score that goal!

Real football experience with easy controls and enjoyable movements.
Compete against your friends and show them your skills!

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This game is awesome 👌 👏 That's all I have to say, but there's one problem the ads That's it just the ads. But very good game tho 👏


This game is very fun. I play for timepass. Something missing is Voodoo should add right names of footballers


Horrible. There are TOO MANY ADS . in some levels I got stuck and in 45 level I couldn't play as it says bonus but it's a normal game


I thundered my nana up the stairs because she was skidding round the street like she was on top gear. Once she arose from her concussion and the silly cow fell down the stairs she started watching the microwave clock go down like she was on pointless the dafty. Overall great game to be honest highly recommend if your nana has dementia


Horrible game. Would not recommend playing. Crazy amount of ads, in both bonus levels and regular levels. If you want a simple soccer (or football) game. The creators can do a lot better job with ads


It is a very fun game for me,the reason I gave it 3 stars is 3 big problems. I'm in zone 17 and whenever I score a goal,the 'next' button doesn't appear not allowing me to progress.the same happens when i fail a level not allowing me to retry. As the game has said it is a offline game, i doesn't let me play without a network. Please fix this problems.


I give it a 5 because it's really fun and I can break there angled this Is is the finest game I have played in a long time that's why I like


Ok. Until it completely stops working. It has a bug where if you do the levels fast it says that a normal one is a bonus one, and when you beat it it doesn't let you progress. Edit: I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and the same again on the same level.


I love this experience it is my favorite sport, and the way they programmed it is amazing. Subscribe


It is good but after level 16, I can't move to new levels. Please fix this


Pretty good except when I got into a certain level it would lag and I have to delete the game to play again and that level is zone 16


This is a good and addictive game. But the two points that irritate me are first the ads. I know for a free game ad is ok but 1ad after two levels is extremely irritating. Second, after zone 14 or 15 after every level it freezes and I have to rejoin the game this is very irritating. Otherwise, this is a very good game for timepass.


It is so fun that my small is playing.It is a very interesting game so at school I can score a goal at football because of this app and my teacher.


This game is amazing. But i only play it my online class is done and this game is pretty laggy sometimes thats why i only it when i have time.


The game is great 👍But the advertisements please try remove the advertisements Otherwise the game is good 👍.


It's pretty fine. 1 thing. Lots of ads and when I turned off Wi-Fi, I get like 3 turns and its frozen. Other than that it's pretty good. Very fun.


Hello, I have 2 problems; The first problem is the view of the map, When the game starts, I can barely see the map, so I don't know where to throw the ball. Perhaps the map could be improved. EDIT: Secondly, the latest update doesn't allow us to play this game without a network, the ads are at an extreme level. Okay, I understand that ads are important for a free game, but 1 ad per two levels is more than enough!


Game crashes. There is no continue button or anything now. I have to start the game all over to play the next level.


It's a good game, but there is a glitch on (level 57-58) I can't go any further without the next level not loading.


The new update broke the game. Also, please add new content (it gets repetitive after some point). Otherwise, a fun concept and good for passing the time.