New soldier movement logic.


【图】LEGION: Total online war(截图1)【图】LEGION: Total online war(截图2)【图】LEGION: Total online war(截图3)


Legion is a multiplayer mobile game. The core of the game is short battles on different maps between two armies. You’ll have full control of your squads, like in the best RTS games (unlike most mobile games of this type, where squads fight on their own). Enjoy!


Pick passengers from one railway station and drop them desire destination.
Modern Train Offroad Track: Train SimulatorWelcome to real Indian furious train driving adventure 🚂 game, One of the best and addictive train driving games of 2022. This Modern Train Offroad Track game special design for users to drive train on different tracks include mountain and hills 3d environments. Train game has special beauty environments for loving user’s attraction. Let's play this railroad tycoon is the most challenging and thrilling missions of realistic bullet train oil transportation simulator game and drive train in the city zig zag tracks and control handling with your expertise. If you have a Russian bullet train transport driver simulator 2021 and if you want to drive Indian military cargo train drive games 2022, different US busy city tracks and dangerous bridges to drive on, you will complete job of train game within time and reach safely to destination point you become a real train driver.This modern train offroad track game has lot of crazy features include various train selections and especially designed city mountain railway station for entertaining users. In this train game have lot of..
RedSun Real Time Strategy - strategy for the future.
RedSun is a prime example of the genre classic RTS, unjustly forgotten today.In this game you directly and, as is self-explanatory name for the genre, real-time control of troops, build a base, plan attacks and to strengthen the defense on the battlefield. At your disposal different types of unitseach ones with their own objectives, strengths and weaknesses.Also, do not forget that the game is just beginning to develop. We, in its turn, will make every effort to develop the game and not let you get bored.This is just the beginning.The game is made in 2D isometric style.The game features:- Virtually unchanged classical control, with the addition of new features, as well as multiselect units from one to several. (It is possible to play with the mouse, respectively, must be device support OTG cable or Bluetooth)On screens with HD and FHD use the zoom if you can see finely.- Building base with classic MCV anywhere on the map (double-click on the engineering machine), as well as other technological structures.Mining crystals harvesters.- Powerful weapon in the form of a nuclear explosion (soon..
Play Grand Jail Break Prisoner Game mission and complete tasks with your skills.
A new game of criminal escape is an adventure of jail break games with very noble and tough task to carry out escape mission for an illegally alleged person who has been put behind the bars criminally by jail authorities in this prison break games of prison escape battle shooting games. Jail escape games play in grand jail escape new prisoner games mission with your ability. jail escape games of prison break survival as he has done nothing illegal and prison is totally baseless because of heavy bribe money paid to jailbreak officials by criminals of police jail escape games. In this jail game the security guards of jail as police jailbreak games make it impossible to escape from jail so it is very tough to escape jail without prison breakout games skills. Take the duty of guard jail escape on your shoulders in this prison game and spread out blue prints of your own and new jail break plan of jailbreak games.Get ready to start prison shooting games and take exact estimate of security persons of prisoner escape games..
Game depicting the largest, Polish national uprising against the Russian Empire.
Fully translated to English!The January Uprising: Strategy Game is a real time strategy (RTS) in which you move into 1863 and take part in the famous 19th Polish uprising against the tsarist regime, the January Uprising. In 1863, parallel to the civil war in the United States, there was no less dramatic but less known conflict in Europe. After a hundred years of occupation, poles once again are throwing themselves into the unequal struggle with the occupant. As commander of the Polish insurgent army, you will face the Russian Empire in small guerrilla skirmishes and major battles. You will meet historical figures and visit places where the fate of the uprising was decided. You will learn the nuances of insurgent politics and the secrets of the nineteenth century guerrilla warfare.The January Uprising: Strategy Game is:- real-time strategy with elements of guerrilla warfare- 21 insurgent battles- 15 types of Polish insurgent troops - 8 types of Russian Empire regular troops- the story leading the player through the entire history of the uprising including the story of three dictators of the uprising:..
The Super Hot Wheels Smash - Asphalt Race Off is very addictive Game play!
The Hot Wheels SmashAsphalt Race Off is much fun to play once you start playing Hot Wheels SmashAsphalt Race Off first level you’ll understand how addictive this is! Select your desired car and go to the race section scene and select the unlocked level for your race off car race. There are a total of ten levels in this game with great asphalt 9 routes and we will be introducing more asphalts soon. STORE LINE:Hot Wheels SmashAsphalt Race Off has a story, the Hunter (You) needs to hunt the cars and race off them from the asphalt n collect as many as kills as possible for getting more Hot wheels core vehicles unlocked by using those kills and get more rolling on by killing more and more cars and jump to the top of the ranks in overall ranking of Hot Wheels SmashAsphalt Race Off.FEATURES:10+ Asphalt Tracks with Amazing Graphics 16+ Enemy Cars you need to race off them!7+ Cars with built-in hot wheels race off packed!Two Modes Of Control over asphalt 9 route Graphics Options for smooth and Lag..
Boom boom! Unique personality! Splendid defense war PvP of toys!
Militoy defenseToy Defense PvP☞ Now, Preload !!!Introduction to GameThe thrilling Defense PvP of cute toys!The thrilling battle of toy soldiers who played with them as children!Be the commander of the toys and guard the toy base!Experience high-level strategic play with three simple manipulations: Summoning, Synthesis and Power Up!The new return of toy soldiers who played with them as children!Create your own defense strategy with a variety of unique toys!Will it compete with users around the world to determine who is the strongest in the defensive battle?Will we work together to implement various linkage strategies?The choice is yours.The brain battle of commanders in the Master League, Grand Master League!Be the best commander with your own strategy!★Game Feature- Defend the base from the surging enemy!- Co-operation to defend the base with your friend!- More than 50 unique toy soldiers!- Win the league and aim for the best commander!- Unlimited random defense PvP with global users!
Build, Battle, and Banish Satan in an 8-bit Deck-building Roguelike!
Dive into a retro-inspired roguelike deck-building adventure where the stakes are higher than ever before. Craft your unique deck by stealing cards from adversaries to defeat Satan. With its 8-bit charm and challenging mechanics, prepare to be enthralled by a nostalgic journey where only the shrewdest deck-builders will survive and triumph!
Enjoy JCB excavator game by using sand excavator and JCB for road construction.
We are presenting another city construction game in which there are multiple city construction simulator tasks for jcb game players so that they can enjoy every level of heavy excavator games in a different and interesting wayIn some levels of excavator 3d different kind of excavator simulator machineries are used to pick construction site materials from construction area through truck simulator. Sand excavator, snow excavator, buckland, excavator sim, backhoe, jcb , forklift simulator and other heavy excavator machineries are being used to perform construction city task with such excellence for road construction. You might have played many construction games but bridge construction is beyond the expectations of construction sim users because of enhanced construction excavator and unique excavator 3d features of snow excavator simulator introduced in jcb gameHere are various features of construction game:🚜 Realistic construction graphical interface.🚜 Amazing forklift truck background sound.🚜 Smooth jcb and forklift simulator control.🚜 Free and offline construction sim functionality.🚜 Multiple heavy JCB machineries.🚜 Various construction tools and equipment.🚜 Challenging forklift truck game levels. Graphical interface of jcb games is providing realistic excavator game environment..
Are you a good strategist?
The War of Ages will bring you to different historical eras of humanity: from the savage stone age to the unbelievable futuristic environmentsThis game goes beyond than just annihilating the enemy and its military bases. Think twice before making a move, develop a smart strategy and tactics for each level or age, choose a suitable armory in order to win the game. The destruction of the enemies’ units and bases will ensure your advantage over them and give you vital information on the technology and facilities of the next age. Do not forget to collect gold; it will help you upgrade your military forces.Every level is unique, therefore each age “is equipped” with different guns, mass destruction weapons, bombs, etc. Stay alert and do not miss a chance to wipe out your enemy!Key Features:- Amazing graphic design;- Exciting scenes and environments;- Realistic sound effects;- Challenging tasks and missions;- Great variety of weapons;- Soldier upgrade;- Cool bonuses and power-ups;- Endless fun!
Betrayal is acceptable here. Deceive your fiends with lies to win.
⭐ Welcome to Mafia42, mobile version of the classic party game, Mafia. You can play with your friends from all around the world and compete each other on who has the better strategy. Mafia42 is a chat-based social deduction game where players actively interact with one another and test their strategy. Each player will be assigned among 30 different roles. Each night and day, citizen and mafioso use their unique skills to find, hide or lie. During the day, players will freely debate and deduce to find out who the hidden Mafia is and eliminate them. Mafia42 provides unpredictable situations by offering new roles with new skills. Being ready for every situations that might happen is the key to win the game.We highly recommend checking out our before playing to familiarize yourself with all our unique roles. Features:- 30 fun and unique roles and more to come!- Special roles will be assigned to every player such as the Cop, Doctor, Spy, etc. - Play and chat with your friends online.- Join a guild to socialize and interact with other..
Strategy Multiplayer
Legion is a multiplayer mobile game. The core of the game is short battles on different maps between two armies. You'll have full control of your squads, like in the best RTS games (unlike most mobile games of this type, where squads fight on their own). Enjoy!


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No sound, enemy troops with white flags just all of a sudden come back and attack despite still having a white flag, tutorial doesn't explain troop movement too well
Hi! Thanks for your feedback, the game is still in active development. P.S Maybe the squads with white flags felt confident again?)