Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.

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My Talking Tom 2 Game DESCRIPTION

It’s My Talking Tom 2. The superstar virtual pet is back with even more to say and do.

This funny cat can’t wait to show off his new wardrobe, skills and special features.

Players interact with their new buddy to help him:
– Learn new skills
– Taste the latest snacks
– Stay clean
– Pop to the toilet
– Explore new worlds
– Collect clothes, furniture and special memories
– Look after his own pets

Plus mini games and puzzles add a special challenge!

By Outfit7, creators of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela 2 and My Talking Tom Friends.

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the snake game has bug.. automatically changes direction and boost after which it collides with other snakes.. can't play long..


You want to buy the No Ads offer and it gives you error... Im sorry i don't want adds for me kid. And the game don't let you buy it....idk if is intentional or not but just becauze of that only 1 STAR. I REATHER PAY ONCE AND HAVE NO ADDS THAT MESS ME KID MIND, INSTED OF HIM HAVING FULL FUN AND HAPPYNESS WITH NO ADDS THAT'S JUST NOT OK. Best Regards


I love this game. I take care of this pet‚ I feed‚ shower and sleep. There is one problem though: I can't play in airplane mode or offline. Please fix this so that I can play again 🥺.


Love the game! Tom is super cute. But could you make talking farm animals too? Also give us more islands to explore. I've unlocked/found everything from the 4 we have


Since I first played the original Talking tom game when I was 6, I thought it was a game were you play as a cat but instead, you pet your own cat. But when talking tam came out when I was 9, I was happy and excited to play a new game. And, of course, I like it. Tom has new shirts, an airplane, a toy box and even new soap bars. But the best thing is that Tom has a pet too. I played this game for 4 years now until today. Nostalgic


I like this game... Tom's real cute and cool but the thing that disturbs me are the ads... And if I don't want him to grow I make him drink the baby potion. The way he acts with the milkshakes it gets more funny. When he sleeps I play my Angela and Talking Tom friends.Too funny they are🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Ok so trust me, the coin boosts are fun and all after the update but it's like you can't do anything anymore. You just level up instantly and thats that. All you do is just be with other toms and so on. I know you guys gave it to us so we could get everything but it's kind of boring nowadays.


This game is good however, there are too many ads, when I say too many I mean it. The only mini-game I like in this game is space trails the rest of the games are a little bit sad


The reason I don't like games like this is because they're annoying, even if I dont play them, but my younger sister does and it is frequently an add on both of my phones, because my sister is only a toddler and she doesnt know many things. So she just downloads it blindly. I know that they're a little bit fun, but they just start to mock little children, in this case, my sister. So, I request not to play or download this game!


There are entirely too many ads for this game. You can't even begin to play the game good without an ad popping up every 2 mins. Very frustrating!!!


I really love this game because it's so fun it's like your second friend when I am bored I go to this game a and blending , playing games , wearing oulfits , and buy some snacks and my favorite YouTube's oulfit is here Mr . Beast gang! 🔥❤️. I really love he's videos . And I think this game needs more oulfits, and games.😍


I originally downloaded this app, as me and my two young sons enjoyed the original. But I, after the death of my husband, downloaded this one. I just updated it and found out that the microphone security app isn't working with THIS app anymore. I just want to call attention to you. Otherwise, I love the app, as it also helps with my panic attack disorders.


I like how the app gave us a $10,000 bonus, I do miss the old updates and the stars, but they made the things really cheap which I enjoy. I think the ads are at a fair amount, there isn't that many and overall, it's a great game. It loses your attention after at least 2 hours though. I recommend it.


I love this game! 100000/10! The cat is soooooo cute and adorable! 😭🥺 and I get 100K Coins when I'm new to this game! I got a Mr beast outfit and it's amazing! I get anything for free when I pay and watched a ad. A lollipop, a popsicle and grapes. When my cat is teen, I switched to baby sized potion. Thank you!


Nice Game. Pasess out time, and i love this game, especially my baby brother. he loves me trowing tom overboard. solid game. Maybe a little too much for Tom's birthday? I literally have so much money that I got 2,023 of those popsicles with faces.(what do you call them?) And I got Tom to literally be Mr.Beast for a day. So weird. So bonkers. I love it. If only I could bump it up to more than 5 stars... This game deserves 1000000000000000000000!


This game's awesome guys. It really is really fun.You can change the background of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bed room. Tom grows along as u play n there are fun games. But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the ads that interrupt the game. So please OUTFIT7, fix this glitch.


Fitst of all,nice game might even teach you how to take care of a baby when you grow up. But the thing that bothers me is that when tom is sleepy you have to wait a solid HOUR. So its very anoying oh and also tom can be hungry,sleepy,unhappy,dirty,need to go to the wc and if you do all thoes things you get tokens wich you use for your plane and get a chest and you can choose wich theme it is. So thats why i put 3 stars. But still cool game!


This game is so great, especially the update! It's one great game and outfit7 did a good job! Although the reason why I'm giving this a 4 Star is that there's a bug in the pet den, no matter how many toy time I have, the game treats that I have one toy left... (also how do I bake a cake and decorate lol)


Cute game, but it's very annoying to have to reapply his fur color every time the game is booted up. Each time the game is closed, the fur pattern I picked is removed and then I'm forced to watch an ad when it's reopened just to put his fur color back. That's extremely stupid and annoying.


My twin brothers son lovvveeees this game as I think it's super cute! The only reason I'm giving Four stars instead of five... The ads ... I understand you need them with a free game BUT.. ever when you say no to them sometimes you still end up watching one 😒 in saying that, it's nothing to most games, you still can play without being too annoyed with ads... Ohhh and it's playable without spending!