Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.


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Talking Tom is the cat making every day a fun adventure.

Players adopt this virtual pet, keep him happy and help him explore his world.

– Talking Tom can really talk
– Fashion and furniture items to collect
– Mini games add action, adventure and fun
– Travel destinations are waiting to be explored
– Photo albums to be filled with memories
– And more

From Outfit7, creators of My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Angela 2 and My Talking Angela.

This app contains:
– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and advertising;
– Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps;
– Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again;
– YouTube integration to allow users to watch videos of Outfit7’s animated characters;
– The option to make in-app purchases;
– Subscriptions which automatically renew at the end of a subscription period unless cancelled. You can manage and cancel your subscription any time via Settings in your Google Play account;
– Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress;
– Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money.

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I Love My Talking Tom ! The mini games are Fun and you can get them in the app without having to download a bunch of different games all at once. Just cause they are Rated Kids Games doesn't mean adults don't like them too you would be surprised if how many adults do play these games. They are so much fun. The Ads are what the game is all about in the beginning when they first came out and I have to agree with others that there are too many ads to be able to play the game. But I still play them.


The ads are inappropriate. Sexual "whisper" app advertisements while my kids are playing the game. If it's rated E for everyone, they need to do better.


It is really entertaining and it keeps your mind of the stress and tension I'm a psychologist i know it because it keeps me calm and relaxed


Great game so fun thereis a problem there is ads everywhere you click I say it's not that good for kids. But still great !!! 👍👍👍


This game is amazing and I 100% late recommend y'all to play it is so good I absolutely love it like it's awesome like it's amazing and is the game the game is like I think there's ads I can't remember cuz I'm not on it right now but it's really fun it's really cold outside different types of games 100% recommend but it does have ads so don't play with Wi-Fi you can play without Wi-Fi but don't play with that Wi-Fi I don't think if I don't think it has Wi-Fi I think it's Wi-Fi free


This app is super duper fun it's really fast and it works on the device's but the only annoying is the ads there are too many ads it's getting a little boring


Played this for about 6yrs on &off, mostly fun and a laugh. Might be unsuitable for serious types as it can be a little boring and repetitive, but I like the way it brings out the child in me. The minigames are good too. It's free to play therefore some ads, which is reasonable. And it's possible to progress without buying any extras, which is rare in games nowadays. So I recommend it for that reason.


WAY too many ads. This game is for kids? HA. There are very few places to click that don't have ads and it auto plays ads basically whenever it wants. It also makes it hard to find where to close the ad. This is not a kid friendly app.


I hate this game there was a three minute add and the graphics are so bad when everything Tom needs is done its so boring I totally don't recommend. Please fix the graphics and while you're at it, get rid of the adds there just so so annoyingly long. I deleted the game I might get it if they fix it.


The game is alright I guess usually just feed him when I am bored or have nothing to do I don't play it at are all the time I just check up on the Cat every once in awhile since it has so many ads wouldn't really recommend it for young children since some of the ads can be pretty weird


Talking tom! One of the best games ever! Because this for many is pure nostalgia! and for good reasons! this game has the perfect amount of minigames for everyone to enjoy as there is something for everyone! And the other part of taking care of tom was also perfected a lot and is one of the reasons everyone was coming back to this game as there was a progression system and also this game needs less ads this game is too old for the amount of ads it has.


I love this but there's 2 thing that annoy me 1 he sleeps for so long like for a day and 2 the flappy Tom mini game is way to hard because when I get a good high score I can't get to it again for a long time and when I'm not near the thing you have to fly through it just magnetics to it other then that it's a good game


I'm a but too old for the game itself but the mini games were always what kept on making me play it and the prices are balanced but you don't really get a lot rewards sometimes and not mention about how much ads there are. Overall it's actually still a good game.


Talking tom was a really nostalgic game for me growing up. To be honest, there is only 1 thing bad and it is how the decent rewards for the wheel are kinda extinct. You should probably raise the chances of less comman things to happen. Other than that, it is perfect.


Your game is honestly trash and the reward probabilities are rigged. There are prizes on the spin the wheel which contain a jackpot or more coin value but the game just slaps that out of our hands and wastes our time watching ads in hopes of getting a good prize so Outfit7, if you don't fix this issue, This will be the most unfairest game I have ever played and the most time wasteful game I have ever played.


I love this game mostly because of the nostogia but it can have it's frame drops and it sometimes gets boring but that's how these games go. Also why add so many ads to this game. I could just be remembering this game wrong (it was a long time ago) but I still don't remember this much ads. Also what happened to that Space Tom minigame? I shouldn't even be complaining about that... But you know... Nostolgia and memories and all that.


This is a good game. I played it when I was little. But I always hated when Tom went to sleep because I had to wait a really long time for him to be energized. It would be much easier if you had an option to make the night go quick. Or if it's time for you to go bed you can make tom go to. It just makes the game better I hope you will make changes to the game.


To many ads. I use to play this when it first came out and the only ads you get is if you want to get something free, but now it's just going to a room or exiting something or just doing anything you get a ad. Ads are ruining games. There was never this much now now you get stuck with them every few seconds.


I love the game, no lag, but too much ads. Back in like 2014 when I first started to play this, there weren't many ads, now there is. Been playing this for 8 years, the best thing on here is the mini game "Happy Connect" that game... it's just wow. The song for it is amazing, and it's really cool and easy! I will forever love that game, the nostalgia hits me now as soon as I here the song. Ahhh, good times


I've gone almost as far as I can. I've bought all that I can except the Diamond outfit and I'm close to getting that. I love the game but you need to ad more items and prizes. I really don't want to go to talking Tom 2 because I would lose all my coins and diamond's. Please update My Talking Tom app tks.