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【图】Attack on Giants: A.O.T(截图1)【图】Attack on Giants: A.O.T(截图2)【图】Attack on Giants: A.O.T(截图3)

Attack on Giants Game DESCRIPTION

Flying through buildings with your hook and rope and kill the titans by
hitting them by your sword on their neck from behind , because that is their weakest point.

Try to kill all the titans before they destroying the city to go to the next level.
High end 3d graphics with many visual and sound effects.

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Titans have gone berserk and you have to take them down before destroying city
Flying through buildings with your hook and rope and kill the titans byhitting them by your sword on their neck from behind , because that is their weakest point.Try to kill all the titans before they destroying the city to go to the next level.High end 3d graphics with many visual and sound effects.

Attack on Giants Game DOWNLOAD

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The games doesn't even open, it keeps on crashing 😤


The game looks good and have a good ratings but the game is not starting for me y'all need to update or something I'm getting pissed


This game is good just make the odm gear easier to use(like tap on a building to hook then tap again to unhook and like that),Make different and original giants(you could make a titan that has no arms but runs really fast and have sharp teeth and can bite you midair),and finally add different game modes and a original story. I know this is a fan game but if u can't add a story add game modes like survival.


this game is a joke I have been counting the seconds it takes for an add to come up and it takes 5-15 seconds, and those titans are not reality color and the things that show you how to play are full of lags and bugs. # wouldn't play again.Make the game better bruh.


I would give it a bit the higher rating what the graphics the Titans I can't kill you it would be cool if he could eat you and story mode


This gaming application is very useful and very amazing. It works smoothly on my device. I recommend this app.


Really enjoyed the game,I recommend to all my friends.Amazing graphics,music.


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It is a good graphic app and with a new brand idea of gaming. I loved it.


It's working good but you need to improve some things and game after playing I like it and also I suggest his came to my other friends thanks for making it for us.


Wow just amazing game...very every step we get more interest to play this game...very well setup ...all steps are very tough but I just love and enjoy this game .. Thank u making this game...


This has so good graphics with many things. I love this game. I'm gonna suggest it to all of my friends. You should give it a try too! You'll love it for sure.


My favourite game The graphics is just amazing. Really liked the way of gameplay. I am so addicted to the game ❤️


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This game came as a recommendation from my friend and not doubt it is awesome, the graphics are smooth and game play is easy...just it needs some work on Characters, rest it is good play.


Amazing app to play. very intersting, easy to install and runs smoothly in phone, no bugs found, consume less data and space. Highly recommended.


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Something I love about this scene is the contrast between the giants' simplistic, brute strength and the humans' innovative technology. Granted most of this scene is dedicated to the rule of cool, but it plays off itself in a fashion that I find both interesting and enjoyable.