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– Track Anime Airing Schedule
– See Anime Details
– Friendly User Interface
– Dark Mode and Light Mode Theme
– Filter by Genres, Popularity, Latest Updates
– Save your favorites
– Notifications

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The app ai great and all the fater the last update the app's screen turned grey and I can't use it this has been like this for more than two weeks please fix


I have been using these apps for the past year by redownloading and deleting. This is the second time in the app the update was bad. I don't know if they look at the bug before they update it or not. The update we had almost 2 weeks ago worked and this update came out did what the other one did and gave me a gray screen. I hope it gets updated and finally works. Please test before uploading. I like this app when it works.


This used to be a wonderful app...But the recent problems occuring in the app is problematic...i dunno y u stopped fixing the app or what's taking so late..but hope it gets fixed soon


It's a good app but final episode of every anime is not available also movies are not available pls fix this Edit : This works perfectly now thank you so much


I've been absolutely loving this app even if it had some errors but, like the rest of the users I also have the gray screen error when I open the app, which makes it impossible to do anything. I hope you guys are trying to get this error fixed as soon as possible, but until then I guess I'll have to wait for the good news again so that I can in joy this app as much as I did in the beginning.... Edit: Thank you very much for fixing it!


I loved this app since it was called goat anime, but lately since fall the last episode and movies werent poppin up now you cant even use it without a grayscreen, please fix this


App is Great as always, but previous update has created a new problem and I happen to face similar issue like the others did in which all I see is a full grey screen making it completely unusable. I saw the others reviews and they're facing the same problem. So please fix it, and test updates before realising them because now I have to recreate my favourite list again cause after every update my favourite list automatically gets deleted. So yeah there's another problem I faced. Thankyou


App no longer runs, everytime I open it, it just stays on a blank screen with only the menu buttons available, it's my most favorite anime app but having issues such as this is just disappointing, please do something to fix it.


I've been using this app from the very first the developer does change things around a lot or just totally a new website or something but now,, whatever he did I can't even open it it pages are blank. Please fix this soon.


Saw the new update. Unfortunately, it's just a blank screen when opened. I can access shows through the history on the side menu and the shows seem to have have their last episodes.


My app won't even load at all its just a grey screen. I've cleaned the cache and data and the login screen works but nothing else. Please fix this immediately.


This app went broke!!! So Make enough Good please and if so is done so then for that already thanks in advance! It needs fixing "the not having the some related episodes in both sub and dub" and also having dub for each episode alongside sub is more better if possible and also one more thing needs to be solved too which is just all the selected favourites even though stayed in the bookmark which is good but the sign mark of the favourite went unmarked right after the update which is problem.


Love the app, but there seems to be some new problem each version that has to be sorted. From app name changes to database fails/swaps, to missing final episodes (last version). This most recent update has rendered the app unusable with a gray screen. Test the app before you roll out updates!


Now the app complete stop working . When I open the app the got blank before it was still working to some exetent now it's completely stop working please fix it as fast possible


Very bad it does not work. It does not even open, episode does not show up,and it forcefully logout you. It is terrible Edit 14/02/2023 After the update it became a blank app with no display


Please fix, when I get on the homescreen it only shows a Grey screen and not loading anything, I tried clear cache, clear data, uninstalling and reinstalling and still doesn't work, its a really good app and I'd hate to stop using it.


I am very disappointed in this app because it is not fixing the problem of unavailable of latest episode of any anime series, so I uninstalled this app before but then after a few month ago ,seeing reviews of other,I hope they will fix it soonly but they won't. It look like they upgraded this version and slept somewhere and don't do anything about it and I can only hope for fixing this app and made a good versions for their viewers . 🙏


After the last update, some of the recent episodes were gone!!! I don't know if it's happening with only my account but please upload them again in time before the next episode arrives!!! It was working fine until now. The airing schedule is fine but you should've specified the dates rather than days in the update because it's easily available on the internet.


I've been using this app since the first version. This app is constantly being remade and deleting all your data, but I can deal with that happening every once and a while. Recently I was logged out of my account for no reason, and a bunch of shows are all missing the last episode. Movies don't show any episodes as well as shows with only one episode like OVAs. I'm assuming movies and OVAs are missing because it labels it as the last episode. I hope this gets fixed soon.


I love this app, but I will say since the last update all the latest episodes haven't shown up even though it shows they've been updated. Hopefully this'll be fixed soon. (Update) now it won't even load the homescreen. I've let it run for five minutes solid and it just gives me the buffering wheel.