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-New Tools
-Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Cut and Paint Game SCREENSHOT

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Cut and Paint Game DESCRIPTION

Trim,Scrape,Cut and Paint the wooden blocks.
Sell them and make profit for your Wood Shop.
Simple Controls, Addictive Gameplay.

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I subscribed and STILL got adverts every few seconds despite being told there would be No Ads. I also found that I was unable to get new materials as I was told I needed to be a VIP which meant subscribing. When I tried to subscribe I was informed that I was already subscribed. Sort it out please!! I have cancelled my subscription until I read better reviews.


It's a cute/fun game, but it got too many ads. just keep up the good work.


makes it look like you have to pay to play, poor form, basic


Ads are really inappropiat so just take out ads cause i hate em and im not happy with them


Can't even play it because the premium ad popped up immediately and the "x" button to close it is behind my camera lens!!


Even as an adult, I really enjoy this. How's about, please, allowing us to choose which template to cut and paint. I wanted to experiment a few times on a specific template with different colors. But templates are given at random. An option too, to be able to freely cut and mess around with our own designs. Keep up the good work.


Decent for killing some time, but there are way more ads than there should be. I understand that's how the app makes money, and I'm fine with them. I'm not really fine with these thougg. Not just between starting the next project after finishing one, ads pop up in between stages of making something and that's too far considering it only takes about 30 seconds or so to make something.


I like that you can use whatever colors you want without limits, but the ads in this are RIDICULOUS. everytime you finish painting one part which takes maybe 10 seconds at most, you get an ad. Play it offline and it's fine, but the repetitive shapes make it a bit boring after a while.


While the game is a somewhat fun time waster, there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. As games do, if you want to double your points you watch an ad, which is fine, but you have about a 50% chance of the game actually allowing you to watch that ad if you wish. So if you want to double your points, or accept a job in this game, the game may tell you nah. Not only that, but practically after you touch the screen, you get an ad. Too many ads. Spent more time watching ads then playing the actual game.


Way too many ads! I've complained about other app's ads, but this is by far the worst! You pretty much get an ad after every other step you do on one single piece! I'd understand one after you were done, but you can barely get anywhere with the same piece before another ad is shoved down your throat. I'd rate the actual game play higher overall, it seemed like it would be fun, but how can anyone live with that many ads!


Super fun game. Fun choosing colors, especially on the ones where you aren't given a template to follow. I do wish the blank ones would at least say what it is, because sometimes it's hard to tell. But the main reason I won't give 5 stars, there is just too many ads. At the very least, it's poorly timed ads. I understand I'm playing the free version. But there shouldn't be an ad or two after each step of the process for one "level". Wait til the whole painting is done. Then do the ad/ads.


I really love this game. I play it all the time. Its really relaxing. Although there is two problems. 1. When I quit the game., when I next play it i have to do the one before the one I stopped on. This is really annoying. 2. I wish it would tell you what your painting because I don't know what it is and when I finish it an realised I have done it the wrong colours I can't redo them. If you fix these problems ill give it 5 stars. Thanks


It was very good, but i wish maybe 4 or 5 stencils could be used, also after a bit the stencils repeat themselves and it gets annoying, the ads where a little bothersome, but at least most of the time you could skip them after a bit, overall it was okay and kept me busy for a couple of hours, the only other thing I wish there was, would be more colors, and that we could do smaller details. I do feel that it was an overall good game though, and would suggest it. Great game, one of my favorites!👍


I'm generally patient with ads but this is insane. I don't even know if I've bothered to write a review for an app before which shows how ridiculous this is. There's an ad before starting gameplay, after cutting off the first layer, after cutting out the shape, after the first color layer, after the second, after the third, at the end, and another to start the next one. 3/4 of my time on this was on ads. Playing without ads would cost around $5. But the game isn't good even without the ads.


Game was okay but too many ads... there was an ad every time you did something... it got annoying... sure I know you have ads to keep it free and they even have a monthly (or weekly) subscription of 5dollars to make it ad free. But the game is not fun enough for that. The controls for the paint are a bit off from your finger which makes it difficult to do fun things with the paint.


Really enjoying the game however I'm reading the reviews and seeing where people complained about the amount of ads. I haven't had a single one since I started, and being that you have to watch them to achieve certain upgrades I'm kinda pissed lol I want my different sprays but because it won't open any ads at all I can't get them. Should be an option to buy them with your earnings the way you can the wood and brushes. Should also add an option for the stencil cut outs, then it would be a 5star.


The game is super basic - which is nice - but there are ads for almost every single tap on the screen. Every time your change colors, tools, etc, there's another ad. When you finish a level, you're given the option to double the coins you make in a piece by watching an ad; if you decline and just decide to go to the next level, guess what? More ads!


The game itself is simple but fun. However, there is an insane amount of ads. You smooth the planks, get an ad. Cut the shape and color the first layer, get an ad. Color the second layer, get an ad. Color the third layer, get an ad. Once you've finished the piece and sell it, there's an option to watch an ad to double your money. Don't feel like watching another ad? No problem, there's a "No thanks" button to skip it. NOPE! YOU'RE FORCED TO WATCH AN AD ANYWAY, BUT YOU DON'T GET THE REWARD!


Honestly, its a great game, needs a few updates like different brushes that come with the sprays. And a larger variety of colors. Its lacking slightly in browns and grays. And the ads get unbearable at some point. It needs more characters though I've done five bears in a row. But overall its a really great game. I love that you can choose what color and be creative by mixing dark purples with light blues. Its awesome. 3 outta five for the reasons listed. 😊


Too many ads! If there weren't as many as there was every 30 seconds, it would have been better. I would appreciate it if at least some were removed, or if there wasn't an ad every moment I clicked anything. Overall though, the concept is wonderful and it was fun minus the ads :)