The game has become much easier to complete, the key is now highlighted.
Many bugs have been fixed and optimization has been carried out.

Cartoon Cat Horror Game Game SCREENSHOT

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Cartoon Cat Horror Game Game DESCRIPTION

There are rumors that a strange creature lives in an abandoned school. You two young and curious guys decide to check it out. At first you didn’t believe it, but then something terrible happened.. It’s good that you prepared in advance and learned about Scary Cat. You know that it can be distracted by a ball of wool.
But what will you do in a difficult situation when you are left alone with a cartoon cat?

Ever heard of cartoon scary games? This is about a scary monster, it exists.. Experience all the fear and horror.
Cartoon Cat – the most mysterious humanoid creature at the moment. In this game: cartoon cat horror game, you go in search of it. But it seems that you will regret it.

Many people think that this monster is an object of scp 1923, the product of monstrous experiments. Of course, this is not the case. The latest Cartoon Cat Horror photos revealed much more information about the monster. A photo was published showing what looks like an angry cartoon cat, but when the image is increased in brightness, an unusual body is visible, on which only the face and hand of the cartoon cat can be recognized. Cardboard cat scp – a hostile creature and urban legend. He is a giant feline animal that resembles a 1930s cartoon cat, hence his name. Horror cat game is set up aggressively along with sirenhead scp 6789.

The cartoon cat and any other cartoon monsters can take the exaggerated form of almost any animal, but since dogs, mice, and cats are the animals that usually come to mind when cartoons come to mind, it is in these forms that they are “most likely” to grab and turn into. ” If the majority of the population focuses on a particular cartoon character, the cartoon cat can take their form. Based on this, we can assume that the current form of Cartoon Cat was taken from a character from some old 1939 show that was later abandoned. In short, Kartun kat is most likely a cosmic entity that took the form of a 1939 cartoon to possibly torment humanity, but this theory has not yet been confirmed. Cartoon Dog is his companion, if you are lucky, you can see it together with cartoon cat and siren head.

Powers and abilities:
Cardboard cat scp has many abilities that confirm its reputation among all other monsters as a very dangerous creature. It is assumed that it has the ability to change shape. Again, this makes it very dangerous even for other creatures, as it can ignore the laws of physics like in the cartoon, which makes it stronger than most other monsters.

Cartoon Cat is a character created by Trevor Henderson.
All copyrighted materials are the property of their respective owners. Use of this app is subject to the principles of fair use. If you believe that there is a direct copyright infringement or trademark infringement that does not comply with the fair use rules, please contact me directly by email and I will resolve the issue immediately.

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First, this makes no sense. I can't even find Jack. I found him once, but then he just disappeared. Yeah, I looked everywhere and don't say. I didn't look everywhere because I did cartoon cat was frozen in place in the cafeteria For no reason and I need like 10000 keys to unlock these doors.


Very good app I got jumpscared at the door part but it was kind of a fun and cartoon cat is so funny in the game 🤣😂😅


It's good but I can't find jack and cartoon cat walks in place. And I have looking for my friend Jack but I looked in every room when he. wasn't in any so I give it a 4 Star.


It's so funny when cartoon cat runs like you see him walk normal but if you get near him he runs to you and he give you a slap the game is good and funny but good job


I would like this game if it works. It doesn't work on Android phone? Or i am dreaming😏 it's seen good but i can't install it 😭 from what I heard it's a funny and horror game.👍 And of course im too brave😂🤣


Don't bother folks, like every 20 seconds game play is interrupted with ads.


Best game ever jumpscares are so good and I love Trevor Henderson creations but the ads need to be removed kinda annoying


Garbage. You can't get to the first 10 seconds without ads or apps that automatically download.


This game is really good but the map is copied from teletubies horror mod and its got kinda bad graphics and its hard to control and there is quite alot of ads ngl so yeah i kinda dont recommend this game and yeah but its ok


Despite the graphics, its actually pretty good! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DOWNLOAD IT!


i rate it a one star because litterly every 5 seconds there would be an ad and the ad would be impossible to exit.AND BECAUSE OF THE ADS I COULDN'T EVEN GET INSIDE!Ididnt even see cartoon cat just a little boy that followed me and stared at me for the entire time.Thats why i rate it a one star.


It's annoying when he comes to steal my friend Jack away and it's so stupidly and he literally just kills me when he comes out and i come out I get killed it's literally annoying it makes me mad


This game is SO creepy, I luv it tho. I haven't played it yet but as I'm making this I'm watching Jester and HypeMyke play this at 3am, and watching them play it looks creepy.


Could have been better its like granny but grannys better umm its kinda boring and not scary at all like its like u throw a yarn ball at a cat to try to find your friend its kinda like no my tast of game and its NOT SCARY THERES WAY TO MANY ADDS


It's a good horror game Not gonna lie I'm a big fan of Creater who made cartoon cat! Me and my brother played this we got the key and stuff and the ball of yawn works for cartoon cat it's useful Its the best game I played ever


This is a very fun game!! You should add more endings because I still don't know how to get the 1st one but I got all 10 books and escaped... Please add more endings or maybe even items to help you pass Cartoon Cat. (Something that can stun him) But this is an amazing demo!


The game is good. Except for one thing, I got an ad right when I hit play, and right when I first walked into the school. I got scared unexpectedly a few times. This game is pretty good though


The game is amazing and ive been waiting for something like this the only thing i dont like is that its a bit too laggy other than that it looks good feels good and is definitly scary


This game is pretty okay I got scared a couple of times cuz I got jump scared unexpectedly but theres a little bit of to much ads but the game is still pretty good


I like it but can you change another cartoon cat jumpscare in the youtube but i like it but its okay there is a lag for the game and i know it i just saw my friend in the upstair. But thats popluar game! And the another map may update coming soon the new map is the mall but you can update if you wamt!