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New Features:
Upgraded the application's target SDK to provide better compatibility with the latest Android devices and features.
Included the upgraded version of the payment gateway specifically for agents, enhancing payment processing capabilities.
Improved overall app performance and stability.
Bug Fixes:
Addressed any known issues to ensure a smoother user experience.

Sikkim Milk Mitra App SCREENSHOT

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Sikkim Milk Mitra App DESCRIPTION

This app allows registered agents who are registered to Sikkim Milk Union to login to the app and order products on daily basis.

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It is a product ordering app
This app allows registered agents who are registered to Sikkim Milk Union to login to the app and order products on daily basis.

Sikkim Milk Mitra App DOWNLOAD

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This app is not satisfied customer because I pay same order for a towise a time very bad aap is this 😐 dissatisfied


Very useless app because once the payment is failed the retry option is there just for the name sake .... Like this many people won't be able to sell the milk products it was better offline everybody was provided with milk and besides milk order being failed online we are not even provided with offline milk. And the person in the one to take offline order keeps changing this is how to run an application
Hi Binod, we understand your concern but we would like to inform you that the App has been designed and developed taking the Organization's customer's nature of transaction and norms.


11/2/22 Wate of time! Can't order anything. This app has too many bugs. Wasn't the app tested before it was launched? 31/10/23 That was a quick response and yes I'm a member who has been selling Sikkim Milk products for over 30 years.
Hi Siar, if you could kindly specify the specific issue you're facing, it would greatly assist us in identifying and rectifying the problem. Additionally, considering your extensive experience, we encourage you to communicate directly with the organisation officials as the app is developed as per the organisation specifications and norms.


Is the credit card payment options removed from this app because whenever I select credit card payment options, it shows "transaction denied due to brand directory unavailable". Plz confirm??
Thank you for your feedback but we would like to inform you that all modes of payment are working.


Wrost app
Hi Rahul, could you kindly elaborate what was the concern with the App.


Poor app
Hi Whilson, we would like know what was the concern with the App.


Good app
Thank you for the feedback.


Not working in proper manner. Bad apps in play store
Hi, could you elaborate what was the issue with the App.


User name and I'd time to time fill up every order not save and easy
Hi H.K. Subba, This is to inform you that once you login to the App unless you do not press "Logout" button, the account will be logged in the App. The order amount is subject to change which depends upon requirement on a daily basis that is the reason why we have provided the space to key in the quantity on a regular basis.


Very easy to use
Thank you for your Feedback!