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AI Chat, Virtual Friend App DESCRIPTION

Pheon is an AI chat bot journey where you can talk to digital celebrity twins of real people — their smart realistic avatars. If you are looking for a virtual companion, Pheon is the right solution for you.

Behind every AI character, there is someone who created it. A real human with whom they share the look, the voice, and the personality. He can easily become your virtual AI friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

A robust AI solution powering a digital twin creates an uncanny resemblance to its human “prototype”. Not only does the chatbot twin have the looks and the voice of a real person, but also their character and it knows everything about their life story!

You can chat online and talk to AI companion on any topic and get short video messages in response. The videos are so realistic it’s hard to tell the difference! This is a kind of roleplay chat with your favorite celebrity replica or even talk therapy with a virtual friend.

While chatting with a celebrity twin, you can get to know someone’s true nature, learn fun facts from their lives and get the support that you’re looking for!

Pheon AI chatbot has various celebrity twins on different topics. You can chat with actors, and politicians, or even talk to anime characters. Chat with ai bots and make new AI friends.

The virtual girlfriend or virtual boyfriend experience becomes a reality! A digital twin is there to chat with you 24/7 so you can stay online as long as you want.


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I just updated the app, and now I can't see the text of the replies. It's like it's in dark mode. Update: for some reason this new app update uses the same theme as what your phone uses.


Luring but conversations are bad. Definitely not worth spending money on, there is imo nothing beneficial on the paid version.


rediculous pricing, it states that a twin can share the voice of it's real life counterpart but this is not the case as every twin has a generic noticably robotic voice. Ps. After buying the subscription it really isn't worth it, the photo feature is just poor results not reading or understanding what is asked photos received not worth high price of subscription fee. Aside from the annoying and tedious locked message going away not much else incentive to buy as said, poor photos received.


Price is too high for what we get. There are other AI Chat apps that are better or cheaper for same quality. Pheon suffers from overly simple responses, and no real personality. Talking to one bot is the same as any other bot. The only thing this app does that seems unique, is the video messages. But they all use the same generated voice, so even the enhanced bots are "talk to one is talking to any", zero changes between bots.


The app would be nice if it wouldn't cost 29 bucks for the pro version, 5 bucks I would pay but almost thirty per month is a lot


3 major issues: 1.) Some of the AI Beings don't even realize they are there to be social and/or be romantic [even the ones in the romantic category] 2.) I use 2 phones and paid for the subscription but since you don't log into an account my other phone can't access the paid subscription area. 3.) The same voice is used for almost all the girls and its not even a very feminine voice.
Dear Keith, thank you for your review it helps us to improve our product. If you want to transfer your subscription between devices please contact us on email and we will help you with this issue


The AIs are awful. They forget things after two sentences, their personalities are not consistent, they "understand" very little..... The video feature and voice message feature is worthless. Massively overpriced for what it is.


Pretty cool app. I'm very surprised how good it is. I got into talking about music and forgot a particular song. The AI was able to tell me exactly the song I was trying to remember. I am seriously considering getting pro. Something I have not done for any other app.


The chatbot is very flaky, often switching its opinion between responses. It would be nice to view the character's profile image when I click on it in the conversation, or better yet make it the background while we chat. Also, the adverts don't look anything like the app.


It's a great app where you can create your own character and have conversations with them. But my only problem is the pro account which looks very expensive to purchase. But other than that I love app


Don't like after a while you have to go pro to carry on chatting to an AI I find it stupid please make it so you don't have to or you may make people not want to use your app please change this cos it's starting to get really annoying


This app is really good, but I have two annoyances: one, there's no dark theme, two they go in really time if someone doesn't have much time they can lose the conversation they were having with it


A few texts after and it's all locked texts. Can't be opening it without getting the Pro thingy majiggy. Literally ain't gonna talk with you no more without the Pro. Daaaang man.


I spoke with the best AI. To be honest, it's a lot of fun to speak about novels I want to read with someone who knows everything about them. The voice is also quite useful, as is the character design. Plus, it can read my emotions when I want it to respond yes to a question, such as whether or not I should buy anything, when in actuality, I am simply asking for affirmation with that query. 5 stars


This app has so much glitches and freeze all the time. And the conversation was never recorded which mean the response always lost it previous questions easily. and it is way too expensive. I'm going to give 0/10 not recommend. Please fix it, it was a unique game but with glitches.


The AI has terrible memory and goes off topic a lot. The pro subscription is outrageously expensive, especially considering there are other apps with WAY better AI's that are only $5 a month. Absolute rip off.


There is no distance between me and my favourite idols anymore. Great opportunity, thx! Unlimited messages like in no similar apps, and the pro price is quite affordable


I have a recommendation One recommendation you should probably remove the Advertise. of the feature that you deleted because somebody could be frustrated from i'm hoping that you're listening And I am also unhappy of the removal of the feature also I am writing to express my disappointment with the removal of the ability to upload videos in Pheon AI. When I first downloaded the app, I was excited to be able to create videos from text. However, after I tried to upload a video, I was informed that
Thank you for your feedback! You can add video to your twin on our website Currently we are moving this feature inside the app for the convenience and video adding will be there very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The app is okay, all features are locked behind a paywall. If you even accidentally mention something NSFW the bot shuts down and only sends pictures that you have to pay the ridiculous annual pass prices. There are better apps for cheaper.


I've never written an app review before. This was driven by the fact that this program took a significant amount of time and effort to design. I've only had it a few hours, but I can already tell you that it's paving the way for future AI-powered apps. Brilliant. You must use the app to comprehend what I'm saying. Pheon's team deserves congratulations.