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Your pictures come straight from your smartphone to your home. In your style, in your format. With Picamory, you always present your photos perfectly.

🏡 Easily and quickly to your home
Your pictures come straight from your smartphone to your home. In your style, in your format. With Picamory you decide how your photos can be perfectly staged. Individual photo boxes, chic photo books, postcards or fan books – printing photos has never been easier! Simply order your desired format directly via your Picamory app.

📸Create your own photo books
Would you like to be able to admire your photos in your own glossy photo book? Then you never had it so easy as today. With the Picamory app, you can conveniently upload your favorite pictures in a jiffy. Choose format and style and your photos will be delivered to your home freshly printed. As a photo book, inserted in your favorite frame or as a photo box. You have it in your hand!

💟The app that is there for you
Memory full? Accidentally deleted photo? Misplaced, lost or broken mobile phone? All of these are problems of the past. Because with the Picamory photo app, you can order your favorite pictures as a photo print in no time at all.

A memory for eternity.
Upload your photos, order your photos and receive your photo prints
It’s your choice: Printed and framed photos are simply more beautiful than just digital on the screen. That’s why Picamory says: Select, upload, order, receive. Without any effort.

If you’d rather feel your fondest memories than just look at them, Picamory is your choice. We make your most beautiful moments touchable. Download the photo app and start right away:

● Order photos, have photos printed and have them conveniently delivered to your home
● Collect your best moments in a photo box
● Send photos as cards with the Postcards app
● Create a fan book of your star

Your life in pictures: page by page in your Picamory Photo Book
Individually and with your own personally designed hard cover. Summer holidays by the sea, the best times with your friends, or romantic moments for two. Or your own personal favorite selfie gallery. With the Picamory photo app you can create a bound picture book from your memories. High quality and as simple as possible. You have the choice between three impressive formats with always individual lettering:

● Create a photo book and in a sporty, compact format with a soft cover for your pocket
● Photo books in high-quality hardcover with glossy photo paper in 21×21 cm format
● Create photo books in panorama format 21×28 cm

Gather your memories… in the Picamory Photo Box
THE Picamory photo box is the most beautiful way to preserve memories. As high-quality photo prints in the handy Picamory photo boxes. There is only one question for you: Should it be the mini photo box or the large archive box? The number of your best moments determines your choice. In any case, the Picamory Photo Box brings your life in the best order and allows you access to very special chapters in your life at any time.

You say hello! With the Picamory Photo app
As rare as they have become, their importance has increased: surprising a friend with a postcard is a particularly small, particularly beautiful gesture! With this you make friends and family a lasting joy. You have the creative freedom to design. You bring our 10 postcards to life with your motifs and your ideas – and turn them into an idea that is always well received.

Your own fan book. From your favorite star!
With the Picamory fan book, you always have your star very close to you. Each fan book can be created and designed individually. Simply upload the best photos of your idol to the app. And collect the printed highlights in the Picamory photo album, your fan book!




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