- Bug Fixes.
- Increased the target API level to 33.

Piggy Chapter 11 Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Piggy Chapter 11: Outpost(截图 0)【图】Piggy Chapter 11: Outpost(截图 1)【图】Piggy Chapter 11: Outpost(截图 2)

Piggy Chapter 11 Game DESCRIPTION

Piggy Chapter 11: Outpost


The map is like a military training area with a floor level, a small second floor, and also some watchtowers and walls, containing the following facilities: sleeping quarters, a cafeteria, a meeting room, a workout area, a Medibay, Mr. P’s base (the escape room), a strategy room, and even a tank. There are also spawn holes from where Piggy Soldiers climb out, and they do kill you if touched.


– 3 game modes:

* Mode 1: Play against both piggy the Torcher and piggy Soldiers. (with the help of Zizzy and Pony)
* Mode 2: Play against Piggy Torcher only. (with the help of Pony)
* Mode 3: Play against Piggy Soldiers only. (with the help of Zizzy)

– Possibility to choose camera type: First person or Third person.

– Fuild gameplay.

– You have 5 chances to win the game.

So what are you waiting for, Download Piggy Chapter 11: Outpost now and enjoy playing.

Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback to improve the game.


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GREAT GAME but one problem when u do somthing it puases and plays an ad pls fix that?!!!!!!


it's a ripoff of piggy chapter 11 for some reason but it's kinda cool I guess the person who created this a fan of the game piggy but breakout was resleased on it so go check it out


Great game recommend for people who don't have internet to play the real piggy but only one problem the sensitivity is really bad it's so hard to look but other than that it's amazing!


It is good but the only thing I hate is the pause menu when you unlock something


I do love this game but the problem is the lag that mess the aim of the first person mode and whenever you pause the game it will pop some ads which is very annoying i do recommend this game but please fix this lag it ruins the gameplay and don't be money hungry for showing many ads


I really really really really really like this app but u can put some more chqpters in it i love chapter 11 but can u put chapter 3 and 9? But nice game tho 5 stars👌🏻👍🏻


Very laggi game. Pls fix it. And there are other bugs in game like the door are not i got key but door not opening. Fix it!


Amazing game! If you have problems with glitches and lag and ads turn off your internet, It worked perfectly fine if you do.


I hate it its so laggy i thought it will be multiplayer but when i tried the game but it was like i was playing piggy...


This game is dum first a soldier just came upstairs with me and second when i open any thing an add pops up and third when i open orange door a add pops up again i clicked cross button and it brought me inta a link.Do not download this app.Thank u


I mean its good, but this is a roblox game so it still has all the roblox assets and textures. So pretty much your taking a game on roblox and putting it on the app store as its own game. Kinda strange


Great Game other then....😥😥😥 How you pick the items up....😥😥😥 Please change that to how you usually pick it up in piggy. ALSO! Please change it so it opens up on both sides when you unlock things. It does that correct? Haven't played in last few days... Other then that ... Um.... Lemme play and edit tomorrow 😅😅😅😅. Also, change how you can not actually pick mode 2 or 3. Guys I still recommend this game to you.👍👍👍👍


Great game it's kinda laggy tho the reason for 4 stars? Because the soldiers can move around more like I was playing for the first time to I see the soldier move more better I was kinda raged but I still played I can win tho so if your bored play this just remember if it's kinda laggy it wont effect your game play and have a nice day


Fabulous, awesome, marvelous, best, great, incredible,unbelievable,unbearable, eventful. When I played this I felt estatic


This game has very good graphics and is almost like the real piggy game on roblox! I love it, totally recommend this game! Edit: before the edit, I only did the first round so far. But when I played again, I would get the keys and unlock doors but the doors would stay closed and it didn't allow me to open the doors, like if they were still locked. It may work for you though, I'm not sure if I recommend anymore though..


It's nice but I don't like bcz it's hard it's not hard to play it's hard to escape so I rate it 2


This game is nice but it's bit laggy I I was plating hard mode and Luke it was so easy it was like for priciktikesing pls do something hard!


Ok I really like the game its awsome and I love it but the only thing is that when I unlock a door it does not open i think its a glitch please fix the glitch


GREAT! But please add "torcher chapter 11" cuz i wanted to try the skins. So please add it. If you dont know what torcher chapter 11 is you can search it on youtube. You make good games anyway! Love your games! :)


The Game is super duber Enjoyable only one problem the Games lags between so if there is any bug pls fix it