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Pizza Hut Australia App DESCRIPTION

Download the official Pizza Hut App today. It’s the easiest way to see our latest deals/offers and order your favourite pizzas, wings, desserts and more!

• Order contactless delivery & pickup
• Access the full Pizza Hut menu
• Customise your own pizzas with the easy-to-use Pizza Builder
• Reorder in three easy taps
• Track your order for both pick up & delivery orders
• Place future orders up to 7 days in advance
• Find Pizza Hut locations near you
• Pay with GPay, Credit Card, Zip, PayPal or in store
• Quick login with Google, Facebook, PayPal or with your Pizza Hut account

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they got my order wrong and there is no where in the app you can submit - hey you f##ked my order up, and no compensation. No re-do over, no refund - just wrong order already paid for


It's probably good. But it won't let me save my delivery address or let me order for delivery. So it's back to Domino's again.


The cart button doesn't work somehow. I had finished my order and put to my cart 🛒 and then cannot proceed with a non-functioning cart button


Absolute garbage, multiple taps on a tab resizes the app, I can't open the my cart tab for whatever reason meaning I can't pay for my order. How did this pass QA testing? Did pizza hut actually pay for this app?


Cant order. Cart cant be finalised. Its worse. The cart cant be resolved. App is gone now...forever. top business model. Yo...dominos is it


Everything works UNTIL I need to click on the Cart to try confirm and pay for the order. The Cart tab is a dead link. Therefore a useless app.


Worst app. Needs to update every time you use it. Place an order and can't check out. Won't accept cards even the one saved to your account. Just don't bother


Had trouble getting to Checkout in app. Hopefully fixed soon.


The app is broken you cannot press the cart button to finish off your order, we tried on 2 different phones, both different models with no luck


Everytime I want to order via the app, some random glitch occurs. This time, the option to change ingredients disappeared when putting through the second pizza in the deal. And this was immediately after being told to update the app as there were big improvement to the interface. Pfft.. Back to Domino's again. Let it be known that the app developer is contributing to revenue loss due to incompetence.


Love the easy navigation. Makes ordering a breeze.


They have no way of fixing address and when U try to call the number asks for your location and it says no store in that town


This app is shocking. Kicked me out 8 times. Stuck with it because they're the only place that delivers where I am. Not worth it. Used afterpay and it took the money but didn't send the order through to the store. Had to call multiple times to get it sorted (apps fault not the stores). Started the order at 530pm and food finally arrived at 8pm.


One of the worst app. Didn't let me pay for pick up. I tried 3-4 different cards.But, in vain. Tried to use store number, automatic voice transfers but disconnecta after few seconds. This is it. I won't depend on pizza hut for my pizza..


Does not work, password reset went to an unsecured certificate, I would not put my password in that


Good except for when a screen shows that store not taking delivery orders... and you're trying to track an order already made.


Useless app. Can't login. Can't reset my password. Tried re registering, and it says my email is already registered. Reset password via app, but got no email with reset link. Tried online via web browser...same issue. Pizza Hut...what a waste.


Crazy experience trying to order. Finished the order and about to pay, get a warning that I'd been logged out & need to log in again. Logged back in via multiple steps to prove I'm not a robot. Then redo order, get logged out again, redo order AGAIN, find multiple orders in my cart, so delete the duplicates, ignore the 'logged out' warning and nervously enter my banking credentials into a clearly buggy and untested app. Pizza Hut, your app is a failure and is chasing customers away.


Omg this is one useless app. The previous version was buggy but at least I could order online. The previous version to that was actually pretty good, but this latest version is absolutely unusable. After many years of ordering our weekly pizzas I think we will be ordering from another pizza maker from now on.


Nearly unusable. What has happened to this app over the past few weeks, it keeps telling me to download the app which it is the app? Can't go to checkout, can only view cart, the tracker doesn't work anymore. C'mon guys, surely a business your Size can develop a working app.