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Mech Arena – Shooting Game Game DESCRIPTION

Get ready for mech-crushing PvP battles! Jump into hard-hitting online gameplay with players from across the world and compete in multiplayer TPS robot combat.

With dozens of mechs and a vast arsenal of weapons to choose from, you’ll build out a hangar of badass battle robots. Free fire on your enemies and win at any cost. Just get ready for a fast-paced fight. Super-quick matchmaking gets you straight into the PvP action.

This isn’t your standard shooter or fighting game. Enter the Mech Arena today and bring the thunder.

| Features |

Endless Mech Builds

With 25+ distinctive mechs and 90+ weapons to play with, you choose how to get your battle robots ready for war. Upgrade your favorites and trick them out with 1000+ skins to gun down your enemies in style. Strike fear into this multiplayer PvP arena.

PvP Game Modes Galore

Each game mode requires different tactics and skills. Shoot your shot in the every-mech-for-itself combat of Free-For-All. Master the battlefield with Control Point Clash and enjoy fighting with your team in Deathmatch. Set up custom PvP games for your friends if you want to play by your own rules.

35+ Unique Maps

In this online shooter, you can experience epic PvP games in a range of epic arenas. Experiment with a variety of tactics and test different guns to ensure a dramatic fight. Remember, this is a free fire zone – don’t hold back.

Cross-Platform Play

Play on mobile, or try Mech Arena on a bigger screen to enjoy FPS-like intensity with our zoomed-in TPS view! Your mobile and desktop accounts can sync, so you can jump online, grab a gun and enjoy seamless shooting.

Play Your Way

Intuitive, TPS controls make gameplay smooth and easy – essential for fierce, fast fights. Customize your controls just the way you want them.

Special Mech Abilities

Ram into your opponents, leaving robot-shaped wrecks. Use jump jets to find the optimal firing position. Annihilate an enemy shooter from the other side of the map. Abilities are your key to victory in this war.

Elite Mech Pilots

Recruit from a diverse cast to give stat boosts and other combat bonuses to your Mech. Level them up as they join you in battle, up their fighting game with cybernetic implants, and play out their rivalries in the arena.

Tournaments & Events

Compete in weekly PvP tournaments to climb the leaderboards and win big. Take part in epic, themed events that expand the Mech Arena world. Complete regular objectives to pick up awesome rewards.

No WiFi, No Problem

Mech Arena runs smoothly on most 4G/LTE networks, so you can compete in multiplayer combat on-the-go. With short battles lasting a few minutes, it’s perfect for FPS or fighting game fans who want quick, robot-crushing battles.

Please Note:

• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

Support: [email protected]
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Mech Arena – Shooting Game Game DOWNLOAD

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Mech Arena is a fun and action-packed game with a wide variety of mechs and weapons to customize. However, it can be challenging for free-to-play users to compete at the highest levels. New mechs and weapons are released frequently, and these often have a significant advantage over older ones. This can make it difficult to keep up without spending money. Despite this, it is still possible to enjoy the game and be successful without spending.
Hey there! Unfortunately, we can’t establish efficient enough communication to fix bugs via reviews, but we’ll be happy to look into it if you contact our support team via: or email us at: [email protected]. Include your account ID and all info on the issue.


Okay, 2 problems. First, the upgrades and mech and weapon buying are too expensive, and the sources of credits and A-coins only give you not that much, so its either lower prices, or increase resource quantity given, or else this game might just turn into a pay to win, and not everyone has real world money. Second, the matchmaking is too unfair, like when you get to the higher divisions, the matchmaking gives you opponents that are almost impossible to beat, so it would be nice to please fix it.


Last few updates have left the game unable to load past the first Plarium screen on my Samsung A13. Phone works fine otherwise, and up until this issue, so did the game. So far, it's great fun! It's held my attention for about 3 months. Put in enough work, and you can make progress as a F2P player/cheapskate. So, this not loading issue is kind of irritating!! Grr . . . 😆😆


During the matches, the quick response button is in the way while aiming. It's frustrating that you can't fire when it pops up. I've experienced a frequent glitch in the game. When you die at the end of the match, the screen locks up between selecting a mech and the end match screen.
Hi, thank you for the feedback! We will forward it to the developers unless similar ideas were submitted before.


Well designed game. A lot of micro purchases but I have been playing for several weeks (now several months) and am still competitive without paying. I have purchased a few small items to support the developer but find it more fun to actually play the lower unpaid for items. Only watch ads when I want to. There are a bunch of in game offers that pop-up on first load but can be quickly skipped.


Fun game but it's starting to have issues. Weekly rewards do not work properly. Yesterday I was at 29/30 completed. Today I login, completed 3 daily objectives, and it still says 29/30 completed. Plus some of the newer techs are complete BS and are pay to win mechs. Like the mech that can teleport to BEHIND another mech and it has a shield!? Yea that mech can go F itself. Been playing since release and about to quit. Originally gave this game 5 stars, I just took 1 away...


It's fun. Problem is, the game always tries to stuff your face with microtransactions in the home screen. Unlocking a new mech through a event requires a in game purchase too. It can get old, really fast. I'm not even at tier 4 and this game is getting boring. Vaporizing half your wallet is what is required for fun, because everything is capped and requires money or the limited "A-coins" to recharge.No, they aren't going to change that, because that's how they make money.


Great game aside from having to exit literally 8+ ads everytime I start up. And most of the "deals" have ridiculous prices. 50% off of $100 for anything is still excessive for any game. This is a pay to win game, so if you are a play for free player expect to have to play for years to get anywhere... it would be nice to be able to connect with people I teamed up with instead of only enemies ive fought. Pretty well balanced game tho and super smooth graphics and gameplay.
We’re sorry to hear you’ve encountered a problem like that and would be happy to help resolve it. Please contact our support team via this link:


Omigosh! So much fun! I've played for about an hour and I finished the training but the areas are a bit difficult. Get used to moving (left side of screen) around and shooting (right side). I wish there was extra training because I still get killed and lose for my blue team. I only have 2 mechas I'll need to buy more once I get more experience. Great game.
Hi, thank you for the feedback! Lots of new awesome features will be added with time. Stay tuned!


So I've been playing this game for about 2-3 years and have enjoyed it throughout the entirety of my time playing it. However, the mechs in this game; especially new ones, are basically IMPOSSIBLE to get unless you spend money. I've grinded most of the events to the end and always got garbage. And even the older mechs are harder to get now because of "ranks" which require you to have enough stars to even unlock the next rank. It's a decent system, but it takes forever to go anywhere.


I really wanted to like this game. Had a lot of fun at first. But the constant pop ups to buy things are extremely annoying. Also the gameplay is not based on skill at all. Higher tier mechs are infinitely better than lower tier. Each star is almost double the strength. So it becomes entirely pay to win. Would be fine if it was easy to get currency to upgrade, but it's a slogfest, do you spend most of time wishing you would spend money. All apps need money but not ptw
Hey there! These pop-ups often announce limited-time events and offers that would be useful to many players. Getting rid of them would mean people miss things they’d want to take part in. But we always try to limit the pop-ups, and you can skip through them very fast!


It Is a very fun game That is both easy to learn and engaging. It was hard for me to put the game down except for the numerous ads in game. Really goes overboard on trying to get you to buy crates ,Upgrade your characters, or just spending in general. If there were not so many ADS every time that you come back To the Home Screen, I would have given it a 5 star rating.


A very fun game, unfortunately absolutely crammed with microtransactions. Never before have I encountered buying a battlepass, to get 15 levels into the 'premium track' to then find you have to buy the next 15 levels again at double the price... Progress is incredibly slow, deliberately to try and make you pay to progress instead. Not a bad game as the gameplay is fun, but be prepared to pay out 💰💰💰 for any kind of real progression.
Hi! Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We always strive to improve Mech Arena and take player feedback seriously - it will help us improve the game going forward.


Very fun game; HOWEVER, two major frustrations: (1) whenever you go to the home screen you have to exit out of a dozen separate pop-up windows of random offers (I am not exaggerating - depending on how many "offers" are available to you, you often have to exit each offer separately before getting to any gameplay), and (2) when choosing equipment, the default list is EVERYTHING including all the stuff you don't have. You have to filter to your obtained equipment to find anything, every time. Boo.
Hi, thank you for the feedback! We are continually improving the game, and we need to hear your comments and suggestions. We will forward your feedback to the developers unless similar ideas were submitted before.


This game has so much potential, but it honestly wastes it with ads and pay to win. Every time the app is opened, it launches 6-8 popups that can't be turned off. And if your opponent pays 9.99 for the "legendary mech of the week" you just can't win against them. Wish I could give it a higher rating, because it IS a fun game.


I hate this game with a passion. It was a great game to begin with, but then was ruined with micro transactions. It's insanely difficult to progress without spending, and if you're unlucky, your account could either be reset our deleted without your knowledge, and all of your progress goes down the drain. Another problem? Any purchases you've made go down the drain as well, and the game is now too expensive to play for free, and too saturated to get an edge.
Don’t worry, Darryl, your account can be restored in no time if it was connected to Facebook or Plarium ID! Just login with the appropriate service from the loading screen (lower left corner). If your account wasn’t connected, please contact us at to handle the matter.


Mixed feelings. Smooth, fast, great level design. Can be great fun, very enjoyable for a while. However... Matchmaking can be terrible, it's never long before you're matched with players several levels above you - incredibly frustrating, trying to force you to buy fancy mechs and weapons. The lobby is foul mouthed and toxic, doesn't seem to have worthwhile moderators. Those two points aside, well worth investigating.
Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. We’re monitoring the matchmaking situation. In the meanwhile, we’d suggest trying out the official Discord server: - there are plenty of experienced players who can share tips and tricks to deal with tough match-ups.


I really love this game and made a ton of progress in it without paying anything. However I was having some issues with icons not appearing for anything: when I was in a battle there was just empty circles on the side of the screen and the shop and other homepage icons were gone, in an attempt to solve this I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but now because of this I've lost all my progress and the issue still hasn't been fixed. It's tough but I think I'm gonna uninstall it to move on :(
Hey there! There are many possible reasons for loading issues. First of all, please try switching your Wi-Fi connection off and on again. Then try changing graphic settings to “Low”. If none of that works, please contact us via Include your account ID if you can.


Love this game. The A points are a little challenging to get if you don't spend money. So once you get to a certain point it is a bit hard to go to the next level. So I'm kinda stuck on the levels I am at. It would be better if it wasn't so hard to level up. Besides that the game is great. Exciting, love to build my mechs. Love the skins and the ability to interchange the mechs, weapons, pilots and implants.


Great game to begin with. But developers make it difficult to progress without spending. Aka pay to win. And I mean constant spending. You can earn to upgrade but they put caps on how much you can everyday. The upgrades are insanely expensive no matter how many events they do, it will take you forever to upgrade 1 mech, weapon or pilot. A bunch of different types of coin you have to earn. Save yourself, don't waste your time unless you're ready to spend.
Hi Cliff! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas about our game; it is highly appreciated. We will take good note of this so that we can improve our game. Have a nice day!