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The latest Nova Legends update has landed! Here's what’s new:

• This title update introduces numerous tweaks to ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible.

• The game has received multiple quality-of-life improvements and several minor bugs have been fixed.

Nova Legends Game SCREENSHOT

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Nova Legends Game DESCRIPTION

When Nova Energy was discovered, it transformed their world and unlocked unprecedented human potential.

Now, a new kind of enemy has come to take it – and they have no idea who they’re messing with!

Check in when you have time, progress even when you don’t. The idle RPG that fits around your life.


The fun never stops – even if you do! Your Heroes will keep adventuring while you’re away, so you’re always leveling up, always earning, and always progressing. Even if you snooze, you don’t lose!


Explore a vibrant futuristic world, defended by over 70 heroes in 6 factions, each with their own backstory, personality and out-of-this-world special abilities.

Collect superpowered Heroes. Level them up. Battle your way to victory.

*** DIVE IN ***

Get started and pick up more as you go. Find your favorite Heroes, build the best teams, and go adventuring.

As Sun Tzu once said: “”Know your enemy. Learn their weaknesses. Then build a team of futuristic superheroes to kick their butts.””


As you play, you’ll learn more about the newly ascendant human race and an Earth changed by the discovery of Nova Energy.

Whatever happens next – life on Earth is about to get a whole lot more interesting!


Spend some time in the Arcade. Take on the Daily Boss. Run the Gauntlet. Or battle your way to the top of the Tower. You’ll find endless fun and great rewards around every corner.

NOTE: Nova Legends is FREE to download and play, but you can make in-game purchases with real money. If you would rather not use this feature, please disable it in your device settings.

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Awesome game A++


aakash ali


really fun


No brain needed. There is a faction system but there doesn't seem to be some bonus benefit within a faction. It just explains the hero's origin. Can easily turn into a pay to win game since tactics are rarely needed. I'm not spending more than 30min just to see where the action is at. (Edit: they're even hiding this review to cover up their failures)




Haveing lots of fun