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Are you ready for the action-packed 2D tank warfare? Welcome to the Tank Stars, one of the best battle tank games that you can play with friends online & offline. Find the right shooting angle and unleash your iron force on your foe’s war machines! Make the right shot quickly or you’ll lose!


There are dozens of deadly rockets and guns available at your arsenal. Nukes, freezing bombs, tasers, railguns, plasma cannons, and many more! Pick the right weapon to eliminate your targets as quickly as possible. Burn all the enemy’s tanks to the ground!


Want to have the coolest tank ever? Win the crazy tank battles, get tons of gold, and collect all the awesome tanks of the past & future! T-34, Abrams, Tiger, Toxic Tank, Atomic Launcher, and many other dead machines are waiting for you in your military base.


Command your war machine in multiplayer tank battles with thousands of players all around the globe! Don’t get shell shocked and dominate on the online PvP arena – show the world who is the true tank star!


Looking for fun games to play with friends online & offline? You’ll definitely love this one of the best artillery games. Choose war machines and join the
offline multiplayer PvP game. Have lots of fun battling 1v1 Have lots of fun battling 1v1 right on your device!


Get prepared for tough PvP tank battles to win extra coins and unique upgrades! In the Tournament mode, you’ll meet real challenges and waves of skilled opponents ready to unleash all their war potential to destroy you!

Command your heavy armoured mad tanks and dominate the battle arena! Join the bustling Tank Stars community and enjoy one of the best tank games! Play for free right now and become a real tank hero!


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Jolly good chaps. I've whiled away many a minute on this game it's even more entertaining than ironing or even re-grouting bathroom tiles 🤔 the only ownonist is the number of ads. It didn't used to have anywhere near the amount but I suppose it has to do something for a free to play to be profitable but haway 🤨 I noticed there's an absence of large vessels for fluids and massive firey orbs. I mean with a name like tank stars. ⛹️🍄


I never even played a the first round. I loaded the game, went through the tutorial and tried too load the first match and had to watch an ad. I'm sick of games forcing ads instead of trusting they can bring enough value in a bonus to encourage me to watch the ad to get the value.


To the developers; please adjust the damage output of the "Frost" tank. It's WAAAAYY too overpowered. I remembered playing 1 game vs it and it literally took 90% of my life away in 1 shot!!! The tank kills you in 2 hits and as the second player, there's no challenge or anything you can do about it >:\ I like the game but jeez louise, the tanks have to be better balanced for a competitive gameplay.


I really enjoy the part where all of In game progress from months ago Is completely deleted and I have to start over but my favorite part is 18 ads per game. I got to the point where I will hardly play it cause of so many ads and I don't wanna play it badly enough to pay for it.


This is a very fun and addicting game in a good way. Also the ads aren't even that bad I will sit through some ads to play a good game like this. Nice assortment of attacks also. We want some more tanks! Lol. It does crash quite often too for no apparent reasons..


I've completely changed my stance on this game because I decided to redownload it because I remembered it being fun. But now you guys have some how taken everything fun fun out of it and replaced it with ads. Ad when you start a match, after every match regardless of getting the chest or not, and you get one after every second shot in a match. Can't play the game in airplane mode either because then all it says is network error no internet every time you touch the screen.


Before my rating was 5 stars but, samething is very, very upsetting is that there are so, so many ads you added on non stop it's almost like a virus and not to mention the last update there is a new bug where I'm not online the no connection notice keeps popping up every few seconds and this is making me want to uninstall and never play becuz it takes the fun away and your not getting my money to pay for no ads, not happening also fix your game that bug wasn't there all these years. Thx u.


Got addicted to the game despite the insane amount of ads, upgraded to a Pixel 3 XL and now the game won't even launch. Update, it now runs on the Pixel 3 XL but somehow the ads are even more annoying. Don't make my mistake. Edit 1/1/23: A friend of mine convinced me to download it again and the ads are even more awful. They actually play during the matches.


I've made the mistake of paying to "remove ads". Honestly, you cannot do anything to advance in this game without seeing ads at the end of every match anyway. Although I paid to remove ads, there is still a popup with their subscription quite frequently after a match ended which is equally annoying.


I used to play this in the older days and it was actually fun but times have since changed, I am constantly and i'm guessing many others are experiencing a bunch of ADs even during the battles there are ADs but I went from having the best experience to having the worst experience I ever had in the history of the app store. The issue i'm having is that some or many of the ADs for me either force me to re-enter the game and do the match again or it just crashes the app altogether.


This is actually quite a good game, but there are far, far, far, far, FAR too many ads. I'm talking one every 4 shots you take, then one at the end of the many ads, in fact, that I have dropped my rating from 4 to 1. If your even going to consider getting this game, consider getting an ad blocker or buying the ads free option.


Never before have I played a game that had so many ads. Never before have I ever said this game is really fun, but don't download it. The developers are so greedy that now if you're playing this game offline as not to watch ads, they've added a "feature" where you get a pop up saying "connection error" every single time you click the screen, until you re-connect to the internet, and then subjected to a billion ads. There is an amazing game here and I love playing it. Except its unplayable now


Good game I love playing with my dad and getting new tanks but oh my lord there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. Ads, ads, ads after every button there and after every or every other tank shot. If you turn off the internet it just spams "no internet connection". To make it worse you can subscribe to get rid of them but it's $7 dollars a week, almost $20 dollars a month, and $100 dollars a year. But I recommend if you like the repetitive content and all the ads.


Waaay too many ads. 4-5 forced ads per battle is insane. So disruptive to gameplay. Would NOT recommend this game. Edit: Ads even worse after update. Especially Lords Mobile which forces you to sit through a 32nd ad sometimes 2 to 3 times in one fight. Then it also automatically takes you to the download page even after you've clicked the x. I will be uninstalling.


Great game design. Bad monetisation approach. The one thing that could be improved about the game is if the developers removed the ad break after every 2 shots. It seriously hinders the gameplay and causes alot of frustration. Then they keep pushing you to buy no ads. I know that this is all part of the salesman pitch but I remember playing the game a while back and there was not this problem. Fix your ad breaks devs, fix them please


Overall I enjoy this game. My only complaint is the fact that it's riddled with ads. I think it's awful how there's ads mid-match. It's annoying and it's like every 2 turns. Super annoying, I wouldn't mind if there was ads prior and post match, but mid-match is pretty...scummy. I know the VIP thing exists and removes all ads, but you shouldn't have to pay just to not experience ads mid-match. Fun game, too many ads.


The game itself is really fun, but you can't have any fun with the literal CONSTANT ads. It is unplayable, every other shot there's an ad. Before and after every game, ad. To get your reward, ad. Cmon guys. Nobody wants to play a game where you have to watch ads to get your reward.


Everything is great except PVP battle needs some change. It needs a level limit when it comes to battle if I'm a lower level then I am definitely going to lose the battle if the opponent has the maximum level. At that point there's no meaning of playing the game because I already know that I lost the battle. Higher level should battle with similar level not the basic level players. That way is fair to the lower level players


NEVER, and I mean NEVER have I played a game with this many ads. There are ads In between each shot during battles, ads when you start, ads during upgrades,ads when you return to any screen. Anytime you do anything, there is an ad. I've never given a rating of 1 to a game. This game deserves a 1. There are way too many shooter games out there. Don't waste your time with this one you WILL watch more ads than you will actually play.


Really good game with a solid UI. The only problem is ads. I understand you need ads to keep free to play but you need to explore different options if you are having to play an ad when I first open the app, select a game mode, choose a tank, during the actual game play, and after the match. Bottom line I shouldn't have to sit through 3 minutes of ads for 45 seconds of gameplay.