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Tomb of the Mask Game SCREENSHOT

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Tomb of the Mask Game DESCRIPTION

Tomb of the Mask is an arcade game with an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth. Seeking for adventure you get into a tomb where you find a strange mask. You put it on and suddenly realize that you can now climb walls – easily and promptly. And that’s when all the fun begins.

You’ll face a variety of traps, enemies, game mechanics and power-ups. And as far as time doesn’t wait, get a grip and up you go.

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Loved it when I first played a long time back. Downloaded it again recently only to find it didn't improve but regress. Ads everywhere when you already watch ads to get extra stuff, prompts to subscribe to a premium after said ads... also, I have to WAIT to close windows or press "cancel", because if I don't and just tap randomly on the screen, the app just pretends I tapped the flashing button that spends in-game currency or plays another ad!


The app is alright, it's the problems. I've been playing this game for a year and let me tell you, i am stuck of level 47 because of the stupid problems. 1. Everytime I win/lose an ad pops up. Which is kinda annoying. 2. It swipes where I don't swipe! That's why I'm stuck on level 47. I swiped to the straight and it got me stuck and I died. 3. It's too little energy for me. I loved tomb of the mask but now, things have changed. Just, please fix the problems.


this app is amazing, i love it, but 3 things bother me and that why i picked four stars. 1. there is a limited amount of times you can play, (energies) which i have a problem with since this game is very addictive. 2. WAYY too many ads! if i press the non revive button, an ad pops up anyway. 3. when i try to play it offline it isnt really working. especially because my drives are very long. hope u guys see this review, and update it. Love your game!


Tomb of the Mask is a really fun game to overall just kill time, and it doesn't take too much effort to pass most stages. I have a couple suggestions though. I think Playgendary should change the 5 energy to 10 energy. I get how you can watch ads to get more energy, but it's very annoying when I'm trying to do a speed run of the stages. I sometimes get stuck on the annoying parts, and I can only watch ad/buy to continue playing the stage. I run out of energy fairly fast. Please update the energy


Once you get to level 25+ the difficulty ramps up and provides some sense of accomplishment for completing levels. The paths are cleverly laid out and you'll need to plot your next moves carefully while being quick with your fingers. The minimalist graphics and sounds work well for the game. I played on play pass so I can't comment on ads or micro transactions in the free version but ultimately a good game with progressing difficulty the more you invest. Activating the shield is too sensitive.


I decided to give it 2 stars because there is this "energy" thing. While the game is fun, the energy doesn't allow me to play endlessly, which I think makes it bad. The ad numbers are also a little out of my range of likeness, because it appears after every level. It's also two stars because it kicks me out of the game once I finish an ad most of the time, which is really annoying and makes me not want to play it.


The game is fun to play, but it has way too many ads. At first, the game would operate normally (the app wouldn't crash after an ad, the tutorial was normal, etc.) But now? Every time I get an ad the game crashes. I would give it a 2 for bad execution, but the game is really fun to play (apart from after every level, an ad plays, causing the app to crash)


Would 100% be a 5 star fun and free game if I didn't crash anytime an ad played. And personally, I don't mind the ads; it's just the fact the game closes out every time an ad does play. I don't know if anyone else has this issue, it may be my phone but if it's not, I do want this fixed. It is a great game to pass the time :)


Shield doesn't always work- even with it activated it doesn't protect you from the spikes, bats, or arrows. There is also a lot of ads which makes it difficult to play. You have to watch a 5-30 second ad to do ANYTHING. It also takes FOREVER to level up and some prices are ridiculously high (1000 coins just to refill your energy! 200 coins just to get a second life! You only get 25 coins for beating a level..) Other than these things, it is pretty good and I love the colors and animations.


This is one of the best mobile games but not without its flaws. And I'm not talking about the mobile ads. They exist, grow up. After completing all levels it is a serious hassle to stroll back to be able to get a full clear when it snaps back to 550. Main menu needs user friendly UI overhaul. Also wasting a shield when I haven't double tapped is infuriating. I can sort of understand glitchy movement to a point, but cheap deaths are no fun. And lastly, are we getting new levels?


It is an interesting little time killer. I find the shields all but useless though as they inevitably get wasted when the game interprets something I do as a double tap. Perhaps an option to disable the double tap triggering? There are also rather a lot of ads, so plan on spending that 99 cents to get rid of some of them.


Good game concept and delivery. I like it a lot but... 1) There's too many ads for sure. 2) It takes too long to do anything but it wants you to watch an add so you have to wait for the x to pop up to change the stage, replay the level, open the shop, literally anything. 3) It's kinda glitchy. I die a lot because when I swipe the game just decides not to move my character and then I run out of lives and have to wait for more energy.


This is a very well made game with unique and beautiful pixel graphics and color choice. The gameplay is definitely one of the best for a casual mobile game. However, there's a huge problem. The advertisement. It's all over the place. My user experience on navigating and dealing with the pop-ups has been the worst I've encountered. Also, the game needs an option to toggle off the double-tap for activating player's shields because I find myself accidentally activating them 50% of the time.


Mobile games from ads are always bad, but this is on another level. You load the app, there's an ad. You click out of it, go to a level, another ad. You mess up and die, another ad that crashes your game. And if you do manage to win a level, you get bombarded by a hoard of ads, all while they try and get you to 'subscribe' and 'follow' and shove that down your throat. Altogether, it's just full of ads that break your phone, and inbetween that, the levels aren't even fun


I love the game itself! I love the concept. One big thing for me though is the ads. There is WAY TOO MUCH. Everything I click on I get an ad right after and even if I'm not clicking on anything, an add will just show up. There are also ads that when you try to skip it automatically downloads the app which is super annoying. Another thing I found while playing this game that bothered me was the shield. The double tap is too sensitive and activates it randomly. Other than this, not bad of a game.


I've downloaded this game a few times over the years and I've loved it every time. I've beaten all of the levels up until the 550 point, and it was noticeably tougher the longer you went on, which was nice, it helps the game feel like it's not just dragging on. Many others have said this, but there are too many ads. I don't mind ads personally, but when you get one before and every level, it can get annoying. The only other gripe I gave is that you can't save your progress or connect an account.


I love this game and the challenges included in it. I also love I'm able to play it while offline. The only thing is that each time I die or I finish a level I get an ad that's very frustrating and irritating I would like Tom of the mask the creator to fix this. Another thing I don't like is that it doesn't save our progress that's very very very annoying. Other than that.. 3/5.


The ads are annoying, but it's super easy to get rid of them if you turn off wifi and mobile data. Yes, it can work better offline. After playing it for countless hours, it would be nice to see more variety in the Bonus levels or even fun secrets in the game. Too many times have I waisted shields to go below the lava in the arcade... Other than that, it's a super fun retro arcade game.


Fun game, I remember a year or two ago going through and beating all the levels and it's a very enjoyable experience. I downloaded it again and automatically was plagued by ads. There is an ad before you play a level, after a level, pretty much every button you press. Good game, but way too many ads, they just make the entire experience unenjoyable


This game is the perfect mobile game. I could go ahead and name all of the many things they did right, but that would take too long. I only have one suggestion for the developer: The dart-shooting trap should remain cyan at all times as opposed to only when it is shooting. Other than that, this game is perfect. Of course, it has annoying features like ads and an energy system, but almost all mobile games have those, so it's not really an issue.