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Familyscapes Game DESCRIPTION

Emma and Timothy just bought an apartment, but Emma’s in for a shock when she finds out that her awful in-laws are now her next-door neighbors! Help the poor couple navigate the ins and outs of married life, home improvement, and the rat race with plenty of hilarious hijinks along the way!

– Immerse yourself in an edgy, relatable storyline
– Predict plot twists for a chance to win prizes
– Blow off steam with addictive, puzzle-based gameplay
– Refurbish an apartment just the way you like it

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Totally ❤️ this game. The boards are fun and the story line is hilarious. No annoying ads so far either.


I originally downloaded it to play during downtime at work and refused to spend money for extras, well, I love the game so much that's no longer the case 🤷♀️ Now I'm waiting for the next update, but I still log in every day to collect the free gift! Any idea when the new update will be out?


You say new levels are coming much longer is soon because I posted something a month ago and still keep telling me I've won the race so collect my can I win a race when I can't's one star for me I'm afraid.


Great game, a little challenging at times but enjoyable game. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because when you finish level 800 there are no more levels. May uninstall


Lol 😆 this game is so cute and adorable with couple and the storyline is so funny. I just started playing a few days ago but I'm hooked. Great job gamers


I'm really, really bad at match 3 games lmao but this one I've been able to play consistently. Yes the higher levels get hard but I've never had to spend more than 1 day on a hard level. After each hard level you're given 3-4 pretty easy levels so that's nice. My husband has already gotten to the highest level available so far (800) and I'm in the 600's. Really hoping they update it soon! My biggest complaint is the story. It's all Boomer Humor which is ick. But sometimes it can be funny lol


I absolutely love this game! Got to level 800 and they haven't created anything past that at this point so I'm excited for the update. It's a good mix of hard and easy. Some levels are insanely hard but that's fun to me at least. Sometimes they take a few tries but you can definitely complete them. The story is also great overall.


Can the team who creates new levels get to creating!! Been waiting almost a month for new levels....I enjoy the game, but might delete if I have to wait months for you guys to get your act together!!


The game would be 5 star worthy if it didn't make you spend the majority of the stars you earn on unimportant things such as what beer case to buy or what dessert to eat etc. It's just a bit of a let down to do all that work of earning stars only to have to spend the majority of them on things that have nothing to do with renovating the apartment. Update: I'm now rating 1 star as I just spent 20 stars within the game and only 3 of those actually allowed renovation to the apartment!!


Loved playing this game til I spent how much of my own money to put into it to beat levels to realize there's only 800 levels. Barely has anything to do with remodeling a house. Use a lot of your stars for stupid chores. Disappointed there isn't more levels


I find the story this game is telling HILARIOUS. 🤣😂😅 this game has great graffics, super funny story line and characters and gets 5 stars for keeping me giggling the whole time I'm playing!;


This game is very nice. But after level 230 it becomes very hard to complete the levels. Even an easy level becomes very hard to complete. The super hard levels can't be completed. Besides it takes a lot of stars to complete the tasks after level 232. Annoying I uninstalled this game. If you give easier levels and if it take less stars to complete the tasks, I will be grateful.


This game is hands down the BEST match 3 game out there! There's an ACTUAL realistic and cute story that goes along with it! Great Job guys!


I just started playing this and as usual Playrix has given us a fun to follow storyline with great characters. The graphics are awesome again. I cant say that this will be my favorite game. You know any game without Austin is well.....


Love this game but where are more levels??? Made it all the way to 801 and nothing. One opinion though on the hard levels maybe give a little more tries. Hard to beat them when you only have like 15 moves. Sometimes its impossible


This game is different from all the others. In a good way! It's fun and relaxing. Love the story lines, and that they change. It's like a tv show and game wrapped into one. 🙂


Love the storyline of this game. Actually downloaded to play the pin games, but after Level 128, still haven't seen one. Out of lives and coins, so I'm having to wait for lives to refill. Some of the levels have been so tough that it took more coins than I thought it would, so I refused to buy more. Going to try current level a few more times and if I can't get past it, I will have to Uninstall.


The story is basic sitcom "haha husband dumb" and "haha I hate my inlaws". But thankfully you can skip cutscenes. The match 3 is fairly well balanced difficulty-wise and they're very generous with power ups.


In the ads, it's a pull the pin game. But once you open it, it becomes a candy crush ripoff. Ngl, the story is pretty good, which bumped up a star in my review, but the fact that they advertise as a pull the pin game really sucks to me.


As someone who has played all games from Playrix, of course I wouldn't miss this one! I have no comment so far. It's almost like their usual match-3 games. Just a little bit surprised that the screen orientation is now locked in Portrait Mode. I guess they got their reasons. But over all, I've been enjoying it so far.