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PLAYSTOP is a Media Player app for Android TV, Android Phone, Tablet, & Android TV Box

Features overview:
– Movies, Series Internet TV playback through our TV app
Eligibility Control
– Built-in powerful TV player
Integration of external players
– Attractive, impressive and easy to use design
Support: Embedded subtitles

What are you waiting for?
Get the most downloaded Android app on TV Player.

Important comment:
We do not provide any type of TV services such as TV subscriptions, and schedules.
PLAYSTOP does not provide or include any media or content
– Users must provide their own content
– PLAYSTOP TV is not affiliated with any third party provided ever.
– We do not support the flow of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner.




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The app experience is vary bad on tv 1- you can't search a spasific episode 2- you can't go back 3- The app on some series lagging, like one piece
Hello Sir, You can go back by clicking on the "Back" button on the remote control, Thank you for your suggestions, which we will pass to the responsible department.


The best experience with this App very easy to use And the custom service is the best Thanks for the developer of this application
Thank you Boto and welcome to our PLAYSTOP family! Enjoy your subscription to the max, we will be always available to assist you in anything you need!


Most of channels work very well . Safe for families ,and price is very suitable .Recommended 👍
اهلا بك في عائلة بلايستوب الكبيرة عبد الله، تأكد من انك اخترت الاشتراك الصحيح لتبدأ الموسم الجديد المليء بلحظات المشاهدة الممتعة رفقة بلايستوب


Very bad service.. with slowly technical support. I cant activate the app and now one help me clearly
Hello Walid, we are sorry to hear this, we got a slow support in the last days because most of our operators were in vacations, and we had alot of requests due to the promotions, now we turned back to normality and we respond as fast as we always did before. Thank you


Very bad service, yearly account just stopped after few days, support response is 3+ hours, and was like: Can you try again? And it didn't work 🤣 I am very unsatisfied!
Hello Fadi, we are sorry to hear this, we wish your issue got fixed right now, don't hestiate to contact us whenever you need us to help & guide you through your journey with PLAYSTOP. Best Regards


It good app , But I'm having trouble logging in and it shows that my account it expired or invalid , i hope there is any solve as soon as possible ، thank


Using your app playstop on android tv box, Epg is not working and not real 4k specialy sports channels and the bein premium 1, my internet speed is 700mbps so its not an internet issue.
Hello Sir, Epg is working for the most important packages (not all) as we do not advertise for it in our service. 4K is real for the channels & Movies labeled with the 4K sign, and it depends on your internet quality to show it. Thank you for taking time to feedback us. Best Regards


Very good application with thousands of channels!
Thank you for your review. Enjoy reading & keep supporting us :) If you have any feedback or suggestion, you could write to us at We would love to hear from you!


I had really good thoughts about the app, the live streaming is anything but good, it stoppes every 5 minutes. I have 500MGB speed, yet it stops alot. And the application is not smooth.
Hi, if you are not satisfied please contact us on our Help center inside our website in order to cancel your subscription and to get a refund. Regards,


Great experience in general but with a lot of interruptions during world cup!


It is a good app. It need some improvements.but the service is great. No interruptions. Great tech support with fast reaponses to my emails.


Great experience and cheap prices for subscription, They offer you a lot and take a little bit cost.


it's early to find a great app like this, thanks for your quality of service and strongly recommend for any one looking for a stable service


Very simple and easy to use, very good quality, server is almost impeccable , strongly recommend this app, and service


Love the service, best iptv by far, no cuts, hope the quality will be real FHD and 4k in the near future, nevertheless it is stable and good value for money


Great service with no stream cuts experienced on my end but I am hoping they will stream at a higher quality for the World Cup because even though the BEIN Sports channels are available in FHD (no 4k), they are still a bit choppy. Definitely not 100% identical to the real FHD experience. My recommendation is to make extra channels and try streaming at a higher quality.
Hi, We've forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!


All the channel is not working and movie and TV serious not working for a week I pay money for 6 months and I can't watch nothing This absolutely wrong I email Customer service and never fixed my problem The same problem it's not working and I have asked Customer service About a refund that tell me we can't refund you 😡😡😡😡😡 So they can't give me my money back and an can't watch anything does rip off
Hello Sir, the problem is with your isp provider which block connection to our app. the only way to use the app in this case is with ѴРИ turned on. We are sorry for this, but we cannot refund subscriptions after 55days of use. Best Regards,


Great application, i love it so much, great service and great channel quality , thanks to the tech team for this application that working great keep it up


I used playstop more than 15 months and I never had any problems. Best service and high quality. I recommend to all family.


Can't open in two Devices althow its in there discription one is Getting stucked always not good solution's on Smart tv iptv u cant even search a channel u have to search one by one same thing for the movies and tv series and if u find them u have to search them again and start over on (TV) which was the porpose of the subscription.
Hello Sari, First of all, we make it very clear in our website (subscriptions info + subscriptions descroption + FAQ) that our subscriptions works on only one device per subscription, which we find very fair given the prices we offer. You can go to "ALL" category, and search for yourTV Channel, Movie, Series using the search bar above on the right.