DOP: Draw One Part Game SCREENSHOT

【图】DOP: Draw One Part(截图1)【图】DOP: Draw One Part(截图2)【图】DOP: Draw One Part(截图3)


Can you see what’s missing? 🔍

What a pretty picture, but don’t you get the nagging feeling that something’s not quite right? What’s the final touch that will make the image complete?

Engage your brain, your imagination and your artistic talents to identify the missing element and add it to the drawing ✏️ in this delightful puzzle game that will get you thinking and make you smile.

🤯 Exercise every part of your brain 🤯

★ Ingenious puzzles that require logical, lateral and creative thinking to solve. Engage every part of your brain to work out what’s missing from the 🖼️ picture, then use your artistic skills to draw that one part in.

★ Clear, colorful graphics and calm, happy music make Draw One Part a pleasure to play, creating a tranquil and fun environment where puzzle solving 🧠 is as relaxing as its entertaining.

★ Intelligent game mechanics and carefully conceived puzzles ensure a smooth and satisfying playing experience. If you’ve got the right idea, Draw One Part will recognize your intentions even when your artistic skills aren’t quite up to the task.

★ Satisfaction guaranteed – the answer might not be obvious, but when you finally find it you’ll understand the logic behind it. And your discovery could change the original image in any number of amusing and unexpected ways.

★ Dozens of different situations and over 200 missing parts make for almost endless puzzle variation, with solutions that are satisfying😃, intriguing and humorous in equal measure.

★ Try, try and try again. There’s no penalty for failure in Draw One Part. If you can’t find the right answer first time, keep on thinking and keep on experimenting until you hit on the solution.

★ If you’re really stuck, you can always ask for a hint. The imaginative solutions in Draw One Part are guaranteed to satisfy even when you can’t see them for yourself.

Who knew gap filling could be so much fun?

Looking for an original and entertaining puzzle solving game that’s genuinely challenging and rewards lateral thinking but won’t have you throwing your phone across the room in frustration? Draw One Part will bend your brain, test your drawing skills, and give your logic a real workout without ever driving you absolutely crazy.

Download Draw One Part now and get both sides of your brain working in perfect harmony to solve endless beautiful, satisfying puzzles with real creative flair.

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This app is so fun!! Even though I'm a teenager I still play it lollll!!! It's so fun I did all of the levels but the adds kinda annoys me! So I turn off my WiFi loll!! I would be happy if u added some more levels! Thanks


As the many other people have complained, the ads are absolutely atrocious! Literally constant bombarding with ads after completing maybe two or three half second challenges each ... And then the challenges are beyond stupid, some of them make absolutely no sense at all. Yeah, don't waste your time or energy..
Hi! Thanks for sharing your opinion! Our game remains free thanks to ads, which allow us to continue developing, maintaining, and updating the game. We hope you understand and come back soon!


It's really fun like if your on vacation you can play it it's the best game.🥖💖


Drawings are ripetitive (they appear more times with another missing part). Too easy for adults and teenagers, too full of objects from the '90's for little kids. Frequency of ads is indecent. Now, I'd end the review here if this feedback would be taken as such, but I see that the devs respond that they need ads for the game to stay there. Bruhs, deliver quality. That way people stick to the game and watch more ads even with a lesser frequency. This is a "beginners game jam" quality.
Hello, and thank you for your feedback! Ads help us make game development, maintenance, and updates free for all users. If you change your mind, we will be delighted to welcome you back!


Good, just alot of ads great for road trips tho


There are too many ads. Ads are fine until they affect game play.
Hey! We're not huge fans of ads either, but we can't keep our game free without them. They help us develop new features, maintain the app, and release updates. We'd love it if you changed your mind. Come back soon!


Too many ads! In reply to the developer response: It must be a very expensive game to have out there then. I don't mind SOME ads for free games, but when I'm spending twice+ the time watching ads as I am playing, that's too much!
Hi! Thanks for sharing your opinion! Our game remains free thanks to ads, which allow us to continue developing, maintaining, and updating the game. We hope you understand and come back soon!


Had it for 15 seconds and there was an ad. An ad loads after every second level. It's beyond ridiculous. Cannot even enjoy the game without ad after ad after ad. Did not even enjoy 3 levels (for 15 seconds) before a 30 second ad popped up. I guess the game has potential but the ad spamming is downright insane. Wouldn't recommend it.
Hi! Thanks for sharing your opinion! Our game remains free thanks to ads, which allow us to continue developing, maintaining, and updating the game. We hope you understand and come back soon!


Ads. Ads. And ads again. Maybe you should add more ads. That we can play the games in the ads. Don't download. Edit: Having some ads in the game is something else,, having soooo many ads and making the game unplayable is something else. You simply want us to watch ads all the time. If you can make anyone keep this game. Go for it.
Hello, and thank you for your feedback! Ads help us make game development, maintenance, and updates free for all users. If you change your mind, we will be delighted to welcome you back!


My Review / Opinion :: Choose A Different Game ** Ad Annoyance ** Had to uninstall this game. The ads are completely outrageous! You should be able to at least make it through a round, 5 drawings, 5 answers, ect,,,instead of after every 2 or (3 if your Lucky) I understand Ads help to be able to play this game for free but for crying-out-loud, it's way too excessive. I have around 10 different gaming app's I play on my phone and not one of them are even close to "Ad Annoyance" as this app is.
Hey! We're not huge fans of ads either, but we can't keep our game free without them. They help us develop new features, maintain the app, and release updates. We'd love it if you changed your mind. Come back soon!


🤨The puzzles are so easy and but there is not that thing in which we get that curiosity so make your puzzles hard and there are no hints the line never works the best when there is something to draw but the guesses are not right and then I search from internet and I am doing the same but it's not working for that the quality of the game is 0 So fix your all the problems 😵


I paid for no ads and played to level 201. It is so lame. It is repetitive, does not require alot of thought, half of the time it either doesn't recognize a drawing or recognizes a scribble and I get if right. Not worth your time or the 2 bucks for no ads.


This game is not too bad or not too good it is ok.I liked this game because it has very interesting pictures to draw one of the part.Other thing is that it shows ad v.much but I'll never avoid this game because it was a part of my life. According to me it is good and the ads are not a thing to complain because there are also ads in other games. Some games have many many ads. So if this game has add it is ok.It is a v.good game.Thanks for the lovely game and l'll also waitforthenextpart.🥰:-)\=)❣


This game is not a problem, although the reasons I give this game a 1, is because, 1st of all, if you do the correct thing, it is wrong. 2nd of all, this game has levels that no one can beat. 3rd of all, this game is very laggy. 4th of all, it's getting boring because of no updates. This is just my opinion, and I dont recommend playing it. But it I'd your choice. So if you fix this game, I will or maybe give it 5 or 4 stars. Anyways, if you are aware I am speaking wrong..I have a diff phone
Hi, we’re sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing problems with the game. Please check that you're using the latest version - if not, make sure to update it. If this doesn't resolve the issue, we recommend reinstalling the game.


To me,it feels like you challegning your brain makes you know and understand the different parts of unique, everyday objects. It would be helpful to me if the game didn't have so many ads. It is kind of like the electronic you're using to play this game has already broken down.


The game graphics is gorgeous and it's really good. We can draw the missing piece without any problems and we can think and solve enigmas. The why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because of ads. Too many in almost the end of every level. For all the rest the game is good. I highly recommend it without internet so there won't be the ad problems.


Don't get me wrong, this is a really fun game. The only reason I gave it only two stars is because of the ADS, there are SOOO MANY. There is an ad after each like 1-2 rounds, thats why I gave it two stars, its a really fun game but the ads are super annoying, if a lot of ads don't annoy you then go ahead and download, but if they do annoy you I would not recommend this game.


As mentioned, I opened, drew on 2 sketches, & 2 30 second ads played. I could close out early but then it goes to another page of app, which you also must close. And it seems it only allows you to draw in one stroke, no embellishment or trying to improve allowed. Even if airplane mode's use improves the game play, the sketches are simple. Prob. great for young tots


I agree with everyone else here there is way too many ads and when you get to a certain level it starts to repeat the levels. I would prefer if you said updates coming soon and did updates every now and then or, that's the end of the levels thanks for playing. Since there is so many ads it's hard to find entertaining definitely uninstalling this game and don't recommend it to anyone.


Great idea. But there are waaaay too many ad pop ups for it to be enjoyable. I understand the need for revenue, but they are excessive and long ads. Plus half more than half the time I get it right, but it won't understand. So I watch the ad to see what it "actually" is. Which is my exact answer... Sorry but I've had the game for 10 minutes and I'm deleting.