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Monsters have invaded Cat Planet!
Grow your ninja cats and keep the peace in the cat world.

Collect cute neon cats and unique skins.

Enjoy spectacular battles with the weapons and skills of ninjas with attributes.

Merge ninja cats to unite and become more powerful.

Grow your ninja cats while enjoying various content.

Acquire items while enjoying an addictive puzzle game.

Level up even if you turn off the game! Enjoy the pleasure of growth with ease.

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Action RPG with cute Ninja Cats!
Monsters have invaded Cat Planet!Grow your ninja cats and keep the peace in the cat world.Collect cute neon cats and unique skins.Enjoy spectacular battles with the weapons and skills of ninjas with attributes.Merge ninja cats to unite and become more powerful.Grow your ninja cats while enjoying various content.Acquire items while enjoying an addictive puzzle game.Level up even if you turn off the game! Enjoy the pleasure of growth with ease.
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This is so trash like all you do is just walk around and kill boring enemies. And that's saying, and there's nothing new. Like all you good, it should get new Cats and dad sit and just upgrade yourself And I would rate the Lower


I know the game must be fun but I'm having trouble saving progress as every time I close the app and go back in everything I have earned got deleted and everything reset as it puts me back in level 0 and stage 1 I don't know if it's a glitch or something


It's good but everytime I save it doesn't and it glitches me out


HORRIBLE! this is an up right copy of hero cats! (the original game with NO ads except for reward ads!) And the publisher's name is POOM games, NOT, POOM! This is plagiarism! UNINSTALL! And, hero cats was made before this was. And if you don't believe me, go check both games. BUT PLEASE UNINSTALL THIS AND TELL OTHERS TO UNINSTALL!
POOM GAMES and POOM are the same developer and POOM GAMES has two accounts on Google Play Store. Make sure the developer address is the same. We created an Ninja Cats idle RPG using Cat Heroes' IP and recently released it on the POOM account.


I like this game! It's fun and doesn't throw ads at you every minute, the only complaint I have is the lag, sometimes Im trying to set up my cat's gear and it's laggy as heck! Maybe you should add a Reduce lag feature in the settings, it's my opinion




Not optimized well for lower spectrum phones.


the game is so laggy it crashed my phone lol but it is a decent game :3


I would give this game five stars i was doing mission 24 summoning relics and it said that I was not summoning relics when I was.


Is great game but mission twenties bugged You are not able to collect it under any circumstances.


Genuinely fun and colorful game. Lots of ads you can choose to do, but the game is playable without them. Fun rewards but slow progress similar to most idle games. Loved my time with it so far!


Rpg:royale power group


Got stuck on mission 24 and still stuck because it doest tell you how to summon relics but otherwise it was all good


After Paying for premium,(I assumed I wouldn't have to watch ads, I was wrong) my cats seemingly disappeared, and have no sign of coming back!🤬 I'm about to uninstall it to see if that brings them back
Thank you for playing our game and we apoligize for any inconvenience. We fixed that error and updated it. Please update and play again.


Fun game with cool designs, and it's a great concept, cats and ninjas, great game, glad I was one of the first to play it, I hope this game has a long road ahead of good times
Thank you for playing our game and leaving a good review. We will try to make your playing experience better :)