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Power NOW. Power bank rental App DESCRIPTION

Power NOW is the first power bank rental service in Ukraine.
Now you won`t have to worry that your smartphone battery will run out at the most improper moment.
Everything that’s needed:
1. Download the application: “POWER NOW: power bank rental in Ukraine. Charger”
2. Select station with power banks on the map;
3. Scan the QR-code and rent a power bank.

You can return our power bank at any other station at your own time.
Money will be withdrawn from your bank account exactly for the time of rental.
Everyone is faced with problem when the phone dies at the most unhandy moment.
When there is no charger nearby, you get a bunch of problems:
– you lose touch with family and friends
– you lose access to your mobile applications
– access to messengers and social networks disappears
– you can get lost without a navigator
– you can’t take a photo or record a video
– no chance to communicate with colleagues and partners
– you lose access to your bank accounts
– loss of access to your email box
– you can miss a very important call
– you cannot call a taxi

Our application will help you to cope with all these problems: POWER NOW: power bank rental in Ukraine. Smartphone charging.

Our stations with power banks are located in lots of places in the city.
Download Power Now application and take a power bank – it costs like one cup of coffee.

– All gadgets are charged
– You are always in touch
– You don’t waste time sitting near the socket
– No need to carry a bunch of wires
– You have access to your bank account
– You can call a taxi or use the navigator
After charging, return the power bank to any Power Now station.
All details on the website:
Power bank rental in Ukraine!

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Rent a PowerBank for a smartphone battery in any city of Ukraine. 1/2 hour free
Power NOW is the first power bank rental service in Ukraine.Now you won`t have to worry that your smartphone battery will run out at the most improper moment.Everything that's needed:1. Download the application: "POWER NOW: power bank rental in Ukraine. Charger"2. Select station with power banks on the map;3. Scan the QR-code and rent a power bank.You can return our power bank at any other station at your own time.Money will be withdrawn from your bank account exactly for the time of rental.Everyone is faced with problem when the phone dies at the most unhandy moment.When there is no charger nearby, you get a bunch of problems:- you lose touch with family and friends- you lose access to your mobile applications- access to messengers and social networks disappears- you can get lost without a navigator- you can't take a photo or record a video- no chance to communicate with colleagues and partners- you lose access to your bank accounts- loss of access to your email box- you can miss a very important call- you cannot call a taxiOur application will..

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I recently started using the Power Bank app, and I'm thoroughly impressed! It's incredibly user-friendly, and the interface is clean and intuitive. The app quickly locates nearby charging stations and provides real-time availability updates, which is a lifesaver when I'm on the go. Charging my devices has never been so convenient. Kudos to the developers for creating such a helpful and reliable tool.


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I tried the Power Bank Rental app, and my experience was mixed. On the positive side, it's a convenient concept, especially when you're running low on battery in public places. The app's map feature to locate nearby charging stations is handy. However, I encountered a few issues. Sometimes the listed charging stations were either out of service or didn't have compatible power banks for my device. The pricing structure seemed a bit high for short-term rentals, making it more cost-effective


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Crashed often on Galaxy A52. The biggest problem is the service. I paid 50 uah today but the battery did not "pop out" as usually. Tried to reach the support: phone was dead and Telegram support asked one question and went offline. Money was NOT returned. Buyers beware.
Добрый день! Напишите нам, пожалуйста, в соц. сетях и мы быстро решим ваш вопрос)


Please, add posibility to set up location if user doesn't grant permission to his geodata. Thanks!
Hello! Thank you for your review. We will take it into account and make our app better as soon as possible!