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Predict For Me App DESCRIPTION

Predict For Me-Astrologers is a tool for all the astrologers who are practicing predictive astrology or pursuing the study.

Features :-

1.Numerological Calculation chart
2.Vedic Cards
3.Lagna Chart
4.Niryana Bhav Chalit
5.Dasha ,Bhukti and antra
6.Life events combinations in colours
7.Transit of planets
8.Automoated transit event search
9.Time tool
10.Horari Kundli
11.Longitude of houses and planets
12.Nakshatra and sub lord of planets and houses
13.Horoscope matching/Kundli Milan
14.Gun Milan

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A necessary tool for all those who practice predictive astrology and numerology.
Predict For Me-Astrologers is a tool for all the astrologers who are practicing predictive astrology or pursuing the study.Features :-1.Numerological Calculation chart2.Vedic Cards3.Lagna Chart4.Niryana Bhav Chalit5.Dasha ,Bhukti and antra6.Life events combinations in colours7.Transit of planets8.Automoated transit event search9.Time tool 10.Horari Kundli11.Longitude of houses and planets12.Nakshatra and sub lord of planets and houses13.Horoscope matching/Kundli Milan14.Gun Milan

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Accurate software for prediction. How get it.


Best app for astrology and numerology all in one place.


Best & a accurate software for astrologers & general people


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