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Primavera Sound official application for mobile devices with information about the festival, the professional meeting PrimaveraPro and other events organised by Primavera Sound all year round.

Find all the information about artists, concerts and schedules, create your own personalised minute-by-minute route and use the alarm system to optimise your time and avoid missing any of your favourite bands.

Find out before anyone else and at all moments all the news and any last-minute changes thanks to the “push” service. Stay tuned for surprises!

Find the different areas on the maps.

Listen to the music of the artists playing at the festival on Apple Music.

Visit the official profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Buy your tickets for Primavera Sound’s events and concerts.

Available for download free in English, Spanish and Catalan.




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The app didn't work most of the time when I was at the festival. I had to rely on my and my friends' memory to know the schedule, and the map never worked for me.


For some reason it keeps closing whenever you click on an artist. This app is terrible.


It sucks, crashes all the time, wrong links, poor user experience. Could not reserve the brunch because it kept crashing...


Not terrible but could be better. E.g. Requires signal to get the set times. Why not have this baked into the app/stored locally so that it can load without signal? Default time table view should read earliest at left most and latest at right. Maybe a better way of viewing it as well? The capacity functionality also would be good to have numbers of the venue capacity rather than just a green or red bar. Even better it would update as people checked in/venue could update periodically.


slow, empty states instead of loading states. doesn't remember where you scrolled to when changing views so every time you open the schedule you have to scroll past the entire timetable. unusable.


If you have issues with loading lineups: make sure the app is allowed to use your mobile data, the app doesn't say when it doesn't have internet access, which is confusing and pretty terrible UX. Also: where is the button to see the capacity of places in Ciutat? There was a notification to access it but you remove it?


unlike previous editions you need to scroll down to find the current day/hour, that is if the artists list shows up and everytime you check an artist info page the app will crash. the scrolling thing is particularly annoying.


Festival is terrible, going to have to bail on many amazing acts due to a lack of water. App usually usable.


I actually think after this many years of getting the app so badly wrong the developers are now doing it deliberately - just to see if they can deliver something of zero practical use. In fairness to them this is about as close as it gets


App is not showing the lineups at all - it is saying the schedule is empty. It made it impossible to know when to head from Poble Espanyol to Upload on the first night.


Crashes every couple of minutes! Absolutely rubbish. Still crashing after updating ☹️
Hi Mike! We're sorry you're experiencing these issues, please try updating the app.


Doesn't work. Says I need to update but wont let me update. Also app was slow when it did work.
Try updating now!


I keep having to update the app. Its not even like I use it often. Its just for the festival. The app is OK but annoying. Its great it gives you times of people performing and ability to favourite certain artists. But the app is annoying.


Tries it's best. But key functionality like, err, the set lists, don't work. Keeps saying "no available artists". Have to use the website instead. But saving favourites on the website doesn't translate to the all so they are totally disconnected. Who the hell developed this?


Absolute joke, try to login on the app with Google account and just takes me to Google homepage. Tried 2 other email addresses and got no further and unistalled. Stick to clashfinder
You can recover the account with this link:


The app won't let you login if you've created an account using Google's SSO. Once an account is created and I try and log in, I get a Google page which shows a long URL string and then get redirected to Google's home page.
Hi Lee! If you originally created an account in our website through Google's SSO, you can now recover it here:


App keeps crashing and won't give me an option to change the lineup dates to english. There could definitely be a festival map on this too. To give us a better idea of where all these stages are and so that we can actually plan our festival out.
Hi Jamie. We'll soon update the app with the festival map. As for the app issues, please email us on


Since downloading, I've been asked to update it twice. Considering its where I will access my tickets when I arrive, it's a bit concerning.
Hi Roddy, to access your tickets you should use AccessTicket app.


Hi - initial issues all resolved and the app is great! Got all my favourites saved and timetable worked out. Now bring it on....:)
We are sorry, it was a specific incident when we announced the timetables due to a lot of traffic but that was already solved.


The app looks good but I am having trouble logging in, in any way possible! I wasn't able to activate my account and now whatever method I use it says that this email is already taken. Retrieving my password is not an option either because I receive no email.
Hi Konstantina! Please email us at and send us the email account you're trying to log in with, and we'll fix it. Big apologies.