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Astrowars is a Free Multiplayer Space Strategy Game. You start at the edge of the galaxy where you can build up, colonize and take over planets in competition with players from all over the world!

You can decide various strategies and take over new areas in the galaxy by building piece by piece.

Astrowars wants to achieve:
fair play.
communication between players.
social interaction between players.
epic battles in the end.
a game requiring strategic and diplomatic skills to win.
easy to learn and interesting in the long run.

Astrowars does not want to achieve:
multis and cheaters.
no communication.
a big single player game where the only interaction is to compare points.
all about the first player/alliance to win.
a game where a single player with perfect build up skills can win with no contacts.
difficult to learn and becomes boring.


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BASED ON THE OLD BROWSER GAME THAT WENT OFFLINE IN 2017.Astrowars is a Free Multiplayer Space Strategy Game. You start at the edge of the galaxy where you can build up, colonize and take over planets in competition with players from all over the world!You can decide various strategies and take over new areas in the galaxy by building piece by piece.Astrowars wants to achieve:fair play.communication between interaction between players.epic battles in the end.a game requiring strategic and diplomatic skills to win.easy to learn and interesting in the long run.Astrowars does not want to achieve:multis and communication.a big single player game where the only interaction is to compare points.all about the first player/alliance to win.a game where a single player with perfect build up skills can win with no contacts.difficult to learn and becomes boring.I HAVE REBUILT THIS GAME GROUND UP WITH A FEW MODIFICATIONS TO MAKE THE GAME EASIER TO UNDERSTAND TO PLAY. ALSO WITH SOME ADDED PREMIUM FEATURES THAT SHOULDN'T HURT THE FAIR TO PLAY BUISNESS MODEL.
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So glad to see this return with so many cool new features!


Developer works hard to make game great.


I loved the browser version. Found this and tried to play it. App won't even start Edit: the dev has been doing a lot of updates. It's a beta in the rough, but the dev is moving right along. Updating my rating. Will update again as the game progresses


Astro wars is back!


App crashes on start up.


App crashes on start up.