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Real Driving School Game SCREENSHOT

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Real Driving School Game DESCRIPTION

Real Driving School is the driving & car parking simulation game with stunning graphics and realistic physics.
Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!

Real Driving School Simulator Features:
• Realistic graphics
• Open world map
• Many different cars
• Realistic driving mechanics
• Free ride mode
• Multiplayer mode
• Ride with traffic
• Realistic car handling
• Realistic damage system
• Ultimate car driving expirience
• Crash your car!
• Drift mode

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Open world driving simulator. Enjoy the realistic graphics!
Real Driving School is the driving & car parking simulation game with stunning graphics and realistic physics.Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!Real Driving School Simulator Features: • Realistic graphics• Open world map• Many different cars• Realistic driving mechanics• Free ride mode• Multiplayer mode• Ride with traffic• Realistic car handling• Realistic damage system• Ultimate car driving expirience• Crash your car!• Drift mode

Real Driving School Game DOWNLOAD

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The game is very good I'm playing the last 2years.. the experience is fantastic and the updates is very good increasing the new cars and the free world is expending more and more..👍


This is a great game but it could use some changes like make some cars that u can only earn by making stars buyable it would just be more fun to play and easier plssss guys 😩😩😩


Great game!! Good graphics , good car , you can customize it , but need to improve it more like add some , interior designs, more liveries , some drag race for players who just want drag race , need to add customizable controls , and drift buttons and how slippery your drift cuz I can't control it, but overall this game is not bad if you just want drag race or open world car mp game , i like this game qizz hope you improve your game


Probably one of the best car games I've played, especially for mobile. Even though the majority of the game isnt related to the title, there are amazing graphics, sell/buy/trade cars, leaderboards (my place), free play, career levels, online mode, crews, tournaments, etc.. There are very few things about the game itself that bother me, and this game deserves 5 stars because it is fun and all of it is made by just one person (Qizz). Edit: there are scammers, but that isn't the devs problem


Very bad experience I downloaded the game again after 6 or 7 months later and guess what all my money is gone, I have cars but my money is 0,I report it on RDS discord server but no response,I messaged the game developer no reply,I don't know what to do,I would rate it 0, don't waste time on this game I think this Game is now cash grab they delete the data or didnt fix bugs.


Guys! This is the best (car)game ever! Because I've been looking for like ultra realistic games and I found THIS ONE! Like this is soooo good and if there are ads? Then just turn off your WiFi/Internet! And abc if you have ANY lambos


There's a glitch were the servers don't load for me to join them. Also could you add that you can race people for there cars and that if a player brakes down if you have a tow truck you can tow them for money? Also the game gets boring my suggestion to fix that is to add opportunity to open your own business in the game whether it be a tow truck, parking infocment or even a gas business.


The game needs to correct errors in it, make races with other vehicles in offline mode, and make a police mod, and there will be a police chase, like in Need for Speed 2005 Most Wanted


Probably the most relaxing and easy car simulator, I really love the graphics, almost like GTA and the controls are super user friendly so it's an amazing experience to play the game


I have been playing this game since 3-4 months and I like this game a lot but I think the off road should be better and bigger. And the map should be enlarged


Graphics is good and physics and car's all good but i am not playing just because car buying system because I buy most expensive car that i can buy but i can not buy 50℅ of cars because thay need stars like not 1 start or 100 Or 200 start you need 10000 stars to buy 1 car and it's not easy to collect I am playing 4 months and i am just able to buy 1 car by stars, how many times I play with that old car


Hi, Great game,, could you guys add a few things 1. be able to customize your car even more with Widebody kits and different spoilers and stuff 2. Can make cars premium with in game cash or coins and get turbo and cops with coins 3. List the names of cars in The garage so people know what they are. 4. Make it cheaper to make your own clan and make it cheaper to buy gold coin cars. Thank you


1 star because it doesn't save your progress when offline i had the mclaren its so hard to get that car and now my progress is restarted you have to be online to be able to save it!


Very nice game, its really nice how we can trade cars and sell cars and buy cars from other players!. It feels really real, i love the graphics, the car interiors look really real, I also love the car sounds too and I love it how we can chat with all players at once in a single room! 😍


The Game is super amazing , all controls are best, supre duper graphics, and everything. The reason I gave four stars is the cars that unlock by grinding stars are too difficult to purchase and the players that have that cars sell that cars at over prices. Please 🙏MAKE THESE CARS AVAILABLE AT EASIER WAYS . The players decide the prices of cars at discord, etc. which is not fair from my point of view. Plzz make the pricable due to which players like me will not have to beg for cars that we love.


I was really surprised, the name of this game makes it sound bad but even on low graphics this game looks amazing, the button controls are a little sensitive and the gyro controls could use some work, but the wheel is amazing and the cars models are amazing... The sounds are pretty good for a mobile game, not really any drifting but it's a good game, graphics are amazing even on low, make a drift mode or better drift physics and I would pay for this game, great work devs


Keep pushing me out of some rooms, a lot of glitches in the game graphics, and once more a larger map and a race mode would make this game one of a kind! The car graphics is already wonderful!


This is the absolute best driving game I have ever played. Usually with pics like the ones on the preview page you'd think it's fake. But it's not. It is beautifully intricate, down to the turn signal. The way it turns off when returned to center almost makes me cry. The shaders, sounds, and feels are glorious. I can't say enough about this game.


Awesome game awesome game! Just needs some improvements such as more straight roads for racing and pulls and stuff,being able to get out your car and you know interact with the car such as opening doors and hoods,I noticed that some cars dashboard speed instruments work and some are just backgrounds which the sticks don't move so could you make it so all cars they work, and well some other things but other than that the game is soo cool! Keep it up!!


This game is 10/10 but what's ruining the game is the ads... they are really annoying and come up like after every sprint or speed cam thingy and I understand why they're there. Try fixing the reflections on the vehicles when in a game the reflection of the warehouse is shown. I love how when you brake hard and long the brake starts glowing. Earning money is not a problem for me at all. One more thing to fix is that when In a career mode or free play, the game lags a lot with traffic.🙂❤️