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Tower Craft Game SCREENSHOT

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Tower Craft Game DESCRIPTION

Do you like easy construction simulation games and development? Welcome to the idle construction game which is also a construction simulator! How high can you get?

Idle construction game is about blocks stacking, construction business and building the highest skyscrapers in the world!

Start the game by building a tiny tower, build on it, grow to great landmarks and even higher! Be the best idle builder, build a tower in clouds, in space and on Mars! Building simulator has never been so much fun before!

In this idle builder game you will manage many things:

– Decide what parts to buy for your tiny tower?
– Choose what materials to use in your construction?
– Plan which upgrade is better for your skyscraper?
– Manage cash and make decisions as a building tycoon and with every tap your skyscraper will improve!

And it’s up to you to decide what your tower will look like! Each floor of your skyscraper can have its own design!

Stack blocks and build unique, incredible, fantastic skyscraper from a tiny tower!

Build the highest idle tower and earn as much money as possible in this best idle tycoon game and construction simulator.

Various improvements will help you build faster and improve your tap effect for idle tower buildings. The higher you construct your tower, the higher your game score!

It’s not like other city builder games! Enjoy idle clicker gameplay and cool 3D graphics! Build something incredible and become the richest idle building tycoon! Download the building simulator right now!


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Tower Craft Game DOWNLOAD

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this game is rwally fun and i give it 4 stars because the ads keep upgrading from 15 sec. to 30 sec. also if this game have less ads then ill give it 5 stars but to many ads in this rate i give it 4 (devoloper pls read this i give it 5 stars)
Hello! We completely understand your frustration about ads, but the they are needful to keep the game free to play. We're still adjusting the system to make it more comfortable for players. So, we'll surely consider your opinion. Stay tuned!


Seems like a cool idea, execution? Bad, pop up ads are annoying and will happen almost anytime, I click into a video reward?(not watch ad just view) AD! Guess what? No reward. It also inspires minecraft style, wait no, just steals. I beat the skins are stolen to, there are characters that give buffs and the are among us ones, those are probably stolen too. It's not 1/5 because it doesn't anger me and the idea is good. It's just the execution.
Hi! Our team is trying to provide a quality product and we're glad you like the game. If you have any suggestions for improving our app, send them to [email protected]. Thank you!


I love the game but the ads are kind of annoying sometimes. Although there are ads I understand why because you need to make money to keep the game up and running
Hello! Thank you for your feedback on the game. We will consider it. We understand how annoying ads can be at times, and we do our best to minimize them and tailor them to our players' expectations. So thank you for reviewing our game. It is much appreciated. Stay updated!


The Developer is no longer responding on Discord. I need the Developer's help to manage the Tower Craft Discord Server.
We're sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy our game. If you have any specific feedback on how we can improve it, please let us know.


Frankly very scammy business practice. Offers to get rid of ads for a few quid, then only gets rid of forced ads. 'Optional ads are literally everywhere still and too easy to click on. Doesn't mention that only forced ads are removed. I'd like my money back but can't find anywhere to request a refund either!
Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!


Very nice game but ads everywhere ads ads ads just make it less I know u guys have to make money but stop forcefully making us watch the ads please 🥺🥺
Thank you! We greatly appreciate your support! Stay tuned for the updates! :)


Good way to forget time as it goes by and keeps you busy.


excellent and very satisfying game king of satisfying and building tower games very nice next league no next gen not even that next dimenction


This game is amazing the frames are so smooth and it's so satisfying to watch The blocks fall so fast


I paid for no forced ads, and they still pop up. If I click "remove forced ads" it says I already bought it, but ads still pop up every few seconds. Either fix this or give me my money back
Hello! We'll take it into account. Sponsored ads help us make the game free to play. Also, advertising helps you to reach a higher level and get different useful things in the game!


Very good game! just there is a little to many ads, if there was less it would be way better, and I wish I could play it on a road trip because that would be very good to make and hour feel like an minute. so please if you want 5 stars make it need no internet! but still very good game would recommend! 🧒🏽👍🏼
Hello there! Without ads, the game can't continue being free-to-play. Thank you for your understanding!


Still a fun game to come back to after a long while but one thing that seems not not have changed at all and I hate to say that I'm dissapointed about it is that there still is no Mars level or beyond that. I do love this game but for christ sake after several years that should have been implimented into the game so I am giving this a re-review and changing my rating to 2 stars.
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that you gave our game a chance :) We are doing our best to improve our game, so if you have any suggestions, please, contact us [email protected].


UNINSTALL. Game has way too many ads, remove the ones that we are forced to watch, if i press no/exit/ or no thanks it means NO I do not want to watch an ad, get rid of that and the game will be ok, maybe improve how long the boosters are, 1 minute of 2x speed nah make it longer, like 30 mins, some games have then to 4 hours, this rip off minecraft is a bad game.
Thank you for leaving a feedback! We greatly appreciate your time input! We work on the app regularly and will keep in mind your notice. Stay tuned for the updates! :)


It is ok except for the fact that it now requires a wifi connection to play which is a problem because I go all day not having access to a connection of any sort. (because I don't have data.) So I just use a old apk on the Internet.
Hi! We are sorry you didn't like the game. We are doing our best to make it interesting to our players. So thank you for your feedback. It helps us growing. Hope that you'll enjoy our game in the future!


the game has very high potential but the forced ads ruin it :/ it would be cool if they made them optional where you watch an ad when you what to get a gem where you could double profit for 2 hours or go ahead 2 hours ect and there's no limit on how many times you can watch them so please add that feature and don't force ads.
Hey there! Thank you for your review concerning the game. We'll take it into account. We understand how ads can be annoying sometimes and we do our best to minimize it and adjust it to the comfort of our players. So thank you for giving a credit to our game. We appreciate it. Stay tuned!


I like the game, which keeps me occupied while I wait for appointments and stuff, BUT every time there's an ad, the game crashes, which is the reason why I gave it only 3 stars. I can not get rewards from watching an ad if it crashes after every ad.
We apologize for the negative experience you had with our game. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve our game's performance.


Get out of here Anyway every 2 or 1 minute I get a challenge but every time I get a present I press No and then a AD pops on my screen That's why I give it 3 STOP GIVING ADS please I don't like them do in 10 hours please Fun fact : I can't pull my hand off ENOUGH ADS Thank you Boring ad maker And fix the bug in game
Hello! We are glad you gave our game a chance. Thank you for reporting that bug to us, we'll fix it in the shortest time possible. Stay tuned!


The game is just a workout game in disguise, also, my arm hurts. Though this game has SOME challenges, all you do is hold down, and every 2 minutes I have to tap as fast as possible, WHICH GETS HARDER AS YOU CONTINUE. The tapping challenge would soon become insanely difficult, which is the only challenge. Also, one more thing, T H E A D S.
Hi! We are sorry that your game experience wasn't perfect. Could you kindly tell us more about the problem you are facing? We are looking to improve the game. Thanks.


satisfying and nothing wrong with it except ads just don't work, I'll watch the entire ad and it won't do anything, and to make matters worse I cannot claim many of the things the game offers because it'll play an ad even though it doesn't say to watch an ad and I lose whatever I could've gotten then
Hi! We feel sorry that you have issues. We'll try to get rid of this bug as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates!


Have a few bugs in the beginning day two playing this game and already have trouble watching ads crashing my game in day one, day two is i can watch ads and get my reward but everytime i watch them my background music gets muted and i tried turning it off and on and refreshing the game but nothing happened dont mind the ads but i enjoy the music please fix the music, thank you!
Sorry to hear about that problem. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please stay tuned for the updates. Thank you for your feedback!