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【图】City Flyer – dodge buildings(截图1)【图】City Flyer – dodge buildings(截图2)【图】City Flyer – dodge buildings(截图3)


Ever wanted to fly away and escape work?
Now you can with City Flyer!

Avoid buildings and collect coins.
Use the coins to buy new characters, and for the ultimate upgrade purchase the “invisible man” for the ability to fly through walls!!!

• Play daily to get free coins
• 6 unique characters!
-Invisible Man
• Precise pixel collision checking
• Pixel art graphics

**Can you find the secret easter egg?**

Made by Mytchall Bransgrove, Armond Nisbett and Jake Bransgrove.

© Raven Games 2023.


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Get City Flyer to fly like a bird collecting coins & unlocking extra characters!
Ever wanted to fly away and escape work?Now you can with City Flyer!Avoid buildings and collect coins.Use the coins to buy new characters, and for the ultimate upgrade purchase the "invisible man" for the ability to fly through walls!!!• Play daily to get free coins• 6 unique characters!EmployeeSpyMimePirateAstronautInvisible Man• Precise pixel collision checking• Pixel art graphics**Can you find the secret easter egg?**Made by Mytchall Bransgrove, Armond Nisbett and Jake Bransgrove.© Raven Games 2023.DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
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Great game no bugs


Great game runs great lots of fun going to enjoy playing


i like that


Harder than flappy bird


It's a fantastic way to waste your time and feel like you're getting absolutely no-where! lol I feel the playability lets the game down however chasing freedom has always been elusive so hey..


Very fun game. I like it a lot. Definitely give it a go. It is quite hard though. keep making games.


Great work Mytchall, Armond and Jake!! ... Loving the arcade music too xp


Funny as hell