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【图】모찌키우기 -공식 출시 버전-(截图1)【图】모찌키우기 -공식 출시 버전-(截图2)【图】모찌키우기 -공식 출시 버전-(截图3)


★ ☆ …. finally we have the official release! ★ ☆

Raising Mochi !!!

Try simply and easily combine them to create a new cute mochi mochi !!

Help cute mochi are not eaten!

Try competing with other people or friends via leaderboard rankings!

Find the new Mochi Mochi through coalescence between!

Simple and easy game method!
Now Try it Now!

– Go fly all game when deleting the game data ㅎㅎ –

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Gwiyom came to a gwiyom mochi! Easy handling and tremendous addictive! Available now for immediate download !!!!
★ ☆finally we have the official release! ★ ☆Raising Mochi !!!Try simply and easily combine them to create a new cute mochi mochi !!Help cute mochi are not eaten!Try competing with other people or friends via leaderboard rankings!Find the new Mochi Mochi through coalescence between!Simple and easy game method!Now Try it Now!- Go fly all game when deleting the game data ㅎㅎ -Official cafe>> <<Discover the official code>> <<Official Facebook page>> <<Sign up to get coupons also prices also go proud !!
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