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Stone Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

Tired of the many hardships of this world? In our game, you can briefly become a stone without obligations, debts and worries. The only thing in your plans is to exist and watch the years fly by. Everything in this world is temporary, but you are a big stone block, practically eternal. The gameplay is simple and very meditative. Here you don’t have to participate in epic battles, complete stupid quests and build your own base, no, you can do all this nonsense in a million other games. Here you are just a big gray stone. And it’s excellent.

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Siren Head The Dark ForestImmerse yourself in a thick atmosphere of mystery and horror! Explore into the dark forest to find all 8 drawings and escape Siren Head. But be careful! Siren Head is near! This game is a classic indie survival horror. No one will come to your aid, you are defenseless against the monster that lives in this forest. A dim flashlight is your only friend. Find all the pictures to get out of here! On your journey, you will encounter many inexplicable things that can be deadly. Always remember that every step you take can be your last, because the Slender Man is watching youAbout the game:▶ Dark forest full of mysteries. In this creepy place, a dim flashlight that lights the way is your only friend.▶ Real indie survival horror! Atmospheric forest, frightening sounds and the legendary thin man!▶ Easy controls, beautiful graphics and spooky music!▶ Classic Indie Survival Horror
Become a big gray stone. Enjoy peace and quiet.
Tired of the many hardships of this world? In our game, you can briefly become a stone without obligations, debts and worries. The only thing in your plans is to exist and watch the years fly by. Everything in this world is temporary, but you are a big stone block, practically eternal. The gameplay is simple and very meditative. Here you don't have to participate in epic battles, complete stupid quests and build your own base, no, you can do all this nonsense in a million other games. Here you are just a big gray stone. And it's excellent.
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Welcome to Modern Warzone FPS! This is an addictive shooting game with realistic graphics in which you have to fight against terrorists and hordes of zombies. If you like new exciting shooting games, then this game is for you! Modern Warzone FPS will allow you to have a good time and relieve stress, thanks to beautiful graphics and dynamic gameplay. Feel like a real commando, play free adventure offline shooter and get a unique combat experience! In this game, you are a real elite military man on a secret mission! Choose your weapons from a huge arsenal and use them against your enemies! Unlock the military jeep to move quickly through the level and deal with terrorists and zombies! Your goal is simpleClean up a military facility from terrorists. Just gameplay, nothing more.Features of Modern Warzone FPS- Realistic 3D graphics- Interactive 3D environment- Realistic sound effects- Thrilling shooting- Intuitive controls- Your enemies are Terrorists and Zombies- Feel like an experienced commandoOne of the best shooting games in its category! If you like first person shooters (FPS games), third person shooters..

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