1. Surveillance Blocker Algorithm Enhanced
2. Performance improved
3. Bug Fixes Applied


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Free your digital soul! Surveillance is the first step in a cyberattack, so Privacy-by-Design should be built into the Apps you trust. Redmorph is Countersurveillance to ward off the CyberCreeps who add Trackers and Spyware to every App. Unburden yourself from the ubiquitous surveillance economy. Download Redmorph now!!

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Countersurveillance: Stop Ad-tech, Data-brokers, Spyware, Trackers & Cybercreeps
Free your digital soul! Surveillance is the first step in a cyberattack, so Privacy-by-Design should be built into the Apps you trust. Redmorph is Countersurveillance to ward off the CyberCreeps who add Trackers and Spyware to every App. Unburden yourself from the ubiquitous surveillance economy. Download Redmorph now!!
Intelligent Defense Against Tracking, Data Theft & Battery Savings!
Protect Your Privacy & Save Your Data Plan by Automating Your Defense Against Surveillance, Phishing Malware, App Tracking & Data Theft!Download our App Today and take control of your privacy and data plan. Redmorph maX also improves your battery life and device performance.Control is what gives you Privacy, and Redmorph gives you Control! Control over who has access to the data on your phone, and the data that your Phone, Apps, and the Web constantly collect about you, looting your data plan as they go.Digital Surveillance is constant and ubiquitous and your Mobile phone is the greatest surveillance tool ever created. It captures and reports everything! Once the Web was a tool to deliver information, it has become a tool to collect itWhat’s worse is that You pay to be tracked. They consume your data plan! Our mission is to give you the Control to once again be the Customer of the web and not the Product!When you shop at a store, you only pay for the things you chose to buyShouldn’t you only pay for the data you chose..

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What a helpful app this is, I was waiting for the update & got it 🥰. This app blocks trackers+its a firewall it gives you many choices, it gives me peace of mind knowing that bugs, viruses etc get neutralized by redmorph, its not an actual ad blocker but analyzes trackers & stops them if harmful & you can change the rules for some. Plus adapts & works with all sites, Oh beautiful ui & valuable information who's tracking me, looking to support. A big thank you to you Redmorph 🙏🏻😇 God bless
Thank you very much for your feedback. We strive to elevate awareness of Privacy and Security across all connected devices in our digital lives. Please spread the word.


Very cool website. Found the app from the download button. Love the simple binary option of Privacy ON / OFF. Keep at it! Much needed in these modern times.


Love it on my Samsung Galaxy S20 phone. Who/where/what is going on my phone is crazy good info. There are times some apps seem to complain being blocked in their surveilance. But, whitelisting trusted apps seems to take care of it. Good job guys.


Loving it


Thus far, the app is excellent. Just finish initial setup and privacy in your hand


Dashboard is amazing and love the visibility into what's happening on my phone. Thanks team Redmorph.


Love the app firewall. Interesting and shocking to see the connections other apps are making in Live View and the countries. Thanks to app developers!
Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at [email protected] if you have any questions.


This app contains all features I am looking for to control my privacy settings. It helped me to block servers and apps that I am not interested to be tracked. It provides me an entire list of apps and their settings to control geo location sharing and data privacy.
Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at [email protected] if you have any questions.