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GCSE Exam Revision & Learning App DESCRIPTION

The UK’s number 1 GCSE revision app.

Play your way to GCSE success!

The perfect revision app for GCSE AQA Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths; whether you are studying in the UK, Australia, Canada or India.

We help you revise for AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge exam boards.

RevisePal is the only GCSE app game in existence, and it’s taking the UK by storm.

You can now quiz yourself on the go, or on the sofa, or even in bed, without having to open a book or turn on a light.

It is scientifically proven that repeated answering of questions keeps in answers in your memory, ready for the big day.

We’ll keep adding questions to the app to keep it fresh, so sit back and relax while acing your GCSEs.

Also great for homework!

~ It’s been easy to just do 10 mins revision on the move.
~ Once I completed all my chosen subject topics, I was nearly looking forward to exams!
~ I was just flying through bubbles and enjoying revision.

Join the party!

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Biology, Physics, Math, Chem. Exam questions & past papers For GCSE & iGCSE.
The UK's number 1 GCSE revision app.Play your way to GCSE success!The perfect revision app for GCSE AQA Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths; whether you are studying in the UK, Australia, Canada or India.We help you revise for AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge exam boards.RevisePal is the only GCSE app game in existence, and it's taking the UK by storm. You can now quiz yourself on the go, or on the sofa, or even in bed, without having to open a book or turn on a light.It is scientifically proven that repeated answering of questions keeps in answers in your memory, ready for the big day.We'll keep adding questions to the app to keep it fresh, so sit back and relax while acing your GCSEs.Also great for homework!~ It's been easy to just do 10 mins revision on the move.~ Once I completed all my chosen subject topics, I was nearly looking forward to exams!~ I was just flying through bubbles and enjoying revision.Join the party!

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The questions were useful and you can do it as a quick revision, during or after school or just when you're bored.


its good and all but i suddenly get good memory when i use the app so i dont really learn the answers i just remember them. plus, the button options for the answers dont show the entire answer


Can't see the numbers. Type too small and too faint in the problems and solutions options. Redmi note 10
Hi Yuki, where are the numbers you are referring to? In the images? In the answer option buttons?


I hate that it makes you revise other subjects for religious studies like I only need to revise for Islam and Christianity and I hate how it makes you go back to the start if you get a answer wrong 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


For Religion beliefs, teachings and practices, we should be able to choose any bubble we want since different schools focus on different religions so it's pointless to revise others. For example my school only does Hinduism and Christianity


Keeps stopping
Hi Senithi, could you please tell us where it stops?


The app crashes as soon as we selected physics/ waves. Could you please fix this error?


Very good revision app however this is for gcse revision and bright twinkerly superheroes is not the most age supportive app to use I am a gcse student in year 11 and this is not quite for me however the resources are amazing
Glad you like the app Charlotte! I think we were going for kind of a comic book stylistically... But happy to hear what you think would be cool to include!


Really good and perfect for my revision!! Many options and extra challenges! Can't see a problem!!


Especially the Science is very good


It is a great app to strengthen your learning. It has helped me out massively with my grades


Good app.


This app is amazing for revision but if I use a capital or a plural of it, it counts it as incorrect please fix this thank you
Hi Jude, we haven't got the plurals yet, so be careful with them for now! But if you use a capital we should be letting that be accepted. Please confirm and let me know your specific issue if you still have one!


Useful app for revision, if a bit slow.Great until you get 100 stars, then everything is behind a 30 quid paywall
Thank you for the feedback! We're defo working on the speed between pages as well as more features and content. Cheers!


After overcoming the initial hassle of signing up (don't use spaces), I would say this app is pretty good for recalling past topics. I'm not sure if all topics for available for free but right now it offers quite a good amount of content. Ads are annoying but I understand the need for monetization. Dear developers, please let us redo topics! You could even make it available after a month from when the topic was completed. This app has so much potential<3 edit: you guys are actually awesome,5☆
Good news Kami, now: - The space thing isn't an issue on sign up - The ad at the bottom of the homepage is going to be removed - We're gonna let everyone redo topics Thanks for your feedback! If you have any more, feel free to send us an email at


I would like it if you could pick your own subjects rather than do the default ones. Plus it would also be better if I could pick a specific topic instead of having to do the before it.
Hi Ela, thank you for your feedback. We are working hard to extend the content of our app and be able to cover all the GCSE subjects. The sets of question increase in complexity for each topic so you'll need to start from the easiest ones in order to build your confidence and progress.


Great app but very misleading as advertised as free and then you get so far and it forces you to upgrade or you cannot access anything else


Works well
Thanks for the feedback Rafi, I hope your exams went well!


Finally a decent revision app