I added SDK 33. The game has 30000 levels. Clicking on a new game opens random sudoku.

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【图】Sudidler: Sudoku 6×6,9×9,12×12(截图 0)【图】Sudidler: Sudoku 6×6,9×9,12×12(截图 1)【图】Sudidler: Sudoku 6×6,9×9,12×12(截图 2)


Do you want to take your logical skills up a notch? And that too through a fun and interactive way? If yes, then this Sudoku solver is your go-to mobile game. Along with boosting up your logical thinking, this Number Puzzle is highly beneficial for developing quick-thinking skills. Moreover, if you deal with problems regarding memory and concentration, Sudoku Games are one of the effective ways to improve it. If you are a sudoku fan, then this amazing tile matching game will change your life for good. Whether you are getting bored in your free time and need some refreshing tile matching action or you have plenty of spare time and you want to learn sudoku classic skills, this block puzzle is the ideal game for you.
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A bit about Sudoku?
If you are new to this logic puzzle, you must be wondering how this game actually works. Let’s get some insights into Sudoku puzzle. A Sudoku solver game is comprised of a grid, which is partially completed. Traditionally, a grid has 9 boxes, 9 rows, and 9 columns (This game also offers a 6X6 and 12X12 grids for more fun and challenge). The Horizontally adjacent rows are called a band, while the vertically adjacent columns are called a stack. Now, what you have to do is fill out the spaces with the numbers 1-9, but without repeating any number in the same box, row, or column.

Sudoku Games for Brain Training
It is high time you let go of the opinion that only boring things can help you improve your brain skills. With this fun game, brain training is all about fun and enjoyment. With a breeze control and functions, it would not take much time for you to be a master of Sodoku Puzzle.

Logic Puzzle with Multiple Number Grid Option
This number puzle stands out among other Sudoku games for various reasons. Like Sodoku Classic, this logic puzzle allows offers 9X9 grid but also let you play on a 6X6 and 12X12 number grid boards. It comes with a simple, clean design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Challenging Tile Puzzle
If you are a casual player, you may opt for the easy level. However, if you intend on being a sudoku master, you can go for the challenging logic puzzles. Make sure you remember every strategy, or else the difficulty level might give you a tough time. Make sure to spend some time daily on this tactical game to level up your sudoku games skill.

Features of Sudidler – Sudoku Block Puzzle, Number
• Simple and easy Sudoku blocks puzzle game UI/UX
• Tens of challenging Sudoku puzzle levels
• Make use of the hints smartly as they are limited
• Brain training game that works equally well for beginners and pros
• Clean and clear app layout featuring smooth and responsive controls
• Choose from multiple number grid options

Are you ready to play one of the greatest versions of Sudoku classic game? The new number puzzle game is here to help you kill boredom. Download and play Sudidler – Sudoku Block Puzzle, Number Placement today!

Game that train your brain for Android tablets and phones.
Its the best way to master and boost your skills using this puzzle game.
By playing it you improve brain abilities and learn new skills.


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