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The Noise App 2.0 App DESCRIPTION

Do you have noisy neighbours or construction sites disturbing your peace?

The Noise App is here to help!

Download the app, easily record audio or video evidence and submit it to your housing provider or community safety team.

The app allows you to report complaints at any time, and keeps track of your submissions. Take control of the noise in your community today with The Noise App.

Produced and distributed by RHE Global.

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The Noise App - Transforming Noise Nuisance Reporting and Investigation
The Noise App gives everyone a simple way to capture noise that is disturbing you and report it safely and securely to your municipality or landlord. The Noise App is a smart tool for professionals investigating complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour and makes it easier for everyone involved to resolve them.– Free to download and start noise recording– Easy to create and send Noise Reports to your Service Provider– Secure and safe communication with your Service Provider– Listen to your recordings with audio playback before you send – Report perceived noise intensity and how the noise is affecting you– Instant messaging and notifications from your Service ProviderProduced and distributed by RHE.
The Noise App - Transforming Noise Nuisance Reporting and Investigation
Do you have noisy neighbours or construction sites disturbing your peace?The Noise App is here to help!Download the app, easily record audio or video evidence and submit it to your housing provider or community safety team.The app allows you to report complaints at any time, and keeps track of your submissions. Take control of the noise in your community today with The Noise App.Produced and distributed by RHE Global.

The Noise App 2.0 App DOWNLOAD

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Absolute rubbish! Deserved a zero


Enraged doesn't even cover it. No working noise app for almost 2 weeks and these clowns won't allow you to record unless you allow cancerous Google access to your phones location 🤬🤬🤬 this will never happen. The app is granted access but no that's not enough. This app is an abhorrent mess not fit for purpose. The first version was barely fit for purpose BUT THIS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.
Many thanks for your feedback. Version 2 only tracks the GPS data whilst you are using the app. As soon as you close the app down the tracking ceases. Noise recordings without the GPS data are not able to be used by your organisation as there is no validation. We hope you decide to use the app to assist your case.


The previous version was a lot better. It had real-time visual feedback of audio volume, 2.0 has none, you could make notes whenever you want, 2.0 only let's you make notes along with submitted recordings and there is a character limit, you could discard a recording and restart the next one very quickly, very useful for preemptively recording unpredictable noise, 2.0 takes a lot longer and sometimes even freezes up while loading. Has certainly made my case a good deal more difficult and tedious
Hi Jack, Thank you for the feedback you have provided. We are really sorry for the trouble and we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. Please can you contact as we'd like to go through this with you? Kind regards, The Noise App support team


The last 2 recordings did not sync, lost evidence!! Picking up actual noise is poor
Thanks for your response. We appreciate it. Can you tell us the device you are using at We will try to evaluate the issue and get back to you. Thanks, The Noise App support team


This app couldn't find my local authority or a name that goes with it..... perhaps a code is needed? Apoarentely it hisses and noise sounds are not recorded as well, local councils should use the normal equipment that cannot be tampered with to prove noise pronlems rather than new fangled apps....
Hi Mandy, Sorry to hear about your experience whilst using The Noise App. Please contact us at and we'd like to try and assist you. Thanks, The Noise App support team


You should be able to record for 5 minutes like the noise monitoring equipment your landlord installs, so you might be able to record the banging your neighbours make, instead of trying to be a psychic. You know, trying to predict when your neighbour is going to bang.
Hi Scott, we are always looking to improve the experience for our users, and really appreciate the feedback. please contact us at Thanks, The Noise App support team


Quite literally incapable of capturing the thing you've been asked to capture, namely repetitive running and stamping across a ceiling or slamming doors/banging on walls. You obviously can't capture a noise that's already occurred like a slammed door or something being slammed into the floor above unless you know it's coming in the next 30 seconds, and even when there is ongoing banging and stamping the recording only picks up white noise and higher frequency sounds.
Hi CoffeeKitty Grey, Sorry to hear about your experience whilst using The Noise App 2.0, please contact as we'd like to try and assist you with the points you have raised. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we are looking for ways to improve our app. Thanks, The Noise App support team


Could do with a loop recording like a car cam, trying to catch noise on this app is nigh on impossible! Could also use something to block out foreground noise and allow to pick up background noise since the recordings are usually through walls! I've done 200 recordings to be told its not loud enough!! Can't catch doors slamming and not able to catch half of dog barking as again I'm not physic as to when either will happen!Pretty disgusted that this is the thing my housing authority will accept!
Hi jennmetcalf1, Sorry to hear about your experience on The Noise App 2.0, please can you contact as we'd like to try and assist you. Thanks, The Noise App support team


Can't find name off my housing association useless 😔
Hi Grace, Sorry, you have encountered this issue. Please could you let us know the Housing Association are you trying to register with? They may not have been migrated to The Noise App 2.0 yet and you may find them on "The Noise App". Please contact so that we can help you resolve this. Thanks, The Noise App support team


If I could score a zero, I would. This app is worse than the previous one! Record noise and try to submit it and it doesn't sync. Then you find you still have 10 recordings for the day so the one made has been lost. My wife left a review and you asked for further details, which she submitted then received nothing back. Terrible app and terrible service!!!!!!! In response to your reply, my wife already has and you've not resolved the issue.
Hi Alan, Thank you for your review and for the feedback provided, we greatly appreciate it. Please could your wife reply to the support thread as we are unable to locate this case, Alternatively if you could send the support reference number to us at Many thanks, The Noise App support team


Utterly useless, literally. Won't open the link to email support and it can't find my local authority meaning it cannot be used. Total junk atm. Fix it please guys. What exactly was wrong with the original Noise App? I open it now to be told it needs and update. Err no it doesn't, download 2.0 is not an update, it's a complete other app. Neither now work. So now we need to report noise nuisance to our local authority (which the app can't even find) what are we supposed to do? Truly hopeless.
Hi Steven, Sorry you have encountered a problem. Feel free to contact us at so we can help resolve this issue you have encountered. Alternatively, your organisation may wish you to contact them directly before using The Noise App 2.0, please refer to your organisation's website. Thanks, The Noise App support team


Difficult clumsy app has too many screens to get through before you can start recording, as good as useless for short bursts of noise or during night. If you leave app open so it's ready to use it will use the time you opened it, not the time you start recording.
Hi Clarys, Thanks for your feedback. We’d like to know the details of the problem you mentioned. Please send the details to We'll pass it along to our development team and see if there is any way we can improve it. Many thanks, The Noise App support team