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Transform your independent schooling today with on-demand audio lessons taught by one of Ride iQ’s world-class equestrian coaches.

Get guidance and motivation from a top-tier coach every step of your ride — just choose a lesson to bring out the best in you and your horse, press play, and listen-while-you-ride, all via your mobile phone.

WORLD-CLASS COACHES: From Olympic medalists to team coaches to dressage judges, Ride iQ gives you access to the best coaches in the world.

ANY LEVEL: Lessons include warmups and skill work for every level of Dressage, Jumping, and Eventing.

EVER-GROWING LESSON LIBRARY: Ride iQ’s lesson library is easy to navigate based on your preferences. You can browse lessons based on type (warmup or skill), discipline, duration, coach, or level.

Lessons focus on:
o Mastering a specific skill
o Improving your horse’s way of going
o Perfecting a dressage test
o Training a green horse, or
o Adjusting your riding

VISUAL AIDS: Many lessons include diagrams or brief videos as visual support to view before you ride. Plus, each lesson description prepares you for exactly what to expect from the lesson, down to the minute.

PROGRESSIVE PROGRAMS: You can also follow a coach’s progressive program. Designed to help you reach a goal, Ride iQ coaches have created progressive training programs from 5 lessons to more than 20 lessons long. Try favorites such as “Mastering Your Lead Changes” or “Training a 3-Year-Old”.

SIMPLE TO USE: All you need is your iPhone, headphones if you’d like, and your equine partner.

PRIVATE PODCAST: Not riding today? Ride iQ also offers a private Podcast, “Conversations with Coaches”, that celebrates “the greats”, their often-messy journey to the top, and the incredible partnerships along the way.

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Fantastic! Well designed, intuitive interface. Good for riding or just listening to podcasts! Two Hooves Up!


Absolutely love this app! It keeps me motivated and focused between lessons instead of just riding aimlessly like I'm prone to do. And the podcasts/hack chats are perfect listening for my lighter and lazier days. Highly recommend!


This app has changed how I ride on my own! Ride iQ's massive library of lessons mean that I have coaching virtually every time I ride, whether I'm on a green horse or an old schoolmaster. It's tremendously improved my riding and the app's dedicated team means that there are always new lessons being added and other improvements. Couldn't recommend it more!


Love this app, the support from the RideIQ team, the community it builds, and the improvements it's made in my riding!


Awesome app. Great for daily or in between lesson rides. Good for goal setting. Can listen to talks to not just lessons. Amazing app!


ABSOLUTELY the best investment for any equestrian! Ride iQ has been a Godsend for me in bringing my young horse along. You can ride with top professionals in many disciplines from many continents! In addition to the amazing ride-along style lessons, you have access to TONS of podcasts and interviews with people from every corner of the horse world- vets, dentists, chiropractors, etc.


Great UX and great lessons! The app is super easy to navigate, and the lessons and coaching is above and beyond. Super tool to have for those of us who can't regularly have in person lessons


This is the most innovative and ingenious app for equestrians young and younger! I encourage all of my students to take advantage of ride IQ between lessons with me. That way they're not going around in aimless circles. They have a point to their ride. And it also encourages them to ask questions. Thank you, Jessica Lux and Kinsey Lux for your genius minds. And thank you to all of the outstanding five star coaches that we have at our fingertips at any time!


As someone who frequently rides alone and has limited access to coaching, the Ride iQ app provides structure and learning opportunities. Not only can I use listen while you ride programs, but there is so much additional content to keep me entertained and learning all the time!


Really great aid to those of us who ride alone. It's like having a coach along for every ride! Also helps me have a plan for a ride and not get stuck in wandering aimlessly land.


Heard about this app though africanhorsesafaris on Instagram, and immediately downloaded it to start my free trial. RideIQ provides a lot of lessons and exercises, and the trainers are very good at explaining what to do and why. I wish I had this app when I first started riding, as everything is explained in a detailed and compound way with the horse's reactions in focus. The app itself is easy to navigate and use. I'd say this is extremely useful for riders of all levels!


I am continuously grateful for this app and all the creators have done to listen to its users on how to improve and what content to add! It's been a game changer for riders. Ride IQ is easy to navigate and I appreciate that I can download different lessons and podcasts so I can listen when even when I don't have service!


Very useful! Great for getting out of a routine rut. Lessons for green horses and experienced ones. Only wish they had more run throughs of dressage tests with tips on each movement. They have a lot of eventing tests but only 3 USDF tests.


This is such a useful and helpful app, you can tell there was a lot of thought and work put into it! Thank you!!