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Welcome to Rise Up, the exciting free mobile game that challenges you to protect the balloon as it rises higher and higher into the sky. Get ready to put your skills to the ultimate test with this amazing balloon game that’ll keep you on your toes and your eyes glued to the screen.

Picture this. You have a tiny balloon you need to protect. You need to push away all the pointy and heavy things that get in the way of your balloon going up. But it’s not that easy. The sky is full of all kinds of strange things like blocks, beams, and triangles. If your balloon even touches one of these, it’s all over. Exciting, right?

But it gets even better! The higher your balloon goes, the harder the game gets. The obstacles become trickier and more difficult to avoid. You can push everything out of the way, but watch out! If you send blocks flying everywhere, you will find it difficult to protect the balloon.

Why you’ll spend hours playing Rise Up:

– Tons of challenging game levels
– Classic balloon game style
– Ultimate test of your reflexes & quick thinking
– Perfect for on-the-go gaming
– Exciting gaming sessions
– Captivating 2D graphics and animation
– Fun game if you like balloons

Do you think you can get to level 100? Only the unique players can! Ready to give it a try? Let’s play Rise Up and see how high you can go!

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Quiet primitive gameplay that requires just memorization of all levels... and it works, if you want to relax a bit. But these levels often spawn randomly and unexpectedly so game turns unplayable. Huge amount of ads is also annoying. There's an ad every time you lose. I would not recommend this game until devs fix some bugs. But if you really want to play this game, you should turn off wi-fi


This game sucks, it's slow, cursur movement is delayed, and it randomly jumps you ahead in the levels causing the game to be frustrating, and too difficult to play, when it jumps you ahead your cursur is often too high to do anything on many of the levels. Great concept but poorly executed.


I really like the game but just today I found out that I don't have the guardian on the challenges and if I want to play the actual game, it teleports me to the next level causing Me to die and not get past the third level. I don't want to delete the game or clear the cache because I'm on level 500 on the challenges so could you please fix these bugs


unbelievablt glitchy sometimes, second time I've downloaded the game and it's gotten worse. the ball is a lot less sensitive and takes a good for milliseconds to react to movement. on occasion the next level spawns too early which killed me on multiple occasions. I give it 3 stars tho as with those few fixes it would be a great game


This game is soo bad there are adds while I'm playing, and then when I'm on the next level the obstacles don't show up until its too late to block them, and also a circle can pop the balloon like WHAT and it's so repetitive and it's just the same stuff over and over also it kills your battery do not recommend.


The game is good, but there's WAY too many ads. There's ads after every round and it's annoying. If you're someone who hates ads, I probably wouldn't recommend this. But the gameplay is good. Though it lags and sometimes obstacles just appear randomly and it's hard to Dodge those.


I don't know what the hell is wrong with this game but the next levels are arriving prior to the numbers for example after number 1 the next hurdle arrives after the number 2 arrives but there is a huge error that causes the levels to get mixed up the colours change suddenly hurdles arrive before the colour changes and the number arrives


Ok, so I downloaded this because I got an ad for it, which isn't a good start. Admittedly it's a decent game with pleasingly challenging levels, however there are non negotiable 30second Ads every time you die. I spent 40 minutes on this game, and 20 minutes in the app store because it took me there. So I'd use it as a scrap game, not daily but a nice thing once in a while.


The game is great but i cant play it anymore because of the glitches. Im level 528 and before the update the game started glitching after level 500 it just gives me random levels and changes every time i loose. And after the update when i try to enter the level it crashes.


Good game, but I rate it 3 stars cuz sometimes the obstacles from one level can interact with the upcoming level which makes the upcoming level impossible and your run ends. If the devs fix this issue then I will change my review to 5 stars.


I like it ok but there is an ad after every level. Also this has happened to me a while, but when I am on a level a random level will pop up out of nowhere. It is fun but I would not recommend downloading it.


The game is very fun I've been playing it since I was a kid but recently a glitch popped up where a level appears mid way through another level which makes it impossible to beat. Please fix this!!!


At first it was very fun and I was enjoying the app until I joined one day and it was frozen and wouldn't move I tried re freshing the app but it wouldn't work then I re downloaded it and it was fine but after a while the stages started to glitch and while I play the stage above would crash and ruin the experience of the game


This game is meh. Would have been better if the levels wouldn't interfere with one another. I'll be clearing one level, then the next level will just teleport on to that ball, which just messes up everything. Would recommend to fix this


I don't believe the game even deserves a single star. There are many reasons it's a horrible game. But the main one is ads. THE AMOUNT OF ADS IS INSANE. Every time I die there is an ad, a thirty second unskippable one. I end up having to close the game and go back in. And because of the random spawning of levels, I get even more ads. Another annoying feature is the ads are the same every time. Every single time it's the same ad. So if you have a low attention span, don't get it. No one should.


Really fun game but the constant ads after losing is just extremely frustrating. I get its to get money or whatever but I'm sure an alternative can be found. I just want a game that I can play for hours that's simple like this. Sorry but this is getting one star.


A really good game for passing time but there's some glitches and bugs that I see others are also having. Firstly, sometimes the obstacles start a new one just as i'm leaving one and often pops when they don't even touch the balloon! (which is quite frustrating) Secondly, there's too many ads, even if you don't revive you get an ad after you die, which doesn't make any sense! I hope you fix these issues I have found and I look forward to a less frustrating game.


The amount of ads in this game makes it almost unplayable and annoying. Most of the ads are long and unskippable, and they always play whenever they get a chance. Also, EVERY TIME I PLAY there's a glitch where a new level will randomly generate right in front of the balloon, and It's impossible to be ready for it. Another thing, the levels get boring very quickly after you play it for a while. I'm definitely uninstalling it. Not an amazing game, especially if you are easily irritated.


I love the game, that's why a two. There's too many glitches, three levels spawn on top of eachother, my protected glitches iyt of frame, the balloon randomly pops and my most frequent one, it'll randomly put me back to the beginning of challenge mode, resetting my progress on normal and challenge, I would love to see some improvements as while i was reading reviews to see if it was just my phone or a glitch, ITS HAPPENING TO EVERYBODY ELSE!


So I was reminded of this game just yesterday and wanted to try it out again. The concept itself is fun but it is WAY too buggy. Sometimes the ball moves by itself, sometimes obstacles either appear way too late and surprise you or too early to give you a chance, sometimes a set of obstacles appears when you're in the middle of dodging another one. This would be a fun game otherwise. I don't even mind the amount of ads this game has as well, it's that it's literally unplayable.