Updated to include term dates for 2023-4 year


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Created for students and teachers, the BWS Calendar app will give you immediate access to the school calendar of events as found on the website.

It will give you equally easy access to term dates, bank holidays and teacher training days.

Create your own personalised, colour-coded copy of your timetable to access in a couple of clicks wherever you are.

There is no requirement to register or log in, and no data is collected from you by the app.

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You can use mobile services such as Bluetooth electronic check-out, library seat allocation, mobile bachelor's system, and student ID card.
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A app for parents to stay informed about the educational progress of children
Student by CERL allows parents to receive periodic updates of student attendance, Home work assigned, Upcoming Activities and more
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Get instant access to BWS diary of events, term dates and your own timetable.
Created for students and teachers, the BWS Calendar app will give you immediate access to the school calendar of events as found on the website.It will give you equally easy access to term dates, bank holidays and teacher training days.Create your own personalised, colour-coded copy of your timetable to access in a couple of clicks wherever you are.There is no requirement to register or log in, and no data is collected from you by the app.


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Good app useful for remembering timetable etc one possible addition could be more colour choices or ability to set custom colours with RGB/Hex codes for the timetable themes. Also when is phys quiz coming for android?
Thanks for the feedback Aaron. More colours certainly a possibility so I will consider this in future releases. Physquiz for Android is in progress! Hopefully will be news before Xmas.


I feel scammed


Very useful, works as described.
Thanks Jake


A useful app


This app works well despite what the other reviews say


Great App overall. Really clear and simple to use. Useful when looking for term dates and holidays. 10/10
Thank you for your feedback.


The only grudge with the app is I have to take my phone out of dark mode to put my timetable in but now that is done the app works amazingly
Thank you! This will be addressed in the next release.