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Post trip tips now added and ability to skip flight details screen. Also general bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for daylight savings issue where users could not book within the next hour.

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Book in under 10 seconds and experience exclusive priority service from Roadrunners Leeds.
– Passwordless registration flow
– Login & book with your business account and automate expenses
– Know an average of how much will cost your trip with the price estimator
– See your driver’s and vehicle details and track their arrival on the map.
– Schedule future trips

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Getting better with each update, quite user friendly now 👍


Downgraded to 3 stars from 5 due to taxis regularly not turning up when I've finished work and having to walk 3 miles home. The drivers are great though.


Was informed by Roadrunners that this app didn't work properly, so it was best to just ring them for a taxi


Absolute joke of a taxi company, waited for our six seater rang numerous times to try see where it was and then lo and behold it cancels on the app and the nice man i had been speaking too didnt remember me...genuinely attrocious. all that on a monday eve, would hate to need them on a weekend.


Very reliable and good service


Defo would give no stars. 3 weeks ago I was 10day post op for a hip replacment the taxi was 3 mins away so I made my way to pick up point by the time I go there the driver had dropped the booking I stood and waited for 10 more minutes. I could not stand any longer and was in alot of pain so I flagged a black and white and cancelled road runners. They then charged me a £5 fee. I called to speak with a manager. 4 phone calles later and still waiting for a manager to call back. Rubbish service


This app isn't great at all. So many occasions I'm told a driver is en route - a minute away - and then suddenly it goes back to assigning driver. It needs work on it if people are going to use it instead of Uber.


All I want is to book a taxi for 02.00 11/10/22 ,, but it seems impossible, I've looked on my app account its not been registered, is my taxi booked


The app is awful, don't book via the app if you're in a rush to get anywhere. It's been absolutely shocking lately and made me late for work a few times. It seems like drivers are cancelling after accepting jobs so you're constantly getting a driver on the way notification but no one arrives. In the past 20 mins I've had at least 10 driver on the way notifications. Needs improvement.


Horrible, doesn't even matter if your in the area you'll just have drivers cancelling your order causing you to wait another 5 mins for a new driver just for him to do the same, if your trying to travel and it won't be more than £10 then good luck trying to find a driver.


Avoid. No route planning for driver, so no protection once you've agreed to a trip to being overcharged outrageously if they don't know the way.


Poor app, terrible taxi company. Took ages to book a taxi, which never turned up and was real late for work 👎


Sometimes the service good other times not I'm a regular customer and have had a few problems waiting for taxis etc


Dont use them. Took my booking a full hour and a quarter earlier than pickup, then rang 5 mins before to say they were busy and we were too far away. Ruined the evening because we then had to drive for a meal booking. Do not trust the bookings.


Alright app. Dont like the authentication charge makes my trips more expensive. Needs to be scrapped. I only pay in car now because of it.


If I could give no stars i would! You book a taxi, pay for it by card, it takes the payment and then doesn't create your booking... this has happened to me on 4 occasions, you then ring the office and nobody knows what to do, I've been told on numerous occasions to just pay cash, but I've already paid! As an extra bonus the operating staff always change the time of the booking, if I've booked it for a certain time and they don't tell you, I've been late to work, late to a funeral...


Pre booked taxis either no show or 45 mins late. Confirmed bookings on the app get cancelled no reason even when a car and driver have been allocated. 3 drivers cancelled me last night so I waited 50 mins for a ride when the app said 5 mins. Awful.


Doesnt even send the confirmation code through, no matter how many times you try. Shite.


The app is Terrible the drives constantly cancel your booking and you have to wait ages will no use these again will stick to uber in future


Great service, always on time. App easy to use to book and pre book and pay a journey.