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Tangle Master 3D Game SCREENSHOT

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Tangle Master 3D Game DESCRIPTION

“Here’s the best mind teasing game ever!
Join 100M+ players mastering tangles and knots! It’s a challenging yet super fun brain puzzle with easy to play controls.

Just sort the ropes in the right order and untangle all on time!
Remember you also have limited moves to complete the level so focus on its physics and try not get stuck! – well you may, but don’t worry we have plenty of boosters to help you along the way 🙂
Do you like mind games and riddles? Here’s the best 3D mind teasing game ever! Join 100M+ players mastering tangles and knots!

It’s a challenging yet super fun brain puzzle with easy to play controls. Just sort the ropes in the right order and untangle ropes on time! Remember you also have limited moves to complete the level so focus on matching colors, sort ropes and untie the ropes.

Tangle Master 3D is like a color puzzle, you need to sort and match colors of ropes and pins. If you get stuck, we have plenty of boosters to help you along the way 🙂 You can cut the rope, or explode the locks.

Two ropes is a piece of cake! Tease your brain, relax and enjoy the game 🙂
Three ropes makes you a game master, a 3D Tangle Master! No knots can hold you back!
Four ropes “quadruples” your fun! Wow you are a genius!

Are you ready for a master challenge? Come and enjoy this puzzle game! Hundreds of uniques levels, customized features and special weekend tournaments!

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Tangle Master 3D Game DOWNLOAD

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the bonus multiplier doesn't stop when you touch it also tells you lost when you completed like it showed


Way too many ads! Before you tell me ads are necessary, I already know that. As soon as you clear a level which takes only two seconds, an ad, which is ridiculous. The game gets one star only because zero isn't an option.


Unplayable. Extreme lag and constant ads. Disabling the internet connection prevents you from playing, even though there doesn't seem to be a cloud saving system, so it's probably there so you must pay if you don't want ads. Even worse, the app freezes when an ad appears. I recommend you play something else.


The game is good mostly. First there are sooooo many ads. You see an ad so often it lessens the desire to play. Also at times there is a glitch where you can't move some of pieces. Pretty annoying. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why you go to a higher or lower level. It's a good time waster but probably too frustrating to not seek out a simular game.


Interesting game but too many ads! Counted 10 ads in just 8 levels of play.


Purchased the ad-free optional and still getting constant ads. Super annoying and want my money back.


Downloaded on a new Pixel 8 and paid for no ads. Not worth it. Every ad is laggy or stalls and I have to close the game then reopen. None of the levels that require ads to play actually let me play, they get stuck on the ad or continuously go back to the entry ad and never let you play. Needs more fixes.


Boards that you use your coins for take the coins but won't let you play the board. It has happened twice. I can't find a way to contact anyone. Leaving a review is the only way I can possibly reach someone.


So far I'm trying to play it and so far it keeps on going to something else since then. I'll let me play it so I think this game might be fun but we'll never know I guess.


Another game that doesn't allow you to close forcing you to manually open your running app to get out of it. Don't give me that cr@p about the play store not allowing it. Also, too many ads, as usual.


Horrible! An ad after EVERY SINGLE TURN! And it's just too easy. Played through 20 levels waiting for it to even start to be challenging but it is just not.


Its So fun I would love to play this game every day and it is awesome to play I would never delete it it is gust to much more funny and fun to play with john me too make this the best game ever. You can always make a difference and be sure you get the game and the game will make you laugh so much more than ever before in your lifetime


Too many ads. I just installed the game and the first thing I see when I open the app is an add. I managed to play 1 level and then was bombarded with 2 more ads. Reached level 3 and before I could start playing, can you guess it? More adds, that's right. Maybe add a tutorial on how the app works instead of just making the user sit through add after add from the moment they open the app. The UI could also benefit from some improvement.


Lots of ads and buggy gameplay. If you make moves rapidly, it sometimes doesn't count a move. Apparently you must take advantage of this bug on level 13 just to get 3 stars without using power-ups. Another bug involves the 2D levels, where rope connections are not all in a row. Sometimes when you move a back rope, it will wrap around the rope in front of it; other times it won't. You can keep trying with the same rope and get different results. These bugs make gameplay inconsistent.


You can almost spend 30 seconds in the actual game between every 30 second ad. I've tried rushing through the first 20 levels to get to some actual quality puzzles, but I'm still getting less than 10 seconds for a level. Every other level you get an ad. Best 5 levels, you get a "gift", which is at least a 45 second interactive ad that won't let you close the app w/any screen touch trying to open the Play Store. The game will regularly freeze/crash. Obviously a scam wrapped in a low quality face.


Horrible. The gameplay itself is fine, I suppose. But this damn app made my phone crash 4 times. Also auto closed the app and sent me to my home screen, which was frozen, twice. Yeah theres alot of ads, but if my data and wifi is off I dont get the ads. Regardless of that, it STILL froze my phone up to the point where no buttons would work. I had to pry it apart and take out the damn battery to get it to turn off. My phone runs ARK and Minecraft flawlessly. Not worth a second of your time.


Way too many ads. There are more ads than actual content. Game is also very buggy. Had ropes retangle and untangle at random from other moves. Also couldn't beat a time challenge because it bugged and wouldn't move a rope to an empty slot 2 times. Had it happen on a regular level too where I could attempt it over and over. Only choice is to reset. I can deal with the bugs, but ads are super frequent. If you like TV with 90% commercials, and 10% content, this game is for you.


This game had the potential to be good. I enjoyed playing, while I got to. It was more like watch some ads, some more ads, play a bit, win a box, ad to open it, ads, play a bit, ads. I wanted to enjoy this game further, but no dice. Otherwise, I thought the controls were also decently unresponsive. Not too bad, but enough it would get annoying. Try again guys. Uninstall.


Though the concept of untangling knots is a neat game idea, this is one game I do not recommend. There are ad videos everywhere. Finish a level, watch an ad. Skip a level, watch an ad. Unlock a prize, watch an ad. And God forbid if you want to try and skip the ad and click slightly off the little tiny box to skip or close the ad. And the first several levels are super easy levels that you have to get through, and their ads, before getting to anything slightly challenging. Do not recommend.


Played offline to avoid all the ads (in other reviews), so didn't have that issue, but went through 40+ levels with not a smidge of a challenge. Puzzle games should have a ramp up but the first like the last puzzle was just as easy. Unsure what coins do. Some time/limited amount of moves challenges every 10level but they're not hard. All in all, poor level design. Graphics and physics are nice though