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Merge Letters Game DESCRIPTION

· EXPLORE the game areas to unlock hidden items.
· TAP the letters to complete the words.
· RELAX and enjoy this casual puzzle game

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MERGE letters, typewriters, and other items as you solve the matching puzzle!
· EXPLORE the game areas to unlock hidden items.· TAP the letters to complete the words.· RELAX and enjoy this casual puzzle game
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Stalled a level 13 months ago


it keeps freezing while spelling dog please fix


Love the game! But its frozen at level 26. Anxiously awaiting an update!


I love this game UNTIL it froze on level 26. Tried everything to fix it. Apparently a game issue cause others have had same problem. PLEASE FIX.


Game broke with update :(


Played all rooms but last one glitches at 93%, kept playing levels through level 24 and then there is nothing.


It works but it is uneventful and unchallenging gameplay.


Love the game was so much fun.. but I'm on level 26, seems it's like stuck or frozen. I exit n reopen but is the same. Plz help. Ty<3