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Angry Birds Journey Game DESCRIPTION

Join Red and his friends on a slingshot adventure through changing seasons full of fun, challenging levels, and delightful destruction!

Let the birds fly! Go after the piggies, topple their towers, and rescue the Hatchlings in Angry Birds Journey—a modern take on a slingshot game.

Solve the ever-changing puzzles with quick wits and true aim. Be rewarded with season and event tokens, and use them to claim amazing rewards that give your journey a boost!

Relax and unwind with the most fun and laid-back Angry Birds game yet!


– Pick up and play anytime, anywhere! No need to hurry, just enjoy the ride!
– Solve fun and relaxing slingshot puzzles! No pressure, just aim and shoot!
– Play through hundreds of levels that range from easy to extreme—something for everyone to enjoy! No matter your skill level, you’ll have a blast!
– New levels are added every week! More surprises, more excitement!
– Complete levels, collect season and event tokens, and win great rewards! You never know what you’ll find next!
– Play with all the classic Angry Birds characters and NEW ones! Meet Chuck, the yellow bird with a super speed boost!
– Discover and explore intriguing ever-changing seasons! From sunny beaches to snowy mountains, from spooky forests to festive cities—there’s always something new to see!

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Angry Birds Journey is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

Join the Journey!


We may update the game periodically, for example to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected.

When playing this game, Rovio will offset the carbon footprint caused by the device’s energy consumption.

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$30 should get you days of bonuses, not a hour straight at most!!!! I've played for years on/off. I've won several competitions. It is glitchy. I decided tonight to see how far I got on $30. Maybe a hour. Birds throw pigs and leaves and they bounce & survive. . I have screenshots of cleared levels occasionally making you retry. Some games easy to keep you interested (key word easy=interested). Then catch you with bouncing & surviving targets to pay & keep going. Or retry cleared levels.


Your game fails to recognize wins. I have won many times & it tells you that you lost. Like it's set up for failure! 👎


Forced To Take A Google Survey?? Something strange came up when clicking on a video advance to play further. A Google Survey. I didn't want to take it, so backed out. Doing so took away my 1st Attempt level of 3 Blue Fur Babies, so now I need to rebuild. Seriously??


I love this game, but when you get a new phone the app asks you to update. So you click the button and it brings you to this page with nothing to update. So frustrating


fun at first ,,then game is set up to be unplayable. curious why you rig your game to suck so bad the further in to it you get,, and now im done,, level 976 and i cant take the bs anymore


I play almost everyday and when I run out of birds I begin again. If that doesn't work I just stop playing until the next day. I've bought coins twice, but I'm not happy with myself and that I did. I like to play completely free, and aside from those two purchases, I have been and I like it. It's more a of a game for me to pass the time, nothing serious at all.


I like the game play but making levels impossible to beat without spending real money on extra lives and bonus Items is unethical and ridiculous for any game. Not wasting any more time on the game I'm uninstalling it.


I have watched COUNTLESS ads and I don't get a free bird! I'm sure you get paid for me watching ads that don't give me said reward. That is essentially theft. You should fix this. This is how fraudster Donald Trump would operate. Should be illegal what you are doing.


Save Upgrade issues made me to stop playing this game. I installed the game on a new phone and after I synced the data from the Google account and started playing, the game startes to frozen at random times. I created a ticket at Rovio, provided them repro video and nothing happened.


This game is okay. But mid compared to older games in the series. But they removed the campaign with no warning and forced us to play the season pass rather than joining a tournament when we ace all levels for rewards. I get that you need money, but $10 is too much for a subscription on a more hypercasual game. And the fact that they lock any excess points you own behind it is not good. Most games make it free to balance out lives and free gold for all players. I would say more but the limit.


not enough coins and the game scams you. where the bubbles should have popped, if its the last one or two you need to pass the level, they wont pop so you lose everything unless you Buy Something. which is the Only way to pass some of the levels...


I love this game. I've probably spent a few hundred over the course of a couple of years. I recently got a new device and my data didn't transfer over. I've reached out several times to the developer Rovio, but they won't respond, nor give me my account back. I love this game, but will not spend another dime on it. Too bad Rovio... you could've gotten a lot more from me. Now you've lost a customer. That is... unless you give me my account back.


Zero Stars! These levels are designed with such disgraceful, vicious FRAUD. So many levels are designed to explicitly fail in an attempt force you to use your limited coins to continue or buy add-ons. The levels are short 1 or 2 birds on purpose. This is fraud and completely unethical. Don't download, don't play. Don't pay! This game needs immediate fixing to stop the blatant fraud.


I love the graphics but this game has become exceedingly repetitive and boring. I've uninstalled it a few times always hoping it will be better when I install it again but nothing has changed. Once a user reaches levels 2k or 3k, it becomes nearly impossible to gain an edge without resorting to pay-to-play. Yawn. It is obvious that the birds have gone out the window and the game's designers are just lazy, greedy pigs now.


the game is amazing. but for the past few days I've been having some trouble playing it because it keeps crashing in the middle of the levels and I lose my progress because of that. so, 2stars


The game used to have such great and prompt customer service. I gave this app 5 stars approximately 2 years ago. No longer. I switched to S24 Ultra and for some reason, my profile wouldn't load even though it was connected to my Google profile. I was at level 3247. In over 10 days, no one has responded to my request to have my profile reloaded. I feel like they want me to spend more money. Done with Angry Birds forever. Uninstalling.


rarely ever loads properly & been going on for weeks now, I've updated the app, restarted my phone, uninstalled thn reinstalled app, done all there is 2 do on my end PLUS I've contacted Rovio ab this issue but still- NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE AB THIS ISSUE. what's worse is as I read other player's reviews I see many having the exact same issue!! if I could give ZERO stars I DEF WOULD.. super disappointed, even more aggravated- as of 2.6.24 STILL GLITCHY, STILL RIPPING ME OFF, NOW WORSE THAN EVER!


I really enjoy playing this game. The thing is, I don't like being sent to Gaias Challenge. Now I'm waiting to update the game so I can play it. I have over 2000 coins and 5 lives but unable to use either. I love this game! It literally is designed with physics in mind. You can play it over and over and have a different result every time. Also, you absolutely don't have to spend any money to keep going, just don't give up, that's it!!


Overall the game is pretty good, but I am beyond done with the stupid flying fairy or bugs, whatever you want to call them. The algorithm makes them incredibly stupid, getting stuck in the most obtuse spaces that they should be able to navigate out of. I've lost games because of their inability to simply go around a block, or stop in a space twice it's size, but seems to think that it's pinching them in. Incredibly annoying and I wish they would simply remove them from the game.


Twice now I've purchased coins just to try to finish a level that was not possible. I had 4893 towards an award (mighty ice cream and I was well in first place by more than 2500) and 1 green ball to go...I paid the coins to play on 5 times and the ball never dropped. This isn't the first time I've wasted time and money on this game. Lost progress, winnings and coins that I paid for. Shame on me for not learning the first time.