MORE Angry Birds Friends:
- New original tournaments, new challenging levels, and a new chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard!
- Performance improvements
- Balance tweaking and fine-tuning

Angry Birds Friends Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Angry Birds Friends(截图1)【图】Angry Birds Friends(截图2)【图】Angry Birds Friends(截图3)

Angry Birds Friends Game DESCRIPTION

Compete against the World in 26 NEW Angry Birds levels every week!
Or take your chances in the Star Cup as you go head-to-head against individual opponents!
Compete with your friends, come out on top, and climb the leaderboards to become the BEST Angry Birds player in the World!

Tournament Features:
– NEW Competitive Tournaments starting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!
– Play 26 NEW levels every week!
– Challenge opponents and win to advance to higher leagues!
– Take hold of the top position for amazing rewards!
– Special Themed Tournaments every other week!

Star Cup features:
– Challenge other Angry Birds players one-on-one!
– Free Power Ups, Level Effects and Special Slingshots on every level.
– Collect Feathers to level up your Birds and gain more scoring power!
– Win streaks! Win multiple matches in a row to increase your Rewards.


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Angry Birds Friends is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

We may update the game periodically, for example to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected.
When playing this game, Rovio will offset the carbon footprint caused by the device’s energy consumption.
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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Angry Birds Friends Game DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



Y'all are really doing something great for us. Too many games never paid you for playing, no matter how much you played. Thank y'all, for this great idea. I'm saving up to buy something that I really need.


Today when I've watched videos for the power ups the powers ups aren't loading. I tried earlier then again hours later, it owes me about 8 -10 power ups. I didn't see a link to report this in the game


More than once it will freeze and you lose everything you put in that level. I just lost allot on one level. That sucks


So I'm just wondering what happened to all my coins and power ups. I go in one day and I went from 52,000+ coins to just over a thousand and my power-ups went down to less than 5 each when I had a lot more than that. I can't see anything that changed except now it's like I'm starting over after years of playing and accumulating. Not happy. *Can I not even get a response to this at all?


The game gets stuck too often. It glitches and doesnt respond. Playing online with the game getting stuck ruins a your streak and level


I don't even want to give it a star ... The Game should be a game. This game only urges us to buy coins. While you are playing matches u r not playing with the other people rather with a computer.we play heartedly and it only try to scam and want us to attract only towards purchasing..😡😡😡😡


This is the alternative of the classic Angry Birds. The good: Unlimited lives, Challenges renew every 48 hrs, the graphics are similar to classic AB and familiar. The play area is covered by graphics that only disappear when you are about to launch bird. The downside: The dynamics are not the same; bombs don't explode, power ups can't reach targets, power ups do not include changing birds, and there are inconsistencies: some levels have red button targets, while one or two levels have none.


I wish I could take my star back. This game steals your extras and then takes your score away from you. Recommend NOT playing. This game is so ridiculous now. I just won a damn coins level and it stole the coins and one of my lives for it. Its a POS game. Highly unhappy wouldn't recommend.


It doesn't even deserve one star, I installed it hoping to play offline but it couldn't, I on my data but it kept hooking the game wouldn't start it just kept crashing, please stop deceiving people if it's online game then say so, am uninstalling the game is just trash. Thanks.


Way improved! I love that there's no ads after each level! Rewards are justified and fair, not too easy to get and not too hard where you get pushed to pay. Way to go!


At first you think you're being challenged,but turns out that the ranking is a scam. Although i destroyed literally everything in the star cup, my opponent still got the higher score although there's no more left for me to destroy. So where did he get his additional scores??? Im really frustrated that the challenge isnt a challenge at all.


pathetic. Why so many ads Is this game in financial trouble? Good grieve it was never that bad It's seems if developers try to frustrate gamers Why?We keep warning u but u don't care. Why? Are there any point at all to comment? They don't even know where to look! 22.10.23 Yea lots of tech issues. Game doesn't open anymore. Frequent ads, buffering etc. AB Friends I will miss u. There were good times😢😢😢 8.4.24 Tons of ads. Ads increases everyday. More & more ads. Ads is overwhelming the game!!!


Please remove the Redecor ads, im tempted to delete the AB game because of Redecor game ads. I understand your game needs ads and thats fine but there are just too many bugs with the Redrcor game ads. Freezes after ad and then you need to close AB and open again, the X to close the Redecor ad takes you to Google play and then.... you're kicked out of AB and the level you were playing and have to start all over again- no reward given even after you have watched the ad- every single time!


This game is great!! Out does all the other angry bird games!! I love the non-stop action and the bird names!! The tournaments are awesome!! And they help with my bird skills! I don't like some of the levels, but all in all I give ya 5 stars! Plus I am addicted to this game!!! Whoever does the music for the tournaments does an excellent job! The beginning of this Easter tournament music sounds like the start of Wildest dreams by the Moody Blues,good work and keep it up!


Please move the the 300 spot on the power ups I've wasted so many coins because that's where the 30 coin spot was. Honestly I feel that you've done that on purpose!!


Absolutely hate the levels that require the game making the decision whether you pass or not. Strange how the same shot can go so many different ways when passing a level or 3 stars is on the line. I miss when angry birds first came out, you know, back before they got all greedy and scammy


I love this game! It's so much fun, and I lobe the tournaments! However, I *REALLY* miss the origional Angry Birds. I had so much fun with it as a kid, and I have so many fond memories of the game. I wanted to play it again, but saw that it was no longer in the app store. I know this is a huge ask, but if there is ANY way to get the origional Angry Birds back, I think a lot of people would enjoy it. Love you guys!


Took my coins. I purchased & won coins & when I played today, all bit 800 coins were gone. This game takes your money & then takes the product that you pay for!!! Do Not purchase anything from them!! Update: my coins were returned but now all of my paid for slingshots are gone smh


I have never been more annoyed. I was playing blues tower, made it through the level and I was on floor 14, which was the next checkpoint. End of the level, I kept receiving server error codes. It kicked me out and I lost 4 days of progress. Dumbest thing I've ever had happen


Fun and enjoyable, but freezes all the time, especially after watching a video for a free item. Or worse, it freezes after you spend coins for items and you have no choice but to exit and force stop. You don't get your coins back and you have to start all over and lose your score. This has happened more times than I can count, including just now which is why I'm writing this review. Until it's fixed, there's no way I'd risk spending real money and it should be considered a scam.